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  1. Easter egg helmet paints for everyone!

    imagine wearing this helmet and hiding in a bush, it'd be like a real Easter egg hunt
  2. Red cross helmet

    A green cross helmet like on the Medic Pouch would be neat
  3. Newspaper for Allied Armed forces

    Yes especially if you add a couple of guys with bazookas on top as it slowly drifts towards the enemy positions. Its one of the US Faction's doctrines in naval warfare.
  4. Newspaper for Allied Armed forces

    I thought it was only rumors, how can such a cruiser sink?! At least now I have tractors to think about.
  5. Warlentine sale and a gift from RETO MOTO

    <3 xoxoxo
  6. Friday Fun Post: Vehicle Gameplay Update development video.

    must be the new defense against AT rambos
  7. Newspaper for Allied Armed forces

    wow Anssi, you're really working in overtime to get these out. Good work!
  8. Newspaper for Allied Armed forces

    I had some trouble making the paper hat, but it turned out well I think.
  9. Voice chat

    local voice chat where you can talk to the enemy sounds fun to me
  10. Reconnaissance Planes Film

    Fantastic! will do! interesting observation and ty
  11. Another film, this time about US recon planes and voiced by some of my friends.
  12. Newspaper for Allied Armed forces

    hooraay! Stars & Stripes is back!
  13. Xmas Bulletin 2017

    and santa hat helmets?
  14. Xmas Bulletin 2017

  15. Xmas Bulletin 2017

    Merry Christmas and a happy new war!