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  1. Some random P38 match I did a while ago. https://imgur.com/a/JLX0G
  2. Is the game dead?

    What on earth is this shirt? Reto, hello??? Don't waste what little precious resources you have left on useless masks, another gimmick that will have pseudo wannabe Robins running around the map. Remember when this game had some quality updates? When this game was a small project of passion between a couple of guys?. The last time I prolly had fun was around 2015. I've followed this project since 2014 and started playing the very day it came to steam. August of 2014. As to answer OP's question, this game is still far from dead. It has unfortunately lost a hefty sum of players, seeing as 2016 was scandalous in updates. You also gotta factor in the amount of players in standalone. I once asked what the games playerbase actually was, but I couldn't figure it out Here are my calculations: Some of my clanmates mentioned that around 60k People took the free warbonds, which are just old players logging back on to get free stuff. Then you've got the youtube views on their HnG Updates, which average anywhere from 20 - well over 100k views. Mostly from players who don't play the game, just checking out if they've addressed any of the core issues. Then you've got the median average of around 6 - 7,5k players on Steam. I don't know the exact numbers that play standalone, as there are no statistics provided. From this point on, it would just be a raw guess. Before I make my final conclusion, it is also important to realize that according to this post, this game has over 12 million accounts registered: https://heroesandgenerals.com/2017/11/heroes-generals-taps-into-community-feedback-for-new-battle-flow-update/. Of course its guys who just come and drop by to try the game, such is the life of the Free - to - Play models. Then the question arises whether how many players stay. My guess for the playerbase is: anywhere between 15 - 30k. Although the actual number could be much higher or alot lower. From January 2017 till the post I linked above, 2 Million accounts were registered.
  3. Every German player's thread on Action game talk

    Wehraboos in a nutshell basically. Although not all of them are like that, I've met quite a few nice ones. Some saltier than others.
  4. T-26-4 possible addition for soviet light tanks?

    BT-7 will turn into a bloody Porsche with the new update, so there is some usage to it. As usual, RetoLogic/instertmhereplease/ demonstrates, there is no point in using lower tiered gear.
  5. T-28 Needs to be fixed

    We should assign a separate category for these T1 Mediums. Im thinking more specifically, having them as sorta "Infantry Support". Basically you cant face any other T2/T3 or the T4 "all in ONE" (cough PANTHER cough).
  6. Easter sale – 30 % off all bundles

    If Reto said that 2017 would be the year of the maps, and we got one unfinished, buggy mess of a depot at the end of the year... Then this year might as well be the year of disappointing sales, unnecessary helmet camouflages and Squad 2.0 Armor 2.0, where you will basically force players to use lower gear instead of giving them an actual purpose. Good job reto, well done!
  7. Tanks VS Planes Really Needs to be Fixed....

    Takes zero skill to go on a hill with your 300cr 88mm Box and just take pot shots at planes.
  8. What's your best spam & go gun?

    Ha! Nice try, but the spread of your bullets wouldn't even scratch my glorious soviet infantryman, while my PPD 40 could instantly shred through hordes of enemy players.
  9. What's your best spam & go gun?

    Please y'all don't know the true happiness I feel and the rush of dopamine when you kill for the 3rd time that Green Pea STG noob. Trust me, once you go PPD, you will never go back.
  10. BF-D1

    I actually see no reason to discuss this point further, you've nailed the points I could think of. Unfortunately OP is actually on the German Faction and unfortunately will not be able to play the (now) Seversky "Icanoutturnanyotheropponentbutnotkillthempleaseendmysufferingthanks" P35-A. Then again, I've seen 2 pilots absolutely wreck with the Seversky but that takes more skill than flying a bloody P40, which talking about it, those 6x Fifty Cals absolutely shred through enemy planes.
  11. BF-D1

    You'd be right saying that, as I assumed the same when I first saw that plane... You see, in this magical universe, Reto likes to do something that is called "Asymmetrical (Im-Biased)balance" That is why the good folks over at Reto said, lets make a plane that has a really neat concept, but give it... (wait for it) Two Fifty Cals and Two Thirty Cals. Lets make it turn, but not be able to kill anything whatsoever unless you pool more effort into it than me and my hope in Reto. Add all that up that most smart pilots will go for Flak Jacket Gold and you got a fragile peashooter in the air that cannot outrun any other aircraft whatsoever. The very fact is that if you're alone in the air, your best tactic is just to fly low around the outskirts and pick them off one by one, that renders any concept of dogfighting useless (unless if you want to factor in the "I go in for a kill and then get rammed by 5 other pilots" tactic. (Trust me I know the feeling, flying 2v7 isn't fun)
  12. Pilots Cheating?

    Planes are a cheat on their own, they're so broken it is unbelievable. I fly alot and I can safely assure you that: A. With Flak-Jacket Gold you will be surviving tank shells consistently up to the point where you're basically a flying KT with a Luchs 20MM mounted on you. B. You can do a Tanker and Infantries job consistently as a pilot. Enemy Tank giving your team trouble? Mark it and send 2 Bombs with love for them. Infantry running in big open spaces trying to cap the next point? Pfft, pls just go and farm. C. Many of your described problems come with the rendering of this game, whenever you're high up in the air, buildings and bushes might not render but the player does. That is why sometimes a pilot goes straight for you even though you're tucked safe away in a shack.
  13. BF-D1

    Oh noes! Somebody actually figured out the one advantage the "Flying Bathtub" has!... Except that in this game only turnfighting exists. I've rarely seen BnZ pilots and I rarely do that unless there are foggy maps and I'm outnumbered, because whenever you turn on a guy, you're going to be bound to have their wingmen on your tail. I believe both do carry the same payload, however as in Reto(insertTM)logic demonstrates, T1 is always at a disadvantage when compared to T2. There is no real reason to play T1 ATM.
  14. What's your best spam & go gun?

    PPD 40 with heavy spring and low damage ammo, come at me Johnson and STG vets, I'll shred y'all into pieces with my vodka spitting machine.
  15. Now It's time to change something on the P38.

    God dammit, I was 'bout to drop by and say that. Personally I believe it all boils down towards wingmen. The ME410 and Please-End-My-Suffering-3 all feature more ammunition and a rear gunner in exchange for maneuverability. While y'all complain about the UFOP-38 here, how about dropping by and flying a round of P40 with me? Even though I've seen a recent influx in pilots, I'm consistently outnumbered in the air in a category that is more efficient than heavy planes in every aspect. Cost, Ground Support and believe it or not, their size (Curse you P38 Wings!)