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  1. Introducing a new anti-cheat system

    Since the BE Update i have a strange issue.... Everytime i play a match the game freezes after 40 Minutes. You can set the watch.. its a joke.. my friends even have set up a timer when i have to restart the game.... its like a Uberlag i have to exit the Battle and rejoin... Its killing the fun because i lose my Apc, lose my Life and i fak up my KD... what can i do to fix this...
  2. Help test NEW Encounter map on prototype!

    mill -- logs -- sawmill halleluja
  3. I was thinking of 2 improvements on the use of the Bandages.. Now it is often confusing ... but here some suggestions. First couldnt there be a key F.e. "9" .. that lets a wounded player , who is in need of healing get an icon which shows that he is in need of treatment... ? And 2nd... the healing process itself. If you get hit by an enemy there is a red bar inside the screen ,, showing you from which direction the shot came. Now imagine this same bar in green showing your player that you are getting healed , and from which direction . Also a Helmet with a "green" Cross would be great. i think its not allowed to use the red cross due copyright issues.
  4. simple idea:: if u get hit u get a red indicator from which direction ... make it green for healing then u see that u are healed and from which direction. fine
  5. New sounds for familiar weapons

    This "Update" stole my Veteran Membership... i want a Refund... im on Vacation now... ill be back in 3 Weeks.. than i want my Refund or ill tell everyone how you guys were hiking or on the beach while u gave a fakk about your players. And everyone will laugh and point the finger on you and call you greedy and lazy .. and even though you may have fix the issue with the FPS .. they wont remember the cool new kling kling sounds. NO. but they will remember how you failed and wont even buy your Hitman game anymore... and you cant go Hiking anymore.
  6. New sounds for familiar weapons

    Its kinda disturbing .. If someone says,, "YEAH RETO .. ur new sounds are sooooo awesome ,. ,it makes the game the best game in the world",, then they get a nonsense reply from this Reto mc fly douche,,.. but not one single MC Fly response on the fact,, that people having HHUUUUUGE problems with their FPS... are u working on them now??? are u even aware of the trouble this stupid soundfiles caused?? Why is there no Statement due the fact ur patch raaaaped the game? ,,
  7. New sounds for familiar weapons

    TRUE STORY.... (this made my day)
  8. New sounds for familiar weapons

    2 Months ago i bought a new Desktop because i got murder lags and didnt get over 30FPS... before this usless patch i had constant 90 which is still baseball compared to the graphics. now its worse... this game is almost unplayable now.. and what about the settings... everytime i change any setting it gets back to default immediatly.-. i wont bring the AA Situation up... .. why dont put AA inside Buildings or outside the map... it cant be worse.
  9. AA Truck vs Fighter Planes...

    what the Hell is this shirt Truck for??? everytime i can use it there are no planes... but as soon there are 5 lightnings... there is no option to drive this useless peace of shiit,,, thanks ... very nice matchmaking