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  1. Test New Vehicle Handling On Prototype

    So there are going to be changes done to all the roads distribuiton on all maps?
  2. Test New Vehicle Handling On Prototype

    What's the point of this if..
  3. 8k post - wasting time ?

    This right here. "Armor 2.0"/Terrain Overhaul will either make or break H&G for good.
  4. 8k post - wasting time ?

    I know the feeling @Fegaris, I too have recently quit playing H&G and as an officer in my clan. I just don't get the same feeling of excitment repeating the same old strategies on the same old maps anymore. 2017 was promised as the "year of maps" and all my hopes we put into that box, only to be incredibly let down by the SINGULAR map they released (still bugged to this day). We can only imagine what the vehicle/terrain overhaul will bring us, let's just hope that it's good enough to bring some of us back.
  5. Easter sale – 30 % off all bundles

    90% off pistol ammo. That's what I'm waiting for.
  6. Easter sale – 30 % off all bundles

    Someone has obviously been having dreams about "... Let Loose",
  7. Alt accounting

    Probs the best content this forum has seen in a few months. +1
  8. Alt accounting

    You speak spanish?
  9. Alt accounting

    Honestly, I could't care less..I know I don't partake of those "shady tactics" and neither do any of my clan members or friendly clans. I'm more concerned about his paranoic behaviour... P.S. Nice bait...try again next time.
  10. Alt accounting

    A lot of the new clans don't use TS anymore, you would be surprised by the amount of ENG speaking activity you'll find on Soviet side on discord. SU isn't only composed of your imaginary Ivan and his alt accounts...there are other nationalities that play SU too, ya know?
  11. Alt accounting

    You do realize the Soviet facton isn't made out of only Russian (NOT soviet) people, right? The same way GE isn't only werhaboos... And accusing 1 factions of 1 game of ruining "every game" on the internet "since many years" a little paranoic..don't you think?
  12. Soviets play and they play good?

    That's not the point...what I'm trying to say is not long ago at that time (03:00-05:00AM) all the battles would have popped with US ping (East or West Coast). But 90% of them were popping on EU ping, doesn't really seem fair to me..
  13. Soviets play and they play good?

    Been like that for a while now. Even on US prime time most battles that we were queueing up against US around Berlin were popping with EU ping. Not sure what's up with that TBH. You were with us for a few of them @bocaz
  14. APC Stolen by friendlies.

    They obviously WEREN'T thinking.. They did not think about the fact that they did not put in a tutorial and noobs see the option to "Unlock" and they do.. It's not their fault, it's Reto's for not properly explaining how to play the game and simply not just "deactivating" the option to steal the APCs on all factions.
  15. Not sure if this qualifies as a bug, as I do have a feeling it's an intentional feature. It happens with a lot of the different specialized units, it has happened to me with Recon's mainly. But it is very annoying if they close your line early on or you want to change over to the other but you can't.