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  1. Time we throw reto a bone perhaps?

    2017 was a rather disappointing year for new games (ex. mass effect andromeda). Thats why most ppl come back to some good ole HNG.
  2. team speak

    or poke me!
  3. The British American Army

    Are you British or American?
  4. How to grind a soviet soldier

    The problem is the fact that the German playerbase basically stopped playing war when they started loosing, You will find most GER verts clubbing seals in staged now, with their legacy characters.
  5. Please fix the PPSh-41

    Pointer quickfire gold is your friend!
  6. LOL we dont even win the most battles anymore

    Rest in pieces Axis faction! See you in another video game!
  7. Best Weapons In The Game!

    Best weapon in any FPS game:
  8. STG house clearing vid

    So you killed some noobs in staged....

  10. I did a SU alt

    Finally someone that actually gives a crap about the Newbies. Yeah its sad but true, GER is now officialy The Staged Faction (And I shall from this day on always refer to them as such), making it impossible for new players to enjoy staged and level up their stuff. Add the lack of veteran membership for eastern Europeans (too expensive) and war is the only game mode thats viable with 50% xp and ribbon bonus. I think were at a point where anyone with a couple of milion warfunds from the old days should be more liberal with the resources in War mode, while at the same time not overstacking battles with 100 tank and recon spawns. The game right now is screwed anyways, the RTS I mean.
  11. looking for Clan.

    That wont happen.
  12. Total Noob looking

    Im from the prostitutes from above and I take offense to this. Prostitutes are better than KDR prostitutes. Theyre professionals Anyways if you wanna join a clan that offers training too, check out my signature.
  13. -={CRB}=- A Soviet Clan. Need a squad?

    Good luck comrade.
  14. Blyat From Above!

  15. Blyat From Above!

    Privet comrades! I am proud to announce that BFA is now officially deployed as clan, fighting for the Soviet Union on the War map! Since this Clan was conceived on the 19th of July, roughly 6 Weeks ago, we've made tremendous leaps forward. Thanks to Devilman99 and his Soviet Bastards Community website we were able to acquire our own Forum, Website and TS3! We have, from the very beginning, laid a strict emphasis on training and tactics, resulting in multiple Guides and other material readily available for our new recruits. Furthermore we were able to develop our very own, unique play-style and organizational structures, the likes of which I have not seen in any Soviet clan before. I am more than confident that the future of this clan will be a bright one. Out of the 25 Recruits that we had sign up in the past 6 weeks, only 7 have made the cut and gained full BFA membership. This is a washout rate of roughly 72%, or 3 out of 4 recruits! While this may seem like a lot, I'd like to stress that we have high standards for candidates while at the same time giving everyone an equal opportunity. Even a player that has only been playing for a single day can become a BFA member, given he is willing to integrate into our team, grind out his characters and learn. And I seriously believe, no, I know that this is why this clan will be successful in the long run, because we defy the common notion of elitism and closed societies such as zBV, which fail to tap the most precious resource in this game, its new players! Finally I'd like to congratulate all members of BFA that have made the cut, that have shown character, integrity and the willingness to fight in spite of overwhelming odds. I have worn many clan tags in my decade of gaming, but the BFA tag is one of the few that truly mean something to me. I hope you feel the same. Congratulations to : Devilman99, GRINGOJS, Crni_Gavran, Aaron260, Laicorum, Greenpotato! While recruitment and build up will continue to a lesser extent, we will now begin contacting all Soviet Clan leaders and offer our assistance as dedicated Paratroopers. BFA will deploy wherever we can help the most and try to help tipping the balance of the battle into the Soviets favor. After all, this game is about team-play, comrades! Let us work together! Thank you for your time and see you in battle! Blyat!