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  1. Russia banned from Olympics :(

    WHY Il tape fort !
  2. List of Possible Soldier Names and Origins

    mamadou, doucouré, diakité, konaté, ngome, dembele, issa, touni, dongodongo, ngolo ngolo, fatoumata, mimisiku is also nice thread to follow, we need more diversity into ussr names.
  3. Town = Piece of Garbage (Broken)

    Do not throw the baby with the bath water, there are things to review, the different ways to cross in particular. (restore its usefulness to amphibians) Especially redispose things regularly to prevent players from knowing each cm2 of the map. The sandbags on the bridges are very good, for the attackers too I mean ...
  4. He did it !! The best vassily wannabe !! nice, nice, gotta admit.
  5. Gov's guys are all the sames . Your life will switch the day or your boss will realize that you play all night with his clipboard (badly repositioned on the desk)
  6. Lay off the caffeine

    That's what make us so tug ! What is a psychosis as you describe it? Is it a state of high mental exertion in an individual not intelligent enough to find him a field of application in real ? So the delirium comes, the schizo must go in the unreal to release this state ... That's it? Sometimes i think life is too ironic and i belive somes facts cant be the result of a coincidence, then i just found out i just spend too much time alone and that nobody gives a sh*t about certain things exept some web weirdos, complot bullsh*ters and els... That's the point where the reflexion have to be ended.
  7. French buildings for Reto.Desji

    Traction avant & Différentiel...
  8. Net Neutrality

    Muricans never meh monney.
  9. Net Neutrality

    Muricans meh the rest of the world.
  10. Free online chess

  11. Weapons for self defense

    I found the perfect take-out machine in THE FRENCH PREPER magazine. Want it for my 30th birthday ! I feel so badass man ! WOW Gangstaaaaaa
  12. Whales

    As plankton, i do great things when us players are AFK. I wonder if i could do the same on a bigger scale. It look worthless, i got no impact.
  13. Weapons for self defense

    Because it got a 30 round mag and i dont hope too much accuracy of my aim while pooping myself suprised by an assaulting, in the vision of an imminant death. 22magnum rounds dont sound offensive, but they are shoots... DayZ standalone hillarious scenes comes back to my memory.
  14. Weapons for self defense

    kel tec make stuff for noobs of firearms, low recoil, light and good handle. Seriously, I would like to have a PMR30 as a self defense weapon if it was not so complicated. Also heard of this one which is very deadly apparently :
  15. Free online chess

    Anatur, you want to play horses ?