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  1. Kicked out of a match as soon as I join

    thanks I'll try that
  2. Kicked out of a match as soon as I join

    Ahh I see that makes sense that my drivers are outdated cause just I factory resetted my computer cause it was having some issues. But updating my nvidia graphics card, intel drivers and the audio one worked! I logged into and i'm no longer kicked out after a couple of seconds. I didnt upgrade to windows 8.1 because I've done it before and it messing with my wifi drivers and internet is really slow but nonethless thanks for your help
  3. Kicked out of a match as soon as I join

    okay heres my dxdiag
  4. I just wiped my computer and reinstalled HnG and as soon as I join a match I'm kicked out and I get this crash log report screen that says this I've tried reinstalling the game Restarting steam Verifying the game in steam Running it as admin downloading then installing it from the HnG website and then running it logging in and logging out of HnG try running the game with different graphics cards i honestly have no idea what else I can try