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  1. Yeomanroman

    Volksgrenadier-Division is now Recruiting!

    I'm interested in joining
  2. Yeomanroman

    TotalAxis Eagle Division

    How do you join a clan, been playing 1000 hours and kinda wanna join a clan?
  3. Yeomanroman

    German Heavy Ploppers

    Because I spent 160k on the box of junk?
  4. Yeomanroman

    German Heavy Ploppers

    its the way US got their heavy plane for free if they bought a pilot not too long ago and thats why russia/german heavy are so outnumbered in every match, I don't care what they do or how they do it, they need to fix it before letting people get scammed out of 160k just to get rekt every match in a 1v4
  5. Every game I get against US and its a 1v4. sort it out.
  6. Yeomanroman

    Prototype Server Open June 21st-June 23rd - UI Test

    This H&G homepage bit next to the heroes section is horrible, sorry but at first I thought it was a bug due to the mess of it all... I like the other sections and the new profile section, however i do feel the veteran bit should be moved or in a different font as it looks ugly. Overall the new layout is pretty cool but i feel the H&G homepage must be cleaned up or just go all together.