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  1. Desphear

    Retreating ATs going through several enemy towns

    I've encountered such AT behaviour. In my experience it happens when enemy controls next town(s) (so the ATs have a place to retreat) but the connecting line(s) is(are) bugged.
  2. Would be kind of hilarious to have 3,4 (4 * 0,85) option. Although we had a damage change for SA rifles and SMGs since then so it wouldn't be the same anyway. Still, if multipier is set to 3,6/3,3 overall (with 1.19 change to headshots and heavyset) it will be sort of a buff for those who don't use heavy set since it practicly gives a HSG badge against headshots only, if it makes sense. Which is not a bad thing imo.
  3. Why is there no x4 option? Don't bother to repeat your "This is the second poll" argument. Btw if you don't like that option 'X' is leading you can make one more poll (before making the final one) with just 2 options so that the community could choose between 'X' and 'anything but X' (and x4 for that mattter). The way you make those polls makes me wonder if you're biased or if it's something else.
  4. Desphear

    Discord RU

    Hades on this topic:
  5. Desphear

    Matchmaking suggestion

    Yea having staged and 2 war queues is probably too much and i think the solution will be not in a straight up replacement but rather in pushing players from staged to war more aggressively. Like advertising Staged as a training ground and then like after lvl 10 it's 'hey, you've lernt enough go make a difference in War!' I guess it's already designed like this but with CasQ in place the transition from staged to war theoretically should be much smoother. And since there're bots in staged i think it's ok to make it a wasteland that pretty much sees life only between wars. And one more thing about this system: since CasQ will deal with battles that are to be popped due to timer, VetQ may not have time as a priority factor so that players can pop a specific battle easier
  6. Since skill-based matchmaking is on and off development I’d like to suggest a sort of alternative. The goal is to separate vets and casual players by creating another war queue. Concept A player can choose either of two war queues. It’s like normal and ranked queue in LoL (except no actual rank or anything like that). The idea is vets will choose one (let’s call it VetQ) and casuals the other (CasQ). To achieve it there will be some restrictions and rewards (it will require some features to be implemented). Casuals both get more involved in RTS and don’t become victims of ‘sealclubbing jedies’, while vets get a more competitive environment. Since there’s no clear cut between vets and casuals (the community is not black and white but rather 50 shades of grey), the discreteness of the system will be mitigated by the fact that players won’t be forced but will be provided with a choice. Restrictions Those who queue on specific town (it’s mostly clans and groups of vets) can pop them only with players from VetQ. Linked squads (I know it’s on hold but I believe it’s due to its ‘toxic’ nature) will be able to join only VetQ. Reward In order to give players an incentive to play VetQ there will be some reward for playing battles in this queue (possibly more for winning). The laziest option would be gold (like 1 per battle or something) since I don’t think that credits, warfunds or exp would be sufficient. Or maybe it’s some kind of ‘vet points’ that can be used to purchase unique helmets or w/e, or to upgrade clan level. Anyway, reward is a question of how complicated the developers are ready to make it and the community I’m sure is full of cool ideas And it’s not just about a ‘materialistic’ reward. It’d be nice to have separate statistics for VetQ. Maybe all time and past month. A separate leaderboard (that also ranks players and not soldiers). That way a player can impress no one with high account k/d (even himself) unless he’s some casual player, what may matter to some is VetQ k/d. Which leads to the next point. There should be a stigma of using CasQ. Like it is now for staged. “It’s not CasQ it’s PlebQ” To further play down CasQ an increase in reward for playing VetQ only may be added. In conclusion, measures to attract/push players to VetQ: restrictions to big groups of players, ego-feeding features, rewards, and stigmatizing CasQ. Scenarios 1. Players refuse to play VetQ That’s probably the worst. If not enough players use VetQ we may get high wait times, 5v5 battles, and a lot of 1-ping-bar players in matches. That will lead to VetQ population going completely extinct. Also queueing on a specific town trying to pop a battle will be pointless and it will have its own consequences. To resolve this situation the system will need to be stripped down, reworked, and restarted in some time. Or just called a failure, thrown away, and never touched again. 2. Players play only VetQ ignoring CasQ That’s like just giving to all war players the VetQ reward for basically nothing. At least game functions as if nothing happened. But I think it’s possible to shift players from VetQ to CasQ by some measures like reducing the VetQ reward, disallowing special classes to use VetQ, and maybe even lessening war bonus to exp/credits/wfs. I think it’s unlikely that CasQ will be abandoned by everyone and as such it will at least provide a sort of safe island for players that don’t want to face clans or something like that. 3. Playerbase splits and both queues are playable Well that’s pretty much what we’re aiming for. The split doesn’t have to be 50/50 or any other fixed proportion and it won’t be fixed since there will always be some fluctuations. So, the playerbase for each queue should have enough players for that queue to function + some buffer to make this ‘enough’ fluctuation-proof. There may be that players float from VetQ to CasQ and this process may become a scheme with a positive feedback, so, it should be dealt with to not fall into Scenario 1. A permanent trend I reckon should be fought with tweaking the system (e.g. reward adjustments) and temporary spikes may be fought with events. Scenario 3 requires a big enough playerbase to make it running and the more players are in the game (willing to play war) the easier it is to keep this system stable. A note about small regions. They will be screwed. I don’t know how it is to be in one right now (I assume not great) but it won’t be better with this system in place.
  7. Desphear

    Badge changes

    How about 50-80-100? Vets use gold anyway but that way silver which is much easier to unlock would be more competitive. And the numbers for silver aiming badges would be round. Although in that case Heavy Set probably would need a special treatment
  8. Desphear

    Badge Evaluations

    Why do you try to unify the precentages? I mean Fast Reload is a very strong versatile badge with clear functionality (you get exactly what you expect and you sure about it) unlike lets say quickdraw that reduces impact of just one factor that influence sway/confire thing which itself is just one aspect of shooting. I don't think that niche badges should be nerfed hard if at all. So my point would be to not deal with these badges alltogether. Just like you decided to exclude Iron Fist from the poll. Also I get the reasoning behind reducing the values but how hard do they need to be nerfed? One can argue that badges in their nature are anti-casual since a casual player mostly have one crappy badge and vets often times have 2 optimal (prob. gold) badges.
  9. I agree with mrthu. Raw statistics can be deceiving. I think if you were to normalize this "kill per spawn" thing by account k/d you'd get a slightly different picture. By drawing conclusions from it we'd still get a distorted reflection of reality but I imagine it'd be more adequate.
  10. Desphear

    Prototype test: Hero control tweaks

    What's up with shooting? W/o fatigue there's no sway/conefire — only recoil. Sights are steady, hipfire is accurate
  11. I believe any substantial reward will lead to very onesided wars, potentially with 3 wars per day.
  12. Desphear

    Armor plates

    How bout making an armour gradation? Like 1 equip point of armour gives 10 hp worth of armour and a player can choose how much to equip just like with ammo.
  13. Wondering about an effect of a Tight Grip badge I've decided to make a little experiment. I took two soldiers with identically moded DPs. One soldier was equiped with a Tight Grip Gold badge and the other one was not. Other than that they both had a Heavy Set badge. I shot a full disc at the wall with both soldiers from the same (rather short) distance without trying to control the recoil. It seemed that the difference is negletable. In fact it is so small that the question arises wheather this badge works at all. Impact decals: So is it my understanding of how Tight Grip badge works that is wrong or what's up with this badge? P.S. I know that «DP has no recoil» and there is no need for Tight Grip badge. DP's mods used:
  14. Desphear

    ATs disappeared

    After the lost attack my ATs didnt retreat but instead just disappeared like they had nowhere to retreat and surrendered or w/e it's called (there was no surrender message). But they did have a way to retreat. They had high morale (the town behind wasn't attacked anyway) and they werent completely destroyed resource wise. It wasn't a visual glitch since this ATs became available for deploy (although they were at 0 morale and couldn't be deployed immediately). My AT's attacked the town Hnyezna from Slonim. The battle started around 2:30 am msk 11/08/18 (war 638).