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  1. Hm, I will also throw in my suggestions. I dont want to have a high rpm high damage lazer gun, otherwise i would pick the 1919 (mates, you have to face this fact). I only want some little changes. It would be great if even one of them would be implemented: 1. Add 1,5x scope 2. Add more mods, give little higher rpm to spring and trigger 3. Reduce eq to 6 4. Buff accuracy slightly, especially on 1st bullet
  2. Why did you pick your current faction?

    Germany cause i feel the most sympathy for this ww2 faction. I dont know why, but it is like this. I tried US for some wars but doesnt feel the same to kill enemies in this faction nor to win battles.
  3. Best of MCbl4 Part 2

    His keyboard and mouse were broken after the game in the last clip @AfonsoQQ
  4. US Schooled GE on how to RTS

    You should read broskybros constructive balance thread. Its really good i think its in development feedback, cant send it due to phone @Teeri
  5. DP28 or AVS?

    I just say it like this: DP is life but AVS is love
  6. Fragen und Antworten Thread

    Ich weiß nur die Credit preise. 5 million normal 2,5 million im Sale
  7. Anti-tank Infantry Class

    Why dont they make it that higher at levels just unlock more space/more classes and that higher level vehicles just take more space in the AT (eg apcs get unlocked at level 3 inf AT and costs 3 spaces out of 30 vehicle spots. So you can take 5 apcs and 15 cars in one AT). I think i will make a thread about it. @Gerhacht
  8. Anti-tank Infantry Class

    I really like the idea of implementing AT infinto inf ATs. But why wont we go further? Just imagine how fun it'd be to have customizeable assault teams? So i can choose the number of at inf and normal inf in my at. Or to choose which vehicles will be in my AT. Or even to mix a tank AT, so i have like 12 lights and 4 tds in one AT. Sry, i am exaggarating atm, but wouldnt this be a great improve for generals? If they see an enemy town stacked with tank, they rather will take their AT which has a higher number of anti tank inf and so on... @Gerhacht

    So its the fault of generals that they cant babysit their ATs 24/7 and th frontline moves or is it the fault of the MM that puts tons of special troops into battles?
  10. best game ever made

    There is a big difference between want and get, you know?
  11. Ah, its fun to play with small squads of good players so you dont finish too fast but at least win most of the time and have great fun with your mates (3-6 people)
  12. best game ever made

    Reported for midlife crysis
  13. @Reto.Circinus What are your thoughts on this? I know that Reto is currently concentrating on mission critical stuff, but a good balance is also very important for a working mmofps. So it would be nice to know if Reto plans to work on the balance.