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      Early Preview of the Soviet Skirmish map 'Khutor' on Prototype server   01/17/18

      On our prototype server you will now find a very early preview of the Soviet Skirmish map called 'Khutor', that we have in development.   Please note that this is a preview, and not a public test as such, which means that you should expect that a lot of things are not final yet.   The 'Khutor' map will be on the Prototype server until Wednesday the 24th of January.   Read more here:    


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  1. ¡Pregunta a los veteranos!

    La 1919 apenas tiene un retroceso visible y menos si no le pones balas. con esa Mg en particular te recomendaría otra insignia, del tipo de Recarga Rápida o Fornido.
  2. Bloqueron mi cuenta

    Buenas Gabo, Desafortunadamente Reto no comenta ni gestiona baneos/falsos positivos en los foros. Puedes enviar un ticket al support explicando tu situación si crees que has dado un falso positivo. Accede usando los credenciales del propio foro, buena suerte! www.support.heroesandgenerals.com
  3. Totalmente de acuerdo @Davidricote, esperemos que con la introducción de los mapas específicos de tropas especializadas en 2018 (o eso dicen) esta situación cambie...
  4. The Carbine Family Rework

    Not saying I like it... But it's how they work
  5. The Carbine Family Rework

    Precisely because it has 30 rounds it should be inferior to the Garand. It's called "balance"..
  6. 2018

    Shirts getting real around here... *grabs popcorn*
  7. GG Reto enginering.

    i5 6700k + GTX970 + 16GB DDR4 3200mHz
  8. does the Ingame Report button Work ?!

    AFAIK, they do have acces to "replays" of every battlw going back and X amount of time. So if in one game somebody gets reported multiple times, and he gets an excessive number HSs then I assume that a Reto employee will have a look at the battle in question and perhaps other ones for reference.
  9. I understand I may have come off as a bit harsh towards our beloved whales in my proposal. But I feel like it wouldn't affect them as much as many of you think ( @Gerrit. ), because we have to keep in mind that the whales tend to be the guys behind the resources that are doing the final pushes at the end of the war. They will mostly be the first ones to deploy at the start of each war, so they will be able to deploy most of their ATs at the beginning of the war from the standard resource stockpile (excluding Paras, and we all know why). Hence why I feel like it is more necessary to try and help out the small/medium generals and get them invested in the War Scenario. To increase the numbers of players we have playing war battles and partaking in the RTS side of things
  10. Don't comment or discuss bans/banned people on the forums, it's against ToS. If you've had a false negative (in your opinion) you can contact them via the support page: https://support.heroesandgenerals.com/ (Log In: Forum credentials)
  11. You mean competitive as in CSGO? The game that is based around cross hairs and has no ADS? The whole idea of removing crosshairs is beyond me...as everyone will simply rely on third party programs, gamer monitors or the old tape/tack trick. There is no point in removing a feature that is so easily reintroduced by whoever wants it, leaving the poor "legal" player at a HUGE disadvantage.
  12. US: 83rd Infantry Division (A Meta Clan Recruiting)

    Inception incoming...
  13. Can I get a few tips

    As far as the Recon class goes, it's really a compromise between hoe much fun you want to have and how helpful you want to be to your team. You can go lie down on the edge of a hill and snipe away, top scoring and getting the best K/D in-game...but you're less useful than the newb dying every time he tries to cap a point. So there's a compromise that you have to decide on. As far as the "zeroing" mechanic, it's really a preference. I personally do use it and find it useful, but I have other clan mates that find it more natural to manually adjust their sights and simply aim abit higher the further the enemy is. As for sniping spots on different maps...to investigate and have a look around. In all honesty they are pretty obvious and self-explanatory.
  14. planes ruin this game now

    I was referring to the specific case of the APCs that was mentioned before