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  1. Wiki Resources (pictures, data, etc.)

    I got the images i use from the game files,other things from the game but what would realy be best if reto would Publish weapons stats
  2. What is up with the Wiki?

    Thanks ^^
  3. Pictures

  4. Pictures

    Guys how do you make pictures,you know see able and not a link?
  5. What is up with the Wiki?

  6. What is up with the Wiki?

    Hey edward,do you think you can have time to show me how to realy work on the Wikia Platform if you can?I'm sure you are sometimes busy with all the map suggestions you make = D
  7. What is up with the Wiki?

    Hmm,maybe i will try and add to it,but the lack of information will still be a problem,no?
  8. What is up with the Wiki?

    seams reasonable. Tho wondering why Reto can't just post it,it can't be that hard to post armor values and all the other things in need of update,but since it's reto everything is hard for them : /
  9. Shoudn't H3 Be a mine?

    Just to clear things out,i only asked if it should be CATEGORIZED as a mine,bridudown,it wouldn't change anything to the game,only it's category.
  10. Unobtainable Skins

    Probably I wonder if they still give out the Curse Ones
  11. Unobtainable Skins

    ah i see,but i still don't see a connection with the Brazil flag Skin
  12. Unobtainable Skins

    I was looking trough The Files for Images I needed for the wiki and i came across four unobtainable Skins that i don't quite get. It was and IGN,MMOBOMB,CURSE and Brazil Flag skins I thought that the IGN,MMOBOMB and CURSE skins are obtainable trough doing something, like for the Curse is working on wiki or something like that, but i never realy Figured out what was up with the Brazil Flag Skin,anybody knows?
  13. Shoudn't H3 Be a mine?

    I was thinking that the H3 ANTI-TANK weapon should be categorized as a mine since you don't throw it like a grenade(as it is currently (categorized) But as a mine since it takes long to set up,but it deals a lot of damage,anybody?
  14. What is up with the Wiki?

    I saw that the wiki is kind of outdated in the Planes department,also not seeing the WIki Admins realy Talking. (on a side note i started working on the Hungarian Wiki and would like someone to tell me how to make tables in the source editor,anybody please?)
  15. i want to Join The Wiki Army

    Can you guys help me out on how to do things? would be appreciated ^^ @Africandave Edit: I started Working on the Hungarian Wiki,Hope that's not a problem,Also a bit of apology,i accidently Re-Uploaded the RUssian Faction icon,I hope that is not something Realy bad thing .-. Also,if Africandave Stumbles upon this post,i would realy like to hear your Opinions because as i was looking trough THe Wiki Army Talk i saw your Name pop up a lot and you seem like one of the Main Contributors to the wiki ^^ Also If anybody has anything to tell to me,it would be highly appreciated.