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  1. _RedDxD_

    14 days vet dlc steam

    I bought the dlc long time ago i know the dlc is one time offer because of the steam account BUT,what if i change steam account and buy the dlc,will i get the vet in same account(hg acc)??? or its limit steam and hg account
  2. _RedDxD_

    14 days veteran dlc steam

    We just verified an issue with the DLC purchased via the Steam client and we are currently working hard on getting it fixed. However, I am unable to provide an ETA as to when this issue will be resolved at this time, but we're aiming to have it fixed within 1-2 days from now. (from my ticket) they also give 1 days vet for compensation
  3. _RedDxD_

    14 days veteran dlc steam

    steam dont wanna give refund cuz i play more than 2 hours with the dlc :(( but i dont get the 14 days vet wtffff waste money
  4. _RedDxD_

    14 days veteran dlc steam

    i request for refund if they not giving me the 14 days vet
  5. _RedDxD_

    14 days veteran dlc steam

    i already submit ticket but looks like they dont answer it
  6. _RedDxD_

    14 days veteran dlc steam

    How to active the 14days veteran dlc steam??? i dont get the 14 days vet after purchasing :((((