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  1. Mikaelmorgan

    Sending soldeirs on leave

    just remember to park/on leave all the soldiers reto gives u on the wrong factions.and its just as fine as before
  2. Mikaelmorgan

    Goodbye forum warriors

    Now we can name and shame everybody.haha
  3. Mikaelmorgan

    Reduce the smoke when you shoot!!!

    Reto needs to start playing its own game. how can they not know this BS before release...
  4. Mikaelmorgan

    Reduce the smoke when you shoot!!!

    well all night and dusk is hurtfull on your eyes. (do we want that) wich other games give that to u? let u suffer. did we as costumers complain about weather and asked for this? i cant even recall we asked for the first weather change. and now its much much worse.
  5. Mikaelmorgan

    RTS negative queue?

  6. Mikaelmorgan

    US free war wins

    Not working so i suppose 3 free victories
  7. Mikaelmorgan

    US free war wins

    Congratz to US for 2 free war victories. its amazing. hard work and well deserved.
  8. Mikaelmorgan

    M1/M2 assault rifle just got real

    M2 is awesome. bought several. modded to kingdom come and i make profit.
  9. FG42 is not a good weapon. years ago only on para it was fun and cool. now its just a shadow. as german i pick alot of guns before FG42
  10. its not allowed to post that either
  11. that would be naming and shaming. its not allowed.
  12. Mikaelmorgan

    "Hold breath" option

    Snipers are elite marksman???? do u even play this game? its a bunch of ppl who dont care about anything and hides in bushes while there team is loosing all points. (from a useless scope)
  13. Mikaelmorgan

    RETO you won - I join the dark side

    wow. so the guns dont work on the other faction i suppose.
  14. Mikaelmorgan

    I found this on internet no recoil

    i read it is against the TOS. Reto says its not allowed. but the truth is its perfectly fine to have it. no one gets banned...ever.