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  1. SpaeBuilty

    Maybe bug

    Could you provide information about situations where you gained Exp for killing a teammate, like what vehicle where you in, what vehicle destroyed yours, Basically things so we can reproduce this and verefy how the Exp is being attributed.
  2. SpaeBuilty

    How am i getting stuck ?

    Issue has been reported, thank you for your post. Closed.
  3. SpaeBuilty

    Med bag behind Church

    Could you provide more details please? I have no idead what you are reporting here...
  4. SpaeBuilty

    Huge performance loss after last update

    I've been having issues too, weird ones. I've sent a ticket to support, as you may do as well. They deal with performance issues, this is the Bung Hunters forum section.
  5. SpaeBuilty

    Game keeps crashing and reopening

    Yes, I've been having this issue too, I think we should gather information so I can pass this on to the devs. So, next time it happens I will try to get and copy the main menu's console log, this by opening it every time I go open HnG and play matches. So, to open it you just need to either press Left Ctrl + \ or just type "debugwindow" on your keyboard when you are in the main HnG menu. Then you just go and play some matches until it happens and hopefully the debug window will still be open and have the log of what happened in it (we'll probably be looking for any kind of error message in there).
  6. SpaeBuilty

    Are the servers down ?

    So what's the status on this issue? Is it all gone by now?
  7. SpaeBuilty

    War map fails to load

    @HitnRun2016 @LuisCyphre @Rdanzer @geschlittert If you guys experience any of that again, please do the following: - Type "debugwindow" on your keyboard; - Right mouse click inside the debug window, "select all" and copy it; - Then just paste it here, inside a SPOILER, p l e a s e
  8. SpaeBuilty

    bug with battleeye?

    Ok, this is done. Topic closed.
  9. SpaeBuilty

    No Resources

    I please ask you to get the mission ID from a battle where that happens to you. Plus it would be good if you could take a screenshot of the console right after you join the battle and that bug happens. ( after activating the console, press "\" )
  10. SpaeBuilty

    Cap point lock for no reason

    If you could provide a clear video of that happening it would be great. (I doubt that the capture point soldier counter was wrong at any point)
  11. Could you provide screenshots of your level progress before and aafter the game, plus a screenshot of the actual rank up notification and of the battle report? Unfortunately I cannot do anything if I don't see what you are seeing and can't reproduce it...
  12. SpaeBuilty

    bug with battleeye?

    So, did you get BattleEye reinstalled when you reinstalled HnG? @QuarX Maybe he should contact support, what do you think?
  13. SpaeBuilty

    Ways to Improve Forward Airfield (images and notes included)

    @RadicalEdward2 Ok, I just need to know the map location. + if you could tell me what the heck do you call that thing?
  14. SpaeBuilty

    New Skirmish map 'Khutor' test on prototype

    I'm going to leave this here, maybe this Discord Server will help people that are playing together and are trying to find bugs: https://discord.gg/cMTbHT9
  15. @RadicalEdward2 That would have to be a reto eheh @Reto.Chuckle