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      Early Preview of the Soviet Skirmish map 'Khutor' on Prototype server   01/17/18

      On our prototype server you will now find a very early preview of the Soviet Skirmish map called 'Khutor', that we have in development.   Please note that this is a preview, and not a public test as such, which means that you should expect that a lot of things are not final yet.   The 'Khutor' map will be on the Prototype server until Wednesday the 24th of January.   Read more here:    


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  1. Newspaper for Allied Armed forces

    wow Anssi, you're really working in overtime to get these out. Good work!
  2. Newspaper for Allied Armed forces

    I had some trouble making the paper hat, but it turned out well I think.
  3. Voice chat

    local voice chat where you can talk to the enemy sounds fun to me
  4. Reconnaissance Planes Film

    Fantastic! will do! interesting observation and ty
  5. Another film, this time about US recon planes and voiced by some of my friends.
  6. Newspaper for Allied Armed forces

    hooraay! Stars & Stripes is back!
  7. Xmas Bulletin 2017

    and santa hat helmets?
  8. Xmas Bulletin 2017

  9. Xmas Bulletin 2017

    Merry Christmas and a happy new war!
  10. Anyone got good screenshots/wallpapers?

    thanks @SilvaRodrigo for the mention. Here's one I did awhile back, I planned to do more but I completely forgot about these.
  11. Just a festive short I made for fun during the holidays. Happy Holiday Season!
  12. SHOVELS - Teraforming for H&G

    if they add this, I want a combat badge where you can dig faster or just swing melee weapons faster in general.
  13. New camo

    I want my xmas shoelaces!
  14. Newspaper for Allied Armed forces

    I would have never guessed it.
  15. Best way to get camouflage badge for paratrooper?

    use your main infantry that has been around before they removed the career options and change him to a paratrooper!