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  1. YEs SA's I. DON'T. PLAY. WAR. Because it's lame, broken, and bad.
  2. TrIggEr_FiNgEr

    A few different thoughts on German faction

    Sure, Sure, as if we do not have that one bad match once in our lives, and Yes, I am bad with US guns since many times you get insta killed by the Point and kill GE guns, that are considered the milking cow of Reto, its kinda baseball that you sneak on an enemy, start putting bullets in his back, but all he does with his broken Mp34 is that he looks back and gets insta headshot, and don't let me get started with all the Tiger 2 HE cancer, or the Tiger 2 Sit and take shells up the butt, or the the STG+Anti-Tank OP combo......
  3. I never said let us have GE weapons, I said Hypothetically that if one day the roles were to be reversed US players will perform far better than GE.
  4. Having something does not mean the problem is fixed.
  5. Captured weapons, really, they suck like their name, this update, is reto lame attempt to silencing voices that were talking about GE Op weapons, but here is the catch, YOu cannot fully upgrade the weapons, and their prices, omg, they cost 1 million.
  6. TrIggEr_FiNgEr

    When will the STG equipment points be reverted back

    Again, you are still stuck in the old days, the m1919 MG is a shirty weapon now, useless for anything.
  7. TrIggEr_FiNgEr

    When will the STG equipment points be reverted back

    Before the last 2 updates the factions with Very easy to use guns just point and kill all the way to very hard was: GE > US > SU. After the last 2 updates it has been: GE > SU > US. US guns are worthless right now, let alone, GE and SU got new guns, and knowing Reto perfectly, they are going to be broken, and they are going to take decades to fix it. GE players are always going to be in every forum talking about their weapons when ever someone brings them up, and most of them are still stuck in the old Heroes and Generals game where USA did have OP guns, but anymore.
  8. I played all factions, I have been playing this game since 2015, I don't have a problem dealing with Bots as GE, but the problem is when you have to deal with GE bots as US, GE bots are instantly killing people, they are not like spraying you, they insta kill you, or the fact that when you are hiding in a house, and get out of the door and then there is a Bot waiting for you, before you even do anything, in like millisecondes you are dead, but when I play as GE, the US bots take too much time trying to even hit me, but they constantly miss and all I have to do is move around them. I think I reached to the conclusion that Reto made GE bots different and added it to only staged since they want to force US players to play war, which we already know that many US players did not want to play war due to all the bad balance and problems in war.
  9. TrIggEr_FiNgEr

    A few different thoughts on German faction

    of course it is, of course, its not the shirty bots that can go through walls, or the shirty bots that get an insta headshot in a millisecond, or the shirty bots that can snipe on mid range inside a dense forest. The game was fine before they added god damn bots, and as I said, I have no problem dealing with bots when I am playing as GE, the problem is when I am playing as US, because the GE bots perform different. I am sure GE bots and US are different, and they did it on purpose, so that they force US players to join the shirty War, which nobody wants to play anyways.
  10. TrIggEr_FiNgEr

    When will the STG equipment points be reverted back

    I have been in this game since 2015, and I can assure you that most of you GE's are still stuck in the old days when US had powerful guns, and cannot get this idea from your head, since it will effect GE guns, which are OP right now.
  11. TrIggEr_FiNgEr

    A few different thoughts on German faction

    Your guess is bad then, stop assuming shirt.
  12. TrIggEr_FiNgEr

    A few different thoughts on German faction

    How do you even know if I am bad, I perform very well with a G43 and not the M1G, am I the only one that finds the G43 to be better than the M1G.
  13. TrIggEr_FiNgEr

    Tanks are impossible to play way to often.

    Don't waste money on SU tanks, they are the most useless stuff ever added, just make an Anti-Tank infantry, as for the US tanks, with the E8, shoot on its underbelly or the line between the front armor and the underbelly, or shoot on the line between the Turret and the body, or shoot at its butt, or focus on its Tank treads.
  14. TrIggEr_FiNgEr

    A few different thoughts on German faction

    False, Try fully modding the G43 and see the difference, I did, see that you are still stuck in the old update, the current G43 is extremely different, you can spray with it and still get low recoil, on the other hand, the M1G kicks so hard upwards.
  15. Really, you think it's fair that: GE bots can snipe you on mid range with an Insta kill, and it does not matter if it was an Mp34 or a G43, but when it comes to US bots with a grease gun or an M1G, they never kill a fly, and keep missing. Or the bot that can insta kill someone that is hiding behind a wall, in an instant, you do not even have time to react. Or the fact that the bots can go through walls, I have followed a lot of bots, and they always go through walls. Or the fact that the bots do not have a timer to spawn, they instantly spawn as soon as you kill them, I had to kill 7 bots that kept coming over and over, till I had no more ammo, and I got killed holding off a point, 7 bots just kept on coming and coming. Or the fact that I have yet to witness a US bot ever killing someone with high tier equipment, but I have seen many GE bots do that. Or the fact that a Bot comes out of nowhere morphing through the wall and insta kills you. Or the fact that when you are playing a 3 factions map when you finish off all GE points, and the GE faction is kicked from game, but then if 1 point is taken which makes another point grey, you will find out that GE bots start spawning again. Or the fact that in heavy bushes that is impossible to see through, somehow the bots can, not somehow of course, its just that the aimbot used by bots is just too much. Or the fact that, well it happened many times on the US side, when you bring an APC, the Bots just become stupid and go idle near the APC, they stop attacking, they stop doing anything. Or the fact that, on several occasions when I found a good position to set up my Machine Gun, all of a sudden damn US bots just run and stand in between me and the enemy, and block my visual. and the most important part, in addition to these OP things, the Bot numbers are fixed not dynamic, so if GE had 10 players and you only had 5 which happened many times, GE gets 12 and US gets 4 or 8. the Players that cried for bots should be lined up and hanged, that is why we need the option to not play with bots, you want to play with bots it's your option, it's just annoying to face off against GE Medium weapons and in the same time we have to face Insta kill bots. False, I have watched Bots many times, GE bots perform far better than US bots, is it hard to give us the option to not play with bots, or is this reto way of forcing US players to have to play War. Is asking for the option to not play against god damn bots nonsense, I don't want to play War, and I don't want to play against bots, it ain't fun to play against 1 hit insta through heavy bushes wall morphing bots, that are not bound by any Timer laws, and will constantly rush points while US bots don't do it. Never happened, I never had a problem against bots playing as GE, because they constantly miss, on the other hand there is a real problem with GE bots.