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  1. war at the moment

    Given the competition on the FPS market right now, the age of HNG, the ability and willingness of the Devs to handle these issues with effort.... I'd say this is pretty much GG for War Mode. It only works if you have a minimum population, at least with AR. A Hotfix would be to stop ARing or make ARs much much longer. It would force the players to actually play for the War Map. That in return would mean more tactical deployment etc. However its just a hotfix, that can not overcome the most glarins issue: Not Enough Players
  2. The best casual response for OP- Unfun gameplay.

    I ususally send em schlongpics via pm but your method appears to be slightly more mature
  3. Sorry, BattlEye is not enough.

    0. MACROS!
  4. good pilot

    Patrolli former BFA plays PE3 in staged a lot. Add him n msg him. Or come on our discord.
  5. New Role for Recons

    but they HAVE a purpose! Let me introduce you to Legolas, Peasant Slayer: Good for: Urban maps, cap defense, corner camping, cheeki breeki headshots, slaying those elephant things that attacked the humans in LOTR, identifying vets by kindly asking for their HSG status, inducing rage, totally defying the TTK debate, SWAG, camping in a bush, and many many more.
  6. Why don't more vets use the SVT?

    Become a bushwookie
  7. Why don't more vets use the SVT?

    Updated my SVT para loadout to Binsons build, can confirm its pretty damn impressive what you can do if youre not too lazy to drag a mouse down.
  8. to all soviet players

  9. Help i don't know what to buy

    Run a stock ppsh41 and try to sneak into points. Profit.
  10. Looking for Clan / Organized Squad

    Considering nobody answered:
  11. What do you think about m1903 spring field?

    If you mod it right you can have an eco gun with 2 hit kill and 60 RPM or the recons 1 hit kill gun. The 2.2 is amazing for close to mid range quickscoping. Most underrated scoped in the game.
  12. BFA

    Weve shut down our NA division, meaning all NA timezoned players are no longer part of BFA. Reason: General inactivity and lack of interest for HNG in the NA timezone. They can still hop on from time to time and play as Mercs, of course. Were no longer accepting new members from North America. Looking for : Pilots / New Recruits / Guestplayers (Mercs)
  13. Which Pistol to use on Soviet?

    BTW is the revolver reload ever gonna get fixed?
  14. What is the point of playing the soviets?

    Game with 3 Factions, Soviets is one of em. Ive joined up because of the XP and WF Bonus (Underdog), and stayed because of the distinctively different identiy of said faction. The cheekiness, the whistling, the bly... u know
  15. i am the new troll or not :)

    ive had rounds with a knife, doing better than other guys with full kits. Heres the thing, if you got the game figured out, yeah you can end up with a lvl 0 char at the top of the scoreboard. as long as youre an asset to the team i dont see the problem. Some people are simply salty female reproduction organs.