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  1. geschlittert

    Armor plates

    do you want to know what new loving meta will be? SA, medpouch, armor, car with ammo crate, heavy set gold + fast reload. Basically supersoldier Why dont you just remove high tier weapons from staged, would be a great change for new players and way easier to do. Sorry, am drunk atm
  2. geschlittert

    Tune in for our Developer Live Stream

    Erm, according to Hades' explainatiin this system only triggers if the stockpile is empty already. So calm down, it is really not bad.
  3. geschlittert

    Tune in for our Developer Live Stream

    @Reto.Gargamel On a scale from 1 to "dealing with all support and report tickets", how overworked are you?
  4. Cmon, this is getting ridicilous. Lets remove all weapons and live together peaceful, huh?
  5. geschlittert

    Petition to bring back Johnson M1941

    You are pretty biased, sorry to tell you. Not on a Untoffizier level, but close
  6. geschlittert

    Sound feedback [1.15]

    It is a shame that they manage to screw up their sound over and over again
  7. geschlittert

    Match maker

    No, it is factor 12 for inf and factor 10 for specialists. If there are 72 inf and less than 6 players, new guys will join
  8. He didnt name and shame, so what exactly was the problem? I am eager to see the rule that has been violated If he didnt break a rule then there is NO reason to lock a thread in off-topic, even if it is a bit controversial @N_E_TheSpanishInquisition
  9. geschlittert

    Match maker

    You are aware that you only have 72 inf and it is impossible that more players will join? I mean, do you understand this mechanic?
  10. Sometimes it is the right tactic to win. And i always play to win. Or I always played for win when the game was fun
  11. Put mines in crossing, then sit behind crossing with scoped SA. They either die from mines or the rifle when they try to clear
  12. geschlittert

    H&G, Factions, RTS : promising change

    @Jacky95Can you please leave the politics out of a video game? Thanks
  13. geschlittert

    why no spawn timer on STG44 ?!

    @Hippeushe would have to know the current field maintainence timer for this
  14. geschlittert

    xp bonus question

    The current version is 1.15
  15. geschlittert

    xp bonus question

    Since 1.15