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  1. Paratrooper Plane Speed Bug

    The reason you gained less momentum is because the plane FLIES SLOWER. By Newtons beard!
  2. how is the B rush going?

    Sleep is for cats.
  3. BFA

    BFA is proud to announce a clan friendship with Jaguar Rojo, the Spanish USSR Clan in HNG. Those guys Rash B like a churro stand and they kill a lot of stuff too, so good to have em. Heres a link to their Forum Thread: In case any other clans interested in a clan friendship and cooperation, visit us on our discord and contact me:
  4. how is the B rush going?

    You Rash B, you win, easy. A sucks. Rash B comrade.
  5. Paratrooper Plane Speed Bug

    Yeah whats up with the Grannyplane?
  6. Join the Silent 7th!

    Out of curiosity: Why is it called the Silent 7th? Guess you guys dont talk a lot?
  7. Australian Regiment of Soviet Enlisted Soldiers

    I see what you did there.
  8. Do you get kicked out of the clan if you go capture points?
  9. Dayummmmm

    It was supposed to look like a penis pointing towards Rome, but we only got the tip in. Welp. good nuff I guess.
  10. The only real problem I see in this game is the lack of players, but on all factions. Yes, all factions. Its not that GE has too many players, its that this game in war mode was designed for 3 to 4 times the numbers of players online at any given time. When the factions dried up, mostly GE guys stuck around. Thats pretty much it, lots of wehraboos still playing. The issues with the War mode are symptoms of the inherent truth: We dont have enough players in HNGs War mode.
  11. sick of stupid players - looking for a clan
  12. BFA

    News: Merc Program: Since HNG has a lot of players that like to switch faction a lot, dont wanna commit to a clan and at the same time want good and tight squad gameplay, BFA has spawned the Mercenary program in our discord. Mercenaries are simply clanless players or clan players from other factions that wanna come around from time to time and play on our public discord voice channels. If youre interested, just hop on our discord and ask BFA members to become a merc. Stick around a couple of days, play some matches with BFA and the other mercs, then you will receive a Merc tag in discord granting you special privileges on our Discord server. So far weve got 1 regular group of Mercs, as well as multiple players from GE and US clans that pop by whenever they feel like going USSR for a war. Hope to see you seen! Discord link:
  13. Looking for lithuanian clan

    You can ask Arnis, hes played with us and hes Lithuanian. Take his word over mine gerutis.
  14. Looking for lithuanian clan

    My clan is international, check us out!
  15. Looking for a good Soviet clan

    Check out BFA, you can sign up as Recruit or Merc, merc being a guest player. We run on discord, We run usually Late EU / Early US time for gaming,