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  1. Soviet Tanks

    Squad gameplay, more machine guns etc. its like a pillbox
  2. Soviet Tanks

    My favorite tank in the game. I do play with squads tough. Makes the T28 so much better.
  3. Soviet Tanks

    You should buy a 2nd Tanker and run 1 Tanker with T28 that has HE ammo and the 2nd Medium you can go for T34 76 for mobility or T34 85 for firepower. The T28 costs 100 cr per spawn and is an infantry butcher if you play it in defense and with a good team. This is why 99% of the community hate the thing, cause they play it alone and in staged, vs Panthers etc. Dont play the T28 in staged, ever. Play it in war, strategically, in single line assaults with wide open areas and some friends on Discord. Trust me, it works.
  4. Another one won

    Were winning because basically all US whales and teams 1. Can not deploy their ATs to make coordinated efforts 2. Want to sit on their ATs to make as many WFs from redeploys as possible. Ive written off this entire month for my clan, we cant get our paras out, so were basically doomed to practice and grind. RIP.
  5. I am seeking clan

  6. Update 1.09 ‘Battle Flow’ is here!

    I dont think the engine can handle smoke. But yeah would be great to have this tool available, its essential in warfare to move troops when no cover is available.
  7. Update 1.09 ‘Battle Flow’ is here!

    good patch, thanks
  8. Free deploy is a mistake

    Holy cow BOB deployed!? God help us!
  9. 82nd Airborne is Recruiting

    Were from BFA, Soviet paraclan. Im offering you hereby a clan friendship if youre interested. Always nice to see some fellow paras.
  10. 82nd Airborne is Recruiting

    You guys a Paraclan?
  11. ParabUSA on they.

    Parablocking is a legit strat and all sides use it. You are just creating thread number 1252838 to whine about it man. Have some dignitiy and refrain from making this already toxic place even more toxic.
  12. LFG

    You lost me here. Elaborate please.
  13. LFG

    Yeah we give everyone a fair chance as recruit, then wash out 4 of 5 guys on average.
  14. LFG

    yo auraniken I know youve played with BFA. Our doors are open for you if you want in.