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  1. still faster than "almost faster"
  2. its actually faster than the hellcat.
  3. Wobix

    Spooky JFK File

    hitler could also have survived the second world war. also in the JFK files
  4. Wobix

    Spooky JFK File

    if there was evidence of it in the files, it would have been scrubbed, from the 300 files that werent released.
  5. Wobix

    IS-2 Feels like garbage

    the mantlet is 100% pen by the chaffee cannon. (you can see the mantlet from the front.)
  6. Wobix

    IS-2 Feels like garbage

    Then dont. i dont believe you have any skill from what ive seen.
  7. Wobix

    Hoarder Badge Change?

    do you really need 12 AT grenades?
  8. Wobix

    IS-2 Feels like garbage

    well i did it lol. just hit the mantlet its 100% pen. 3hk
  9. Wobix

    IS-2 Feels like garbage

    must be i never have issues using my IS2 whenever the opportunity arises
  10. Wobix

    IS-2 Feels like garbage

    i like how everyone acts like the tiger 2 is indestructible. was playing for US last war and managed to get 2 tiger 2 tank kills from the front, with a chaffee. a light tank that can kill heavies in 3 hits?
  11. Wobix

    Afonso's Cartoon Corner [H&G Cartoons]

    i had to afonso, this was one of your best ones you made so far
  12. If you want the 1919 dont buy the 1918 bar just pickup other peoples LMG and use em till you unlock it.