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    Final new capital city vote

    LOL GE faction toxic veterans confirmed, abusing poor plebs for voting
  2. geschlittert

    Update 1.18.1 - Combat Rebalance

    Honestly a very bad idea with the hng map design and layout. you need some midrange capabilities to have any chance About the handling nerfs for other weapon classes, smgs are now the kind of cqb, i dont really see the need to bring the others down more This is a questionable approach to achieve a better long range ability. The problem on longer ranges is missing stability / accuracy not so much the damage. About SMGs, i am still advocating for 30 damage for thompson and pps
  3. geschlittert

    Make an official clan system

    Clans were fighting each other
  4. geschlittert


    "unique" mhm
  5. Semi-agree here. A neutralized point doesnt mean that the point is instant since def still can spawn there and a increased capture time would still give defenders time to react and act. Also I honestly think defenders are already in advantage over attackers so moving the "balance" a bit in favour of attackers isnt that bad at all. Not with the new system where side lines are disabled after one neutralization. getting your O point neutralized once can put you at a huge disadvantage
  6. What are you talking about? You can switch to your secondary weapon to run around a corner in order to reload safely. I use it all the time
  7. I disagree, neutralization times are already fast enough, even faster ones could remove any chance to react for defenders.
  8. geschlittert

    Can't login onto forum

    It works again
  9. geschlittert

    Prototype test: Weapon balance

    Well, some buff to t1 smgs, 30 dmg for thompson and pps, and more extra ammo for smgs would also be nice ^^
  10. geschlittert

    Update 1.18 - UI and Anti-Air Overhaul

    I triggered him good ^^
  11. geschlittert

    Update 1.18 - UI and Anti-Air Overhaul

    ofc you are glade about everything reto does ^^ nothing new
  12. geschlittert

    Update 1.18 - UI and Anti-Air Overhaul

    I mean, no one seems to have noticed that the a2 factory spawn houses are gone for some time now ^^
  13. geschlittert


    How to buff SMGs without screwing over balance: Most important: Give them more ammo per pouch. They should have around 150 rounds of ammo in reserve, similar to ARs which also have 6 equipment points while you normally need more shots to kill with an SMG. This would mean: Grease gun/Thompson/PPS43/MP40: 5 mags per pouch MP34: 7-8 mags per pouch PPSH41/PPD34: 2-3 mags per pouch Also important: Increase the damage of Thompson and PPS43 to 30, so they can also 4hk HSG with stock ammo (mp40 already has 30 damage). This would make them stronger in cqb, where they should be strong. Optional: The repair cost of modded SMGs is really high. Maybe decrease it a bit?
  14. We dont need more HE spam in game, No to HE from my side
  15. geschlittert

    We Are Here For You!

    Maybe because it is CAREPACK2020?
  16. geschlittert

    Does the Game need Whales

    Now fix afk ATs (undeploy and refund after 48h of no action) and it will he even better
  17. geschlittert

    at deployment

    Same for me. was very confused when an AT spawned at Paris
  18. Well, the problem is that there are close to no lines in north germany towards poland and between sacndi and russia... as long as that is not resolved..
  19. geschlittert


    Well, then I have to say that I disagree with your approach.
  20. geschlittert


    The thing is, different weapons have wastly different headshot rates... also over a big sample size
  21. geschlittert


    Wait, don't you calculate it with kills and accuracy stats?
  22. geschlittert


    It doesn't matter, since the data pool is large enough, so it is balancing itself out with non headshots and misses. Sometimes you pop a HS on your first bullet, but on your next 3 kills miss half your mag, or even you might die without a kill. It would be a problem if my calculations were based on a single match, but with 6 years of stats it's not an issue. Oh, it is, since some weapons (especially those with lower damage output) kill way more often with a headshot.
  23. geschlittert


    You have quite a big flaw in your calculations, namely headshots.