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  1. Tonight, WE FIGHT BACK

    lol, you puched us back prety well. Russian music is just amazing but i still prefer our version

    ow ye, i want my flank to be covered
  3. Another easy way of implementing mortars

    I think that it will never be added to the game. I remember the answer that RETO made about bipode : problem with the floor, small walls and fences (using bipode behind a cover) and the mechanics of the characters. The solution would be that the mortar could not be deployed evrywhere. Maybe, a mortar need a litle rectangle of flat map flor to be deployed, This is still a piece of artillery even if it is small. It could ruin the game if it was too eficient (battlefield ww1). It should be limited to a RDG33 in term of blast, not accurate or quick anought to block a street and the range should not permit to be totaly out of reach of rushers. (time needed to pack it up and run the f°ck away with a jeep) It is possible to add it without modificaions of the existing maps. They would have to create a new animation for the soldier feeding the mortar, wich is long, and obviously, a balistic for it. You know what guys ? they could make it ezz, but they already fear your "feed back" sugestions about range, rate, power...

    the first symptom of a moribund prostate is the weakness of the urine stream despite a strong need. If you let your car getting obsolet without driving it, you're not saving-up any monney.
  5. From today I'm girl

    You got my apologies "Mademoiselle"
  6. From today I'm girl

    ok, i ihink i'm jus going back to RTS, this is less painfull. Let's see if the Kmeto is still a she in a few week.
  7. From today I'm girl

    absolutely, beeing red haired is an Irish thing, no a french thing evrybody know that.
  8. From today I'm girl

    That's ok, Now let Brandon solo, he wont fall in the trap.He's a cool weird guy.
  9. From today I'm girl

    This is a total fake. Idont have the patience to wait page 10
  10. From today I'm girl

    I think i would have more likes with that pic on my profile, what do you think guys ?
  11. From today I'm girl

    kid reaction is amazing
  12. From today I'm girl

    Man this looks like a fcnking pedo trap, that's absolutely what i was thinking. That pic is totaly hilarious ROFL
  13. From today I'm girl

    Anyway if it's true or not, that sound like bull sh11rt. (The pic is a private data, no result from the google image source ) Fortunately we all don't have to show our real faces. .
  14. Weapons for self defense

    WELLCOME KEKLAND I never had a facebook, never had a Twiter, never made youube/dailymoion content, never had a smartphone, True that i typed some 88 because i was in anger when someone bullyed me with "what if" about gender questions. Now i am under judicial control for having a cap&ball revolver in my car gloves box. I do know that my web activites made cops spot me. Police took away (and destructed) all my guns and now pretend that i was building a bomb or had plans wiht guns because they found saltpetre in my apartement. Aparently, i'm a Breivik of Paris kebabian suburban. l0ve the whole of it. The Marechal de Lattre de Tassigny did not betray Petain until the very comming-out of the nazi trickery, and now, in history books, he is on the right side.
  15. French buildings for Reto.Desji

    WHY It has so mutch identity, it's terrible not to let us enjoy it. Give us our precious toys