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  1. Ask questions for Q&A & Why #6

    When will we finally get the next update?! and please dont say soon. or sometime...give us an estimated date.
  2. Anything?

    Well players dont buy money if they dont need it.
  3. Anything?

    Well i do agree with you, the prices are insanely high. But you shouldnt forget that if they lower the prices, players will stop buying gold. Gold is the way reto actually makes money off this game.
  4. U.S and SU camo

    U.S and SU standart camo is way too good. You can easily play in either of the two factions without ever having to buy camo. Thats why their camos are so cheap. Players barely buy them. German standart camo on the other hand stands out a lot. Thats why almost all germany players buy camo sooner or later, hence the high prices.
  5. Ask questions for Q&A & Why #5

    When will we finally get our painted helmets?!
  6. Drum mags

    Just to clarify: I know that they commonly used drum mags on their smgs. Im just wondering why Reto didnt decide to give them regular mags instead. From a balance point of view it would only be fair. Or atleast make drum mags an expensive upgrade.
  7. Drum mags

    71 drum mags. Why? The soviets had regular mags aswell. Why give them those op 71 round spray and pray drums?
  8. When will we finally get our helmet covers?!
  9. I need to change my name

    Me too man. but its not possible at the current time.
  10. Make weapons visible from soldier model?

  11. Yes, pick up an emeys weapon.
  12. If you pick up an enemys weapon it has less sway. Might be a bug, but thats how it currently is.
  13. the truth GE players wont say

    Might have something to do with not having won a single war in the last half year
  14. Panzerwurfmine Lang

    lemme tell you one thing. theyre very expensive to use
  15. Solutions for the plane spam

    Id really like to see some SPAA trucks/tanks. I just feel like theyre way too easy for planes to take out (just like AA guns). Besides, If theyre strong, players would use them aggainst infantry, if theyre too weak, players wouldnt use them at all. I want SPAA Vehicles, but there is a fine balance between OP and horribly weak.