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  1. 重新启动游戏,然后应该解决您的问题。另外,您在错误的位置发布了信息。
  2. Every now and then, RETO seems to do an event and offers skins or ribbons. I have an alternative idea. How about this time, the reward is a new vehicle? I have two different ideas. Both are new faction item related. They can also be a good test to see public feedback regarding adding new factions, should that become an active effort down the line. The first, is two new light tanks. A Valentine (with a lend lease variant for RU) and a L6/40 Italian tank, but in German markings like those used during the occupation of Albania. This requires two models instead of three so there is more wide-spread availability to new players. The second idea is simpler. It is to add the Brengun carrier (with a lend lease variant for the Russians) and an Italian L3/33 (again in German Markings) as terrain vehicles. Once again this only requires two models so would be less man hours. Same result as the tank idea, but with even more widespread access to new players since it does not require the commitment of a specialist class soldier. It feels like ages since we have had new exciting things to look forward to. And rather than be mocked for the same rifle skins, this may just be the kick in the pants the game needs to get a few more players and wallets into the game. Cost wise as long as the options are under 100 000 Credits then it should be well received IMO.

    PTRS: I spent irresponsibly

    I JUST got the PTRS finally for my Russian main. I bit the bullet and spent for the 30k gold on an ill-advised dare and bought it. Now then,, irresponsible money spending habits aside, now that I have this ungodly rifle, i've noticed more than a few things. 1. The sights are just a suggestion for anything past 25 metres. Good luck actually hitting what you are aiming at unless its a big, BIG barn. 2. The smoke cloud. Oh dear jebus the smoke. Its like i'm in a squad with Snoop Dog or something. 3. There is NOTHING more satisfying now to me, (even hitting people with a panzerschreck) than getting multiple kills with this ungodly behemoth of a thing 4. The cost and grind is INSANNNNE for what you get. Its a really, REALLY OP weapon against inf and planes, but it should really be made more affordable. Heck since it was put in the game i've only seen it in a match TWICE... 5. Go for the FULL ammo loadout on it. You will need the extra rounds if you are going to use it in battle. Also... 6. Hoarder Gold is a must have for this thing. Or a close by ammo crate Anyone else have anything to add? And if you are keeping score or anything my three day spend total is like $300 CDN. I am stuck home with a busted back for a week and want some fun. Sue me.

    Planes are still op

    Ive had zero issues with planes since the last update... Ive even killed a plane with a shovel. A shovel.

    i just love to play aginst germany

    I mean, have YOU shot a man with a Schreck? Its quite amusing. As for the rest.... Its from boredom... I'm so bored. I wish for new stuff to play with, but since it doesnt come, I find other ways to amuse myself.

    bugs on maps

    Mountain Town Map. Tree on tracks.
  7. Recon AT's with IFV's against an enemy with no armour of any kind can be helpful. I've assisted in taking many towns operating a Puma or 222. Hell even one time I used the Sdkfz 253 for defecates n grins and still took the Bridge C4.
  8. I have a small squad or so of players dedicated to GE under "The NaCL Squad" but we're not a clan per sey. That said, i'd be interested in any type of clan system in whatever form that takes.

    Kettenkrad is great hillclimber

    Proof! Its the greatest. GE is the best.
  10. I know I shouldn't tell, but ive noticed that two panzerschreck shots with iron fist silver to the back engine bay can kill a Sherman. Only telling to save new tankers the pain of dying consistently.

    Panther or Panzer 4

    If we were in the old ways of tanking, Panther all day long. Now however, the Panther is a meritless tank. Panzer IV is truely your best option.

    Just asking you something

    Chat is always that way. Always has been as well. Just flew by a bit faster with the pop surge during the event is all.

    Event suggestion for the future

    They have a full year. Make us an event map for beach landings. Have it as a new gamemode even. They have the time to do it. Sooooo why not?


    So after testing both for an hour... Im not sure I like the Puma.... I LOVE THE PUMA.