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  1. Bmml

    AVS for Soviet Paratroopers

    man,that reminds me of that cringy q&a moment about the p38
  2. Bmml

    AVS for Soviet Paratroopers

    yeah,but here you can´t argue like that.even stating facts won´t get you far. ppl were discussing the godforsaken johnson and that inf unrightfully got that gun that shuldn´t be in the game at all. so ppl said reto that they need to give GE inf the FG. and reto was like:meh,don´t care. you see, retos favourite faction is US, devs playing US and most of the most influencial players that reto listens to are playing US. if they want something (nerf,buff or new equipment) they normally get what they want. but if someone from GE or SU dares to ask for reasonable stuff and backs it up whith facts,thats where it all gets interesting. US guys start swarming around like angry bees,in fear someone will take away their honey. do i have to mention that it took GE aeons to persuade reto to take away that underdogbogus that broke the game? i´m on your side,but good luck fighting 2 years to get an assault rifle for SU paras. i have high hopes that reto will bring us some good stuff and changes this year, but i also fear that,me stating my opinion and observations will be punished (again) ps:in q&a, bredbjarne said that they are thinking about the kinda fishy like the johnson situation with that logic GE should get the me262 and SU/US won´t get anything comparable
  3. Bmml


    naja,cheater gibt es schon einige. aber wir haben ja den glorreichen placeboknopf drückst auf report und das verschwindet dann im nirvana. die jungs bei reto lachen sich dann neukrank und feiern sich im nächsten q&a , während sie geschickt wie immer , unnangenehmen fragen ausweichen^^
  4. Bmml


    meh. i´m just back from a several weeks vacation ( ) GE is definetely not ez mode. the tanks are better bc uhhhhhm...they were better. the stg44 is good but not as good as it should be. the rest is just false. playing SU was more relaxing than anything. ez win,steamrolling GE in war. ptrd is just a delight and good to mine salt. GE winning more battles is pure logic and no surprise from a strategic point of view. having a longer frontline and being constantly in defense will give you this rate. thats war.thats realistic. but this whole winning-more-battles thing is just to mask the fact that GE won 2 wars in a whole year. whats the deal of winning more battles but losing the war? and if you want to talk op than mention the m1/m2 and the hellcat. the hellcat is buffed so it´s fun to play and somewhat balanced the m1/m2 in a standoff takes the cake nearly every time. we need to come to a lvl where pointing out the flaws isn´t considered whining but USplayers klive in the fear that reto could take away their favourite toys and the special treatment. kmeto is pointing out one BIG problem that needs to be on every factions mind. it´s up to us to teach n00bs how to play in war! sometimes they need a little push. and thats not tryhard but you want to win from time to time... jm2c
  5. yeah <3 running to a canister to get the mg42 and a few fg42. no fg42 for inf? no problem. historically accurate mg42 for GEpara ? worlds biggest saltmine was discovered by @drhoops
  6. sure you brought some good pickaxes for them? do you play preussens gloria to make their mined salt even saltier by making them cry on it?
  7. making minus wf as GE is pretty where is our bonus.two years are enough.
  8. so the wars of the last 2 years are a lie? the fact that SU and US players are filthy rich in wf is a lie? even with the month of shame i have only 300k wf. only bc i refuse to deploy until rts is fixed. as GE you lose wf faster than a pr0nactress her clothes. in a blink of an eye you get sacked by cp monster US and the shitload of wf that secure the undisrupted redeploy after that day the US guys laughs hysterically bc he gained more wf and knows you are hurt badly and how you muricans love to say: git gud if the enemy is strong-adept. we all started as microbes and learned h&g the hard way. the frustration is part of the game,always was. it is what fuels us to get better and play with caution unless u have free wfdoggydog treats with that you can spawn trollsquadlike at after at and still get your fair share of the day ps: the overpopulation myth needs to be corrected. it needs to be counted in deployed players or better in cp deployed
  9. where? US has one big front in the west. SU has one big front in the east. so where is the second front? oh right, GE has a massive front in the east AND the west. if we can keep the front like it actually is, we have a decent chance with only one frontline in the north... just bc you guys get a bit of that bitter meds we always have to swallow so you better start fake fights again to reduce your frontline...
  10. yeah wf bonus.for chainraping your opponent.while he gets nothing you just gain a shitton of wf.good idea. helping the rapist by holding the victim tight.seems logical to me. and you guys could face each other every war.the last few wars YOU decided to do a fake war thingy. fighting for scandi and then just face GE and a few fake battles to keep reto off of your arses. and thank you for proving what WE GE guys said all the time. SU and US combined are GE. while GE is fighting TWO massive fronts. so for GE the only thing that will change is,having a smaller front to fight
  11. yeah two factions with subfactions. a s mall step back to do a big leap forward. ahhh you are from the southern nethergermanlands well,but that godforsaken wf boost is finally gone.
  12. netherGERMANlands and the language is dutch (deutsch). so the only logic step is to join GE and make germoney REICH again^^
  13. yeah me too,started in august 2014 and baught a recon the old maps would be a nice gimmick. as a christmas special
  14. why don´t you start playing recon with mp34 it´s fun and other recons will hate you but it´s legit sooooooooooo
  15. the old mg mhhhh there was one thing that was worse op recon