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  1. Badyl81

    Lycan's videos

    Already watched it on YouTube. Making hng videos is actually fun 😉
  2. Badyl81

    CrustAttack Vids

    Nice defence at radar station
  3. Badyl81

    Offtopowe pogawędki

    Ale przynajmniej ma opcję wyjścia
  4. Badyl81

    Goofy battle stories

    All before armor update - we (3 or 4 mates) put tons of AT mines on kubelwagen, drove half of the town map, rammed Chaffe and... Chaffee left unscratched 😜 Ofc we died, but that was expensive joke I was flying mediums with mates, we all got shot down at the same time, landed at 02 MT, caped point and won the match My mate shot panzerfaust from church towards the bridge at Forward Airfield and killed our mate who was joining matches against us to harass us.
  5. Badyl81

    Kapitan Falussan.

    Fallusan Już to forum próbowało zgłębić jego tajemnicę, ale to pewnie już widziałeś
  6. Lol, WmXLt will have to find a will to play H&G first RETO won't make it easy.
  7. Badyl81

    Zwiększenie realizmu w grze.

    Wynika mi z tego, że Reto to ośmiornica Jeszcze parę "kolan" im zostało.Chyba, ze najpierw strzelają w kolana pracowników niższego szczebla itd. Oczywiście zgadzam się z Krzyśkiem.
  8. Find another hobby I stopped playing H&G half year ago, still reading H&G forums though (I played HG since 2015-16). My hobby is playing guitar and that's what I do in my free time now.
  9. Badyl81

    Zwiększenie realizmu w grze.

    Ktoś inny niż reto musiałby być developerem. Głosuję na Sigvalla.
  10. Badyl81

    Zwiększenie realizmu w grze.

    Przeczytałem. Czyli w Reto po staremu - chujowo i niestabilnie
  11. Wow, you're quitting again? this could help In worst case scenario you will have to grind all that shirt again But remember not to save this password Edit: You can stop playing without deleting account as well. Just... stop playing.
  12. Good one. Actually the best so far
  13. Badyl81

    Invisible player

    IDK if he will have mercy for you
  14. Badyl81

    Invisible player

    Youre gonna get teabaged.
  15. Badyl81

    Is this bannable?

    When I was grinding my STG back then, I used to draw lots of penises near ammo boxes. It "consumed" a lot of bullets. It was actually playing the game - I was marking the place so my team mates knew where ammo box is. I remember my friend got 7 days ban for shooting clouds. Drawing penises is safer.