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  1. geschlittert


    I feel that it's going to an end. However, I want to thank all players I played with and against which should be pretty much everybody. And no, I won't start a big rant about the game going downhill or stuff. I especially want to thank both SBV and TIO and also a little bit Ostland which provided me a great time playing with them. I want to thank all the guys I annoyed and who annoyed me both in forum and ingame. The reason why I end everything is not actually the game itself, but it also didn't really give me any incentive to play it anymore. See you on the other side ladies and gentlemen.
  2. geschlittert

    Suggestions for the new map maker

    @Reto.DropTable So, some Feedback has arrived and I want to ask you what you think about it? How will you design the maps? It's very important for us to know
  3. geschlittert

    Is transferring accounts to other people allowed?

    Ehm, Reto?
  4. geschlittert

    War is now broken.

    @WmXLT 13.07.2018 15:10 CET SU: 548 Axis: 707 US: 556 At least axis numbers were WAY higher some months ago. And as far as I remember, also the other factions were closer to 1000.
  5. geschlittert

    Germany lost the game

    US/SU have done it, they are the last factions standing
  6. geschlittert


    Huh? and? Am I not agreeing with you and underline your argument with an actual statement from Reto? What's your problem there Oh, and I realize that I should have quoted Echo and not you. Ups
  7. geschlittert


    Yeah, both you and and Adrian are not right in this argument. Surprise. We can't read out of the parameters how good the P38 really is and how much worse the P40 really is. We need some cleared stats from Reto. Which take all the other factors into account. No, I am saying they can't take the parameters at all. Period. Yes
  8. geschlittert


    As far as I know you, she has to, because your softstats aren't very convincing
  9. geschlittert


    Why do you think she left you, hm? Never trust women
  10. geschlittert


    @Lycrist_Katkiller @bocaz Are you both aware that the stats affect different planes differently? So they can't really be taken as a parameter? At least it's like this according to @Reto.GreenBow I think the size also matters
  11. geschlittert

    Any tips on getting PTRD quicker?

    Store -> Weapons -> choose right soldier -> buy zooka
  12. Btw, I am NOT australian.
  13. He is a bad student tho Can't even write my name right
  14. geschlittert


    I think especially Yaks have a suprisingly high suicide number cough geylord cough
  15. geschlittert

    Changelog 1.11 'Skirmish at Khutor'

    So classes now don't stop bullets anymore? nice. very nice