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  1. US TeamSpeak down for 24 hours

    Still down, PIB has a channel in the Axis - TS named "pib refugees" lmao.
  2. Dead Eye vs Tight Grip

    Really, what is the difference between these two? I'm running an M1/M2 Carbine I'd like to know which one of these badges is more suitable. Thanks
  3. Any soviet pilot looking to fly?

    I was there literally 20 minutes ago, haha. Im in it right now, join me if you wish.
  4. Alright hello, I am a rookie pilot who is looking to improve by flying with more experienced pilots. Anybody up for it? Warning I am an extreme treehugger and ground eater... Add me on steam if you are willing to: steamcommunity.com/id/torrerofranches
  5. How on earth do I fly.

    Yeah I unlocked the yak and got it the same day. Im currently adjusting to controls using recon planes, but with debug controls, I just do these random really unwanted turns that leave me very exposed
  6. How on earth do I fly.

    Im not a noob in any way, I've been playing since march 2014. However when it comes to pilot I'd consider myself even lower level then that.
  7. How on earth do I fly.

    Alright yeah that is great thanks, Im currently using classic and smooth, however would you be able to provide me with the soviet teamspeak? I would love to fly and gain some experience with the more familiar pilots.
  8. How on earth do I fly.

    Alright thanks man! I didnt expect all these replies. I'll see what I can do thanks.
  9. How on earth do I fly.

    Alright , Hello guys, I got myself a pilot. To be specific a russian pilot. I played some recon planes till I unlocked the yak and then bought the yak while it was on sale. The problem is I have no idea how to fly. Question might be generic, but I tried all control methods and failed all of them, I cannot fly literally. Most of the time I get pinned by 3 fighters and when I try to lose them, I either run into a tree, or just eat dirt. So, question is how on earth do I get a good angle on enemy fighters, and successfully manage to lose them without having to smash my plane into a tree. Usually when I try to get on an enemy fighter, they just go in circles, then fly up, do some wizard shenanigans and magically woop di loop around me. Give me some advice? Thanks!