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  1. Perfection

    They said you must reach perfection before the end of your life ^^
  2. Perfection

    Ah, the problem there is that you start being a hacker from 14 headshots +. dont want to get banned
  3. Perfection

    Thats like real extreme mod. 13 headshots while having 3 kills
  4. why Germany will not defend Italy?

    I get better scores against axis clannies in one line defenses as US. So whats your point here? I really dont understand you
  5. why Germany will not defend Italy?

    He is playing very rarely. always being like this. And, you can still find him on the leaderboards, so he is not banned
  6. Suggestions for the new map maker

    Another suggestion from my side: Please change the maps before the vehicle update. Currently there are way to less roads for this new system and it will be really harsh to attack
  7. why Germany will not defend Italy?

    Axis isn't easy mode any more. Now it start to lose more battles that it wins and all that despite the fact that they are actually mostly defense battles which have a WR of about 75% according to Reto stats. So whats your point here?

    90% of the HnG community would be banned every 4 weeks again
  9. why Germany will not defend Italy?

    It always shocks me how some people are so different ingame or in ts and then that in the forums you know, even doramass is a quite nice guy
  10. Logic Anti Tanks

    It will be addressed in the armor update which will come to prototype server soon. So be ready to hop on it and try it
  11. Suggestions for the new map maker

    Like most of you already realized, we have a new map maker @Reto.DropTable So, I think we have to start a good relation with him because the maps are defenitly a very important part of HnG. So maybe we can collect some suggestions for him here so he may get a first impression of what the community wants. I will start with mine: More fighting zones like forward airfield city Less bushes inside the forrests and capzones (close to 0 if it goes for me) More bushes at forrest borders? (not sure about that) Defenders have to many advantages atm in my opinion. The optimal winrate for defenses should be around 66% but according to the stats I got its way above that currently. (like 75%) So maybe do something about spawning in the back of the attackers (for example E line attack and defenders can backstab them from D line all the time) I dont know how to fix this, but some capzones are a little bit screwed up (strange positions, easy to get camped, especially on reworked factory sadly). Maybe do something about spawns? Again, please make more city fighting zones without bushes ^^ ofc I have to quote you here @RadicalEdward2
  12. Mountain Town 2

    I have a question: What do you think about the town area of forward airfield? I think its one of the best fighting zones in the whole games. no bushes, nice house fights, flanking, advancing, reasonable spawns. Could you be so nice and make plenty maps like this? And, if we speak about bushes. The community isnt bothered with the bushlines that much, and defenitly not with the bushes at the forrest borders. but all these hundreds of bushes inside the forrest are really annoying
  13. War map fails to load

    Also got this bug. I just logged in but couldnt switch to war map. It was stuck loading. I could queue for random war tho
  14. Looking for a clean or active group.

    @dearanlee pretty big discord