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  1. x3zO

    Bf 109-APCR or HE for the 20mm?

    Get 2 pilots APRC for planes tanks and other armored things HE for inf
  2. You maybye used a lot of explosives and they are very expensive also if lets say they add a 5000 credits bonus for top 5 everyone will just fly beacuse you get so much points for that.
  3. x3zO


    Beacuse it would not be balanced
  4. x3zO

    Recon cost

    Beacuse 95% of the recons have oneshot kills rifles that require so much mods, the mods cost much credits to repair. You can even get up to 40 credits bill per shot
  5. x3zO

    how to have medic sign

    3 bandages so either one kit and silver or gold badge or medic pounch.
  6. x3zO

    if war ends

    You can do like that but maybye try to use it or you would just make queues. You wont lose anything tho.
  7. x3zO

    German Recon G43

    On shorter ranges it ok on longer ranges its shirt but i guess you use a BA rifle on that ranges.
  8. x3zO

    Kill Ping acceptable?

    Try to google a bit the same happend in CS Go for me and it turned out to be some kind wierd setting that made so the lowest acceptabel ping was 500 (why you would want that)
  9. x3zO

    Maximum number of soldiers?

    One BA para and some diffrent mods like a high rof SA and a low rof and maybye a BA with and without scope and such things, but its probaly not so useful.
  10. x3zO

    Badges Question

    I know that the flakjacket badge works on tank so you get more hp, dont think the grenadier badge is enough to kill a heavy tank with recon plane tho, recon plane is most a plane made for new players to train air to air combat in.
  11. x3zO

    Update 1.07 - Care Package

    Yeah but you talked about johsson and yes the M3 and Mp 34 etc is op now
  12. x3zO

    Update 1.07 - Care Package

    Haha but US would have won, But its kind of boring when we win every war. Yeah now its like that (at least kind of) but something would had to be made. Depends on the situatuion, the johnsson cant use scope but its better at close range
  13. x3zO

    Update 1.07 - Care Package

    That are probaly going to change since that make no sence, And Us dont really have a weapon like stg so now its more like fair.
  14. x3zO

    Update 1.07 - Care Package

    Feel the same
  15. Haha it will never dissapear... New players are always joining, the problem is that the experienced players will dissaperar. A solution to the geografical problem could be to go from diffrent major cities like in one war the germans start in scandinavia and maybye Us have invaded italy and have rome and maybye france. Would make each war diffrent and more fair due to the map situation.