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  1. your second sentence completely removes meaning of the first one I mean, logged into the forums, you genious.
  2. SU vet here. Logged after several years just to say that player's bandwagon is not the cause of unbalance, but the result. It also makes things even worse just like somebody stated before, since it feeds on the loop even more. But anyway i'd drop my avs anytime for an unmodded MG-13. I'm playing GE right now and I'm totally not looking forward to go back. They need to nerf that weapon or vet activity on SU will cease to exist, plain and simple.
  3. 90% ofthe time its 1HK for me with zooka. Not sure about panzerfaust.
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    Te daría upvote, pero los he gastado todo
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    Zasca oído desde Cantabria: Confirmado
  6. So, I've been playing RTS with my clan kinda hardcore for about a year or so, and I've realised that winning a defense is 100% useless, specially if the enemy has ATs waiting on the next town. Because even if they loose the match, they still can force an encounter (or 2 ¬¬). If timed right you can even bypass that and instapop the same city without even needing to make an encounter via "timing the at travel time while the battle is finishing" or "spamming 1 AT after the other so you can't really miss the timing" . Parachute units makes this even easier. This mechanic has been here for a while, and all veterans know it and use it. So, my question is, shouldn't be winning defenses more rewarding? Like for example, allowing the winning defending faction to attack the city (or cities) they were attacked from without interference for like 5 minutes. What do you think guys? PD: This would specially help german fation a little bit, since they are, by far, the ones who wins most defenses in the RTS.
  7. Razzorblack

    Are defenses rewarding enough?

    Oh man, those ninja updates... Offtopic: Btw, confirmed GAZ is NOT fixed.
  8. Razzorblack

    Are defenses rewarding enough?

    Read the question before answering... I think you voted the wrong category... I'll change the title so there are no more confusions about that.
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    That's what they said in the stream and that's how it's going to be after the update, but until then, and by that i mean right now, ingame. Pershing has better acceleration and max speed than IS-2 or KT. Period. I know it's not an irl feature, but I play the 3 of them and i know what i'm talking about.
  10. Razzorblack

    Buff the PPD/PPSH

    This is madness, PSS43 is no better than MP40. The thing is MP40 is unlocked much faster AND is much cheaper, so there will be a lot of rookies with MP40, and almost only veterans with pps43. This fact destroy "balancing" with KDA stats. @Reto.Circinus
  11. Razzorblack

    Why is the PPSH to be nerfed?

    If they nerf one of the worst weapons in the game right now they better not put that on the patch notes or I will legit quit the game. Side note: I almost NEVER use that piece of shirt.
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    Where that Kotton bOi at?

    Oh, you Jimmies, I miss him too
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    As far as I know pershing right now is the worst armored high tier heavy, but also the fastest one, what the love are you talking about?
  14. Razzorblack

    broken tankers

    Yeah, the thing is Irl tank's mgs penetrated through multiple layers of thin walls, and took down entire buildings with 2 or 3 shots. If you are making AT equipment as deadly as irl and tanks not, you are doing something wrong.
  15. Advanced APCs are not a problem if stupid random noobs dont spawn on them when the game request them to defend/attack a previous CP.
  16. Razzorblack

    broken tankers

    It's so obvious that you only play GE tanks, cause most of that stuff hardly ever apllies to other faction tanks. No point on disscusing this further. Get more delusional about KDAs pls. Oh, and if you were not, then stop the seal clubbing and try war.
  17. Razzorblack

    broken tankers

    Obviously light tanks are the worse suited for the job I just said, since they have the least firepower and zoom. On top of that you wont be taking advantage of their decent mobility. And hetzer is indeed a big exception, since it has the best "self-peel" of any tank. But medium, heavies, and specially TD's (they dont have turret nor coaxial mg), are not suited for close range combat, since 2 H3 will will the tank no matter what, that is, any soldier in the game touching you for 1,5 secs. Dart of death/stickies are basically the same but you don'teven need to touch the tank, and bazooka/panzerschreck limit light tanks performance very hard. The actual system makes a tank seem like paper to enemy infantry, since every freaking soldier in the game carries some kind of AT weapon. We either need to make a tank have more HP or bounce more stuff, or limit/punish harder carrying AT weapons, while also limiting the amount of tanks a team can deploy at the same time for the sake of balance. On a final note, I don't want tanks to be a impregnable fortress, but the current state of them are "WF candy". Hope vehicle update solve some of these issues. You are obviously talking about king tiger, because both pershing and IS-2 are easily penetrated frontaly with a bazooka if you know where to shoot.
  18. Razzorblack

    broken tankers

    I agree that AT rambos are an issue. Not much with spawncamping. And I will tell you why: H&G already got a decent spawn protection with invulnerability over certain distance. If you go in a straight line into the CP like everybody does in this damm game (because is the shortest route), you create a vulnerable chokepoint. Now, tanks are probably the single best class is terms of precision and fire power, not so much in mobility. They are naturally zone controlers or zone "denyers". The thing is, the inf AT is so broken and the lack of protection from your infantry teammates makes you unable to use them in short distances. All of this lead us to the final point. The best way to use a tank in the game right now is going up in a hill and camp a chokepoint. Which will, at the very least, drag an oponent briefly from the combat to destroy you, while you are still helping somehow. This have a price on top of higher WF and credit bills, you relief the friendly preassure over the enemy point cause going up into the hill is a required setup (not to mention that you must drive from the first point of the lane if you are attacking). To sum up: Tank's role in this game is sadly reduced to sniper 4.0 As infantry, you have so many counters to this, use another spawn, get near the tank and get him, which will make him waist time once again, or take an alternative and covered route from spawn. If you are stuck in a situation where you can't do either of those thing, the enemy outplayed you, plain and simple checkmate. PD: Should the tanks wait until you get into the CP to start shooting or what?
  19. I'll repeat myself again. Judging weapon performance through general gameplay is wrong, SPECIALLY if you have a poorly distibuted comunity. Mp34 users will be likely to not have HSG, strongly affecting their KDA compared to STG or AVS users. Ignoring player skill distribution and other factors is plain wrong. Weapons should be balanced through an internal benchmark. Subjetive criteria must be determined as well it can be done within the current metagame.
  20. Razzorblack

    Quick wars = no fun

    The only way to stall the war right now is wining defenses and parablocking the enemy advance. And this is both difficult and expensive.
  21. Razzorblack

    Anime in H&G

    Is this legit legal? *3*
  22. Razzorblack

    Clans playing vs regular peeps

    Our clan does NOT have skill requirement, and I know a lot of clans which do it in the same fashion. You just need to be comunicative (not excesively ¬¬) and follow SL instructions. On the other hand, I'd say there's a pretty strong correlation between the people who can actually do that (a.k.a. not being a dumbass) and being a good player. Also we leave weapons and playstyle to people's will. Although we certainly recommend some weapons over others in war. And we ask the people to be ready to step on the point if they have a defense role. On a final note, we have some pretty strong rules about aux classes, and we mainly play inf. We are still trying to win the matches you know
  23. Razzorblack

    PPS best SMG in the game

    Ok, my bad then, I thoug @AfonsoQQ came with that out of nowhere. I will debunk that, but first gimme a second, i'm having a heart atack...