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  1. Oh Ok Thanks man
  2. 1, 2 and 3 : A-day Trolololololololol RIP McArthur Did anyone get my historical reference? :3
  3. For all I know the M3 does Forgotten Weapon's Video But yes, COD wants to please 10-yr olds ( by adding suppressors ) and feminists ( by adding female characters ) instead of making the game real. So f*ck realism.
  4. Was the bundle supposed to come with a maxed G43 ribbon? Thanks!
  5. I'd rather spend $7 for gold then grind for like 10 hours
  6. Why shouldn't the bundle on recon?
  7. I could just buy the gold pack and get my recon a G43 and buy the better scope Never saw the part of the store labeled "bundles" But should I still grind or just buy it? P.S. I'm only half way through 7th grade
  8. I suck at the G43... I'm so used to optics that I can't play without them...
  9. How much gold does it take to skip to the 12th grade for G43? My Recon G43 grind is really painful...
  10. If I buy the G43 in German Recon and grind, will I be able to get the ZF-39 ( German #1 ) scope? Thanks! I hate the T-post...
  11. We need to be historically accurate, so it would not make sense to give the FG42 to infantry. The FG42 was only used by the paratroopers during World War Two.
  12. Ya know what the Johnson effect is in real life? Lol
  13. Sorry I didn't see that post... The more posts the better...?
  14. This recon vehicle will make cancerous, chaffee-filled games noncancerous! First off, we Germans are in an inferior state to the Americans and Soviets. Soviets have their BA-6, the little OP thing with a 45 mm on a T-26 turret. Americans have their Greyhound, the big OP thing with a 37 mm on a turret. Germans have the thing with a little 20mm that can't penetrate a chaffee. How come the other factions get bigger guns? The Americans don't even need to deal with a Chaffee... Secondly, the Puma looks AWESOME Here's a WT image of the PUMA Thirdly, the Puma won't be super OP or anything.... *cough* Chaffee * cough* cough* In conclusion, Reto developers, please consider adding this IFV into the game. Thank you!
  15. Those days when you could slap a german cross on a chaffee and put it in the Afrika Korps...