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  1. 'franches

    WWII Deaths by Country

    The Chinese might've lost anywhere between 16 - 25 million people including over 90 million refugees. Sources usually give 20 million casualties. These are clasified the following way: 4 Million Military casualties and a further 16 Million civilian ones. Military casualties including KIA, MIA or WIA can be anywhere between 3.2 - well over 10 million. There are no reliable sources. Some sources state around 1.3 million chinese men dead and a further 1.5 million wounded. I however find them unlikely. Japanese deaths in China range between 480 - 1 million. I believe a number closer to the latter to be true. The Japs didn't like to disclose their actual casualties in order to keep public morale high. Disease, poor supply lines, guerillas and stiff chinese resistance probably made the casualties alot higher for them.
  2. 'franches

    Tiger 1 Good/Bad ?

    The Tiger I is a really really strong tank. It costs next to nothing to spawn in comparison to other Heavy Tanks. It performs better than the Pershing IMO. It is a bloody Tiger 1. It has the looks. My conclusion: Buy it
  3. 'franches

    M4A1 Sherman unplayable on long range

    At the very least the T - 28 is the very definition of trolling. It has a shirt ton of spots for you and your lads so that you can roll around a CP just trolling infantry. If you get blasted into oblivion, just respawn. That thing is cheaper than dirt. The problem with the M4A1 is that there is no real purpose to using it. There really, really is no purpose.
  4. 'franches

    M4A1 Sherman unplayable on long range

    You prefer the M4A1 over the Pz4? Damn... and I thought I had won the masochist award for using a heavy springed PP40 with low damage, high accuracy ammo...
  5. 'franches

    M4A1 Sherman unplayable on long range

    This^ There is literally zero advantage (excluding spawn cost, cough cough panther is still 1/2 of the outrageous spawn cost of an E8) to using a M4A1. Your sights don't even allow you to camp on a hill like the other cool kids and snipe defenseless infantry until somebody is mad enough and finally blows you up. I bought the Tank earlier this year when I started testing tanker out. Also, you can't ambush nobody because of your really really bad speed. At this point I feel like climbing hills with a Hetzer would even be easier. And now we've got Reto Moto here who is, instead of trying to give worse equipment an actual use, forcing you to use them based on their "token" system. I just feel like the M4A1 is the neglected cousin that nobody talks to in family meetings.
  6. I will list you the requirements through my perfect translation abilities (I am fluent in Spanish.) Conditions: - Be 18 years of age. - Be within the limits of south america. - Have a useable mic. (This is fundamental for communication) - Be active, daily or weekly. “For those who work / study”. - have discord, add -> https://discord.gg/B9YajE. If you live in South America, you should definitely add them.
  7. 'franches

    US meta gameplay

    Playing this faction is like literally playing yourself. Don't ever play yourself. Most of the time you're running into a building John Rambo style whilst trying to simulatenously fight 5 enemies from 20 different angles while your team is just hanging back. I've mained the US for as long as I've played this game and dear god, things really don't change. (Notable examples include(ed): Teammates stealing your APC that is parked in the perfect flanking spot in order to serve them as a personal taxi, teammates hanging back and literally doing nothing. Just standing there. Teammates literally sitting in an AA - Gun of the first spawn while 3/4 of the line has been captured and the rest of the team is trying to push for a main objective. Just general nonsense. (Although I've met my fair share of good US players who know how to communicate and coordinate pushes.) Even in war I see stock garands. (I pick 'em up from time to time to see if one is actually modded)
  8. This ^ Everything needs a change. That's because the lads over at Reto tried running without being able to walk first. Pumping out one update that broke the game even more without fixing age old issues.
  9. The Ma Bu Fang's divisions were some of the best crack units the army had to offer, the southern cliques were notoriously bad equipped (except the Guangxi Clique, which had some of the most competent leadership in the entire war and its divisions were nearly on par with the central army). The German trained divisons were supposed to lay the groundwork for upcoming ones. Unfortunately we didn't get to see 80+ Fully trained ones as the war broke out. Germany signed a contract to train 60 (depending on sources 80) in a plan that would extend up to 1945. By 1947 their navy would've also been german trained. The small, elite, german trained core of 8 divisons were all lost in the crucial battle of Shanghai. Their manpower was drained so badly, that once they retreated to Nanking, they had to rush 13,000 Men from nearby villages and press another amount of men that I cannot recall into service. By then, the 87th Division only had 300 Men of their original core left. The problem here is that as Heroes and Generals needs a counterpart for everything, it makes things like heavier weaponry, fighter planes etc. harder. As for additional information regarding your first line, the army was very unpopular with the population. Forced Conscriptions resulted because of ineffective bureocracy. (Over 4,000,000 Conscripts died before reaching their units. From the Sichuan province, which had a population of around 60 million at the time, they drafted around 500,000 men yearly. That is around 1/3 - 1/4 of their yearly conscription drive, making them hugely unpopular. The second highest conscription rates came from Hunan. No surprise they suffered a famine between 42 and 43. Their manpower was drained.) At the peak of the Ichi Go offensive (which mind you, didn't result in a Japanese Victory, as a matter of fact, it only backfired on them for reasons I am too lazy to explain), desertions ran high, and peasants killed their own country's men as a result for their harsh pressed grain taxation policy. China had the colossal task of maintaing the allies alive in the pacific. With practically no reliable supply route, a corrupt, backward government and incredibly incompetent army, they still managed to hold strong after 8 (depending on sources 14) years and fight on. Emerging nominally as a great victor. Unfortunately only to crumble to the more disciplined, more competent and better motivated Chinese Red Army. Anyways, back on topic: Another issue in this game is that asymmetrical warfare is hard to apply. Maybe we could see a system in which (if the Chinese are ever implemented) they have a lot more tickets due to their technological disadvantage. Another thing would be maps: I believe Reto should be able to model out major Chinese cities. Unfortunately the country side is another topic.
  10. Hanyang 88: Around 1 Million Built Type Zhong Zheng: 500,000 Built The Type 24 only entered standardization once the war broke out. China's underdeveloped industry didn't allow for production. It ain't that big of a difference here. Just look at that amount. The Chinese army didn't even have enough rifles for their own men. That tells you what quantities they had to import / capture from the Japanese. Peak strenght didn't pass 6 Million Men, even though they well indoctrinated over 14 Million. (National Revolutionary Army, not including warlords or the Chinese Soviet Republic / Shaan Gan Ning Border Region). The problem is that Heroes and Generals needs other problems fixed urgently. It just isn't "fit" for a new faction, let alone this. EDIT: Peak strength didn't surpass 6 Million because of desertion, malnutrition, bad equipment, terrible conditions and brutally harsh conscription campaigns.
  11. 'franches

    Can not download the game

    Hmmm... it seems like you aren't the only one. A lot of people seem to have trouble updating / downloading after the newest patch. Try to download the game through steam. If you already have, then try through the standalone client.
  12. 'franches

    This is what it used to be

    HAHAHAHA DAMN, that was a good one.
  13. Re - viving this thread since I would like to make several suggestions. The fact that Reto has added Chinese might mean something here. I'd say the Chinese market is a cash grab, and if Reto does add a Chinese Faction with correct modeling, it could be a game saver. The fact that they had a lot of imported, lend leased and (un)licensed equipment means that Reto can do what Reto does best. That is re-using Models. Beijing wasn't their capital at that time. It was also called Beiping. After the loss of Nanjing and subsequently the fall of Xuzhou, the Nationalist Army redeployed 1.1 Million men into Wuhan and nearby areas. Thus Wuhan and its strong industrial base became the defacto capital while the Nationalist Government moved industries inland. After the fall of Wuhan, the temporary capital became Chongqing. Your point still stands. The fact that they didn't surrender after losing their capital twice and suffering the nanking massacre is a testament to their determined resistance. Great idea, how about you get the ability that is called to actually re - search history? It ain't that hard. Just go on wikipedia and look who won.
  14. 'franches

    This is what it used to be

    And wait a minute, I think we all forget something: Being able to queue with any soldier on any faction. Seriously, you had a checkbox and you could tick any soldier you'd want to play with. Depending on the battle you'd get matched up with one of them.
  15. 'franches

    This is what it used to be

    Hmm... Interesting. Could you tell me from when to when?