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  1. Reto was right about TTK.

    It ain't that bad, its just pure suffering. I think I could do better with a stock pocket pistol. The TTK on that thing must be -100.
  2. Reto was right about TTK.

    That ain't nothing. Try PPD-40 Heavy Spring and low damage ammo. That is what I call maximum suffering. I grinded with that loadout until I unlocked my PPS.
  3. Russian Exploiting Clan

    Thanks for posting again, however I don't consider "PMK Spam" or "Camping" as exploiting. The Black skybox would be exploiting the game and you've added that they're suspected of using ESP. Which also means that they potentially cheat.
  4. Russian Exploiting Clan

    First of all, thanks for your post, I appreciate the harsh feedback you've provided. I'm well aware that a handful of people have seen the original post pre-edit, but its pretty obvious as to who this clan is. The DDosing was only a possible suggestion as to how that happened. My previous point still stands, this isn't the first time US clans experience this phenomenon while playing against them. The member I've spoken to from the Russian Clan I was in, has stated that he hasn't played with that clan in a matter of 8 months. And on to your last argument, that is sadly the truth. I've been suggested that they haven't acted upon them for the mere fact that it keeps the faction and part of the game afloat. Either way, thanks for your input and shedding some light on the skybox situation.
  5. Russian Exploiting Clan

    Alright, thanks for your feedback. The reason why I included the "DDosing" Argument was since this isn't the first time we've experienced this while playing against that specific clan. According to my clan mates, several other US clans had suffered the same fate while playing against the Russian Clan. In reference towards the second part of your post, what you describe, I interpret as naming and shaming. And as I said, I'm not down to do that. The clan's members know exactly what they're doing and that it is absolutely wrong. In no way whatsoever am I trying to get them all banned. I'm merely stating that several of their players make such feats as I've pointed out. To further my point, in my original post I state that I have confirmation from a reputable source, that they had been previously punished but now are back.
  6. I hope the 37mm AA gun will at least 3HK

    I agree, AA guns need a buff in some way. And that comes from a guy that flies quite a bit in this game. It is outrageous that I can fly at some AA guy and harass him by bombing him and killing him. The chances of me killing him are rather high, unless he manages to put a shot through my cockpit. I run flak gold and bombs away gold on my US Pilot and AA guns just can't do anything unfortunately.
  7. Russian Exploiting Clan

    That is one of the examples I've used. I'm certain that they employ other methods to gain an unfair advantage over other players. The fact that they even stream with these exploits is outrageous. I have created this post in mind of it not being deleted and forgotten. I'd like to elicit some reaction from the developers in any form whatsoever. This issue needs addressing and a solution that is here to last.
  8. Russian Exploiting Clan

    Are you referring towards the topic I'm addressing or the fact that I haven't named and shamed. Even though I dislike immensely this clan and their methods, I won't name them again or their players. A handful of people have already seen this topic and commented on it, before I could edit the names.
  9. Russian Exploiting Clan

    First of all, thanks for your post AdrianVictus. I'm glad to elicit some reaction from the community, since this is an active topic we have to address. If you are able to provide further information on this topic, please do so.
  10. Russian Exploiting Clan

    Thanks for pointing it out, I was aware that I was missing something.
  11. Russian Exploiting Clan

    I see, thanks for pointing that out. I'll edit my post now, however my previous point still stands.
  12. Russian Exploiting Clan

    Thanks for your input Degie, when I stated that I won't "name or shame" I had in mind, not mentioning any player names. I did so, because I assume, that people know about what clan I'd be talking about.
  13. Russian Exploiting Clan

    Before I start this post, I'd like to state that I'm not going to be naming and shaming or flaming in anyway, I'm posting this merely for the fact that the current situation is extremely infuriating for I believe everybody. It has come to my recent attention, that several members of an Russian Clan exploit the game in many ways, that grant them advantages over other players. One such example is deleting the skybox, for that everything becomes black. Things like spotting planes are child's play at that point. There is another post about this issue, however the developers never responded. To further my argument, we've recently played Pinnow in this war, pulling off a decent victory against the onslaught that was this Russian Clan. Yet the match was fixed, (according to my clan members DDosed), so nobody got any credits, warfunds or even a battle report. I'm writing this post, since an unknown amount of said clans members also own several alt accounts. My clan leader and clanmates just played a match today, where on the US faction we had said Clan's alt accounts griefing and giving our positions away by shooting near our vicinity. (That and stealing our APC's and respectively griefing the entire match). On top of that, I had been in one Russian Clan for roughly two months and I've just talked to a prominent member I won't name. Said member stated that he was also aware of the tremendous issue that this presented and he explicitly stated how these members had been banned in the past and how they're back now. So that leads us to the question, how come those exploiting members haven't been banned again?. I'm not stating that they cheat, (which many of my clan mates assume), what they do is completely unethical to our community as a whole, fixing games, DDosing matches and ruining the game for genuine players.
  14. Para Plane Doors

    Agreed, this is a legitimate problem.
  15. GE staged seal clubbers

    That's a big issue on the US side. The problem is, that 50% bonus attracts a rather large amount of new players into war, joining war with a stock garand just to get obilirated by DeathShredder42's isn't fun.