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  1. Is this purposely written poorly so others cant read it or what? It seems like a translator had trouble translating...
  2. xXThaUnrealIanXx

    Paraplane AI

    dont we all love to see this happen to our enemies
  3. xXThaUnrealIanXx


    I cant see my score when I am in fourth place and the match is about to end. Can't believe this hasn't been fixed.
  4. xXThaUnrealIanXx

    Double-Exploding PMK

    Is anyone going to look into this or what?
  5. xXThaUnrealIanXx

    Double-Exploding PMK

    Well I was going to just open another topic but found out someone else had discovered it already. Too bad I kept the recordings too long and didn't check the MatchID
  6. xXThaUnrealIanXx

    Possible Battle Eye bypass.

    I think I found a way to bypass BattleEye anti cheat. I made this topic to get this asap to the devs and hope they can fix it somehow. [REMOVED] Again I am not sure if it is a true bypass but if it is. Here you go
  7. xXThaUnrealIanXx

    Double-Exploding PMK

    Can confirm happend to me too. Although I didnt save the match ID and stuff.
  8. xXThaUnrealIanXx

    mg42 builds, which do you use and why

    Use it as a STG with huge mag. + Tight grip.
  9. xXThaUnrealIanXx

    Ok that's enough

    wait a few days need a few more soldiers
  10. xXThaUnrealIanXx

    German Loadout Thread

    I mean I have the equipment point so why not
  11. xXThaUnrealIanXx

    German Loadout Thread

    My latest change was that I added a wrench. So I can support apcs.
  12. xXThaUnrealIanXx


    So I was in the game, browsing some vehicles, and noted that the Kübelwagen typ 82 was in German while the Type 166 Schwimmwagen was written in English. Typ & Type pls fix.
  13. xXThaUnrealIanXx


    Sooooooooooooooo,,, I didn't know twigs had different colours than the trunk of the tree... Grey trunk with brown twig? Or are we playing in another universe? Since I haven't seen rocks this big. What about the stones on 01 mountain town. Maybe instead of adding camos this game should be focusing on graphics. Or physics overall.
  14. xXThaUnrealIanXx

    New US vehicle!!

    Great idea, what about adding a few 50cal mgs on the front and back? Would make it a lot more useful!