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  1. Sparrtacuss

    need change is-2 turret

    But will do nothing from a sniper round, lol I can't wait
  2. Sparrtacuss

    Take an idea from Battlefeild 5 Reto

    We have land mines and no one uses them, It would be great at first then it would did off. I think I might be one of five people that use mines in a map.
  3. Sparrtacuss

    Fair Play– Update 1.10.2 is here

    I had a little problem loading, I just bumped up mem loading on in game seems to be better no problems now.
  4. Sparrtacuss

    Time for new Update

    TOS has been out in every game this month , It's that time of the year they all do it. Release stuff as it gets done so you can fix it as problems come. Now you wait till you have a lot updates and just have more problems. Enough with the nerfs and buffs.
  5. Sparrtacuss

    Too Few warfunds awarded to generals issue

    lol,I have played this game from maybe day 2 and War has been broken for some time. and people been crying for the longest time a few years. LET IN BREAK AND START A NEW SETUP. And you do your home work all you want you will not get people to play the way the game is meant to be played. , And half this stuff I don't understand what the hell you want ? .Just be a little smart and pay attention to game that's all. and this dumb statement= And above everything, don't tell yourself lies like that infantry should defend the tanks, or that thanks to the recons the enemies arrive to the point with only 25% left of their hp. last reply, thank you.
  6. Sparrtacuss

    Too Few warfunds awarded to generals issue

    You know ,some people don't know Sh t and talk about how game should be played.INF has a role, planes have a role. every one has a role to play. And just because you can't play them all just GIT GUD. and stop crying about other people.
  7. Sparrtacuss

    Battlefield V possible threat to H&G?

    OK I see a lot of people wanting to play this, OK do you have the system and vid card to run it. I saw a lot flash and bang, and people are crying about H&G and can see then trying to run BF5 on a lap top or a out dated pc system. You see the spec,s to run this game. I see a lot of people getting a new pc to run this or a new vid card. V
  8. Sparrtacuss

    New Role for Recons

    Then we work on tanks that shoot across map, Make the scopes blurr out at so many meters. Force them to engage in game.. It don't matter to me I can still snipe a tank driver 600 to 800 m plus across map, So I don't need ex spot points. I have gotten gud,lol
  9. Sparrtacuss


    Best bet to do check vid card drivers, and maybe a new reinstall, after a complete uninstall. You just might have a corrupt file or missing file.
  10. and There was another update. Some people play thru GeForce and some don't .But it will uninstall old drivers and put in new drivers.
  11. Sparrtacuss

    Pilots Cheating?

    At least do a fly by runway to rearm ammo/bombs.
  12. Sparrtacuss

    PTRD is a sniper rifle again

    For this weapon to be around so long we have a lot of new people with low post, posting on it so funny. We got to get some of these
  13. Sparrtacuss

    New Anticheat! just a fun though
  14. Sparrtacuss

    The music you're listening to - Post it here!

    Great song, and a way to go.
  15. Sparrtacuss

    New hacking habit?

    Points to post then you want to close tread, really