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    1st Fighter Group is recruiting

    1st Fighter Group is an international Discord community that is recruiting active players that like to play squads. What do we offer: -We have a very active Discord server with over 1400 members where we do giveaways as well. -A very relaxed atmosphere with friendly people where there is no language barrier. -The members that are active in the Discord server get rewarded with ranks. Discord address:
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    H&G Discord community

    And that's exactly why that thing exists
  3. george3896

    H&G Discord community

    Hello everyone.If someone wants to join a big and active Discord H&G community with over 500 members feel free to join us at: do a lot of giveaways as well.
  4. Hello everyone.I accidentally bought the Panzerbüchse 39.May I get a refund even if I used it?I remembered the fact that I may have chances for a refund after I played a few matches.....Thank you in advance.
  5. Hello everyone.In the last month I had this issue:After I finish the match the game enters taskbar.I tried everything like clean reinstall,stand alone client,Steam client but nothing seems to work...I also contacted the support and they told me to do a clean reinstall which I did like 3 times but no result...if someone has the same issue and fixed it please say because is very anoying.Thank you in advance.