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  1. These ones wont syndicate
  2. sure
  3. Didnt aliens put communist nano robots in your weed bro ? I belive evrything is on cop sight, also that human genome has already been modified secretly in some laboratory, i belive human clonage is already possible for real and it's a not bullsh1t. Nano tachnologies are in progress but not that mutch. Sure there is already reliable artificial intelligence but still...
  4. All of this has been tryed already. If you were a fonctionary and you had to choose which doctor will be allowed to have a car, maybe you would be sensible to some "fresh eggs gift". Regardless to the fact that one of the doctors have most distant patients, you would be tempted to help the one whose patients have hens ...
  5. M1919 à GOGO
  6. A normal politic topic in Anatur's dreams
  7. If you realy want to troll AnatUr, say him Anaturlandistan is just going to be invaded by Japanese imperialist culture. Pic of Anature's mind view while a violant nightmare (in his hometown) :
  8. We both know reto is closing it soon
  9. oh damn this one is hilarious !
  10. Material for Anatur's next meme
  11. no, these 5 k men were just shot in 1945...
  12. Anatur's fan club allways suport Anatur, even if it's only member is anticommunist U! U! U!
  13. Be sure that the day this thing is going to run aground on a sandbank or a high ground, the Chinese government will mount piles on it and create a small Venice to claim the fishing territory around.
  14. This is beeing forced maybe when someone is asked something and he answer NO then by another mean (predominance of gov in a decision) you finaly rip his PoV. After the remooving of the statues, what is comming next ? changing in history school books SECESSION war to "ABOLITION" war ? I do not want to offend black people by a disrespectful comparison of slavery to our modern financial manes, but I must say what I mean about the reason for this war. If a country economy is based on the exploitation of gasoline and it is in a federation that absolutely prohibits the exploitation (sry) of gasoline brutally, bet they do not want to get out of this federation. America is not my country, but in this war, the deads of the two belligerents and the civilian victims were all Americans. The civil war still killed more Americans than the two world wars combined. Historical accuracy about it should be stuck in your hearts. Everyone with at least one working brain cell is an alien to those bandit values. We, people from Eastern Europe know a communism/socialism pretty well, and we know that reds will start to kill own people sooner or later. THIS GUY KNOW...