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  1. viktor.oven

    Sending soldeirs on leave

    Ahah, this is too hard too click second link ). It's easier to go straight on forums and turn on MC rage mode.
  2. Have you tried native client ? Ahh its account issue, silly me .... Nothing will help i guess.
  3. viktor.oven

    Reduce the smoke when you shoot!!!

    Yep, come on Blizzard, new Blackburn LE map is too dark. It is in favor of Protoss. How i am supposed to spot invisible observers on a such background? Have you tried it yourself ?
  4. viktor.oven

    suggestion of Capitals shift

    Replace GM with "Hungry Factions" pls ).
  5. viktor.oven

    Epic match which we'll never watch (

    @kamellion Sry i rly dont want to reply, idk what i am still doing here 🤤, but its my post so i have no choice i guess. Just think about it like a rofl on the fact that "hate and grind" has no mmr system, and ppl have to play against randoms than playing against ppl with the same skill lvl.
  6. viktor.oven

    Epic match which we'll never watch (

    Participants (just for example) : a3w59u2t Alaska ALICIA-SW As1n asorikov Beholder69 Black_KiaHD Bobschik Bosstrad Ded_Vaeval_Za_nas_PobEjdaL ditzu21 EGRECHKO ErniePlais galonizer jmj191 Karl_Jungmann keksier Kirik5361166 kon' -LEX- MaksimSorokin Matziti MCbl4 MISHA1633 n1ceb8m8 Odinthor321 pashtet_iz_pitera paul_belarus penzyak pepeNS PolskiZiomek Prefireman PRIDE_of_theNORTH Robiero shkolozavr83 SoimuVictor Sovietdude SQEEK Sunccubus Tarapita TerrabyteGamingHD Vacuum_x WmXLT ЗаСталинград sry i'll edit this sometimes i think .....
  7. viktor.oven

    Epic match which we'll never watch (

    It's actually elegant, great rly. 1st one we call here "toilet humor", it is also good, but for my taste a little bit gross. (yeap taste ahah )
  8. viktor.oven

    Epic match which we'll never watch (

    Ok i remove him, maybe i just love his nickname ). But personaly for me epic lvl of this match is already enough, if i watch even such match, even with not 100% tryhards, i can die peacefuly with smile on my face ). Edit: sry, idk, i changed my mind, i'll not remove him.
  9. viktor.oven

    Epic match which we'll never watch (

    Yeap looks like List was a mistake, probably i had to abstractively describe this, but with list it is more fun, but looks like even too fun for some. I thought that if there are a lot a lot ppl in list, it is fine. It is about an idea, not about pleb list, and not pleb list of course, mistakes could be made.
  10. viktor.oven

    crashing when using tank cannon zoom

    @hullrocks Looks like you are still playing, did you solve your problem ?
  11. viktor.oven

    Skill Based Matchmaker for Staged Battles

    GE roflstomp everybody in stage, everybody roflstomp GE at war. That's what i call balance.
  12. viktor.oven

    Smoke back on gun?

    yeah in 2016 visibility was much better ...... actually not
  13. viktor.oven

    Faction filter

    SU vs SU, GE vs GE, US vs US in stage. Why not, its stage after all ....
  14. viktor.oven

    Object quality slider is not working anymore

    With GlobalLODDistMultiplier=1.5 , i were having good fps on planes on dogfights. Now all gone. Meh.
  15. viktor.oven

    Game needs balance

    Protoss is op, nerf pls.
  16. viktor.oven

    Looking for-snip-

    Looks like he is from Croatia (Hrvatska). Thanks Leadeboard ). Goytr Miroslavowictz tm0g
  17. viktor.oven

    AVS in new patch

    @Nooby-Doo rofl fixed your soldier name ))
  18. What are you talking about. Its such a nice credits leak for Reto ). But seriously, if you have never user C96 in match, go to , and write their a ticket.
  19. viktor.oven

    H&G is even sh*ttier game than ever today, gj

    Another silly suggestion for unsolvable problem. As long as there is no way to decrease GE population hehehe (i mean in game of course). I hope everybody admits that overpop is a disadvantage, so we need some handicap for less pop factions. Maybe add some correlation between match time and population of faction. More population => more available time to capture town. More population => less needed time to hold town. Dont know about skirmishes.
  20. viktor.oven

    buy german gun whit rusian soldier

    Right now, v1.21, you can not modify captured weapon, you can only change bullet on it. And also if you promote soldier with captured weapon to general you will only be able to give that weapon to faction from wich this weapon was captured ). For example mg42 on depot could only be given to GE soldier, even if its captured. Edit: And also i have a question just curious. If captured weapon (mg42 for example) is given to GE soldier from depot, can he mod it ?
  21. viktor.oven

    settings not saving

    Go to video settings and press "apply" i believe everything will save after that.
  22. viktor.oven

    Is recon viable in War?

    Poor Moorhuhns if only they had HSG ).
  23. viktor.oven

    this game actually rewards you for being toxic

    sorry i just cant stop, but i am trying to fight my internet addiction.
  24. viktor.oven

    Water in game causing lack of fps

    Can you can check this parameter ? render.GlobalLODDistMultiplier=1.500000 I had 0.5 all these time until today )) soo stupid.