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  1. Battlefield V possible threat to H&G?

    OK I see a lot of people wanting to play this, OK do you have the system and vid card to run it. I saw a lot flash and bang, and people are crying about H&G and can see then trying to run BF5 on a lap top or a out dated pc system. You see the spec,s to run this game. I see a lot of people getting a new pc to run this or a new vid card. V
  2. New Role for Recons

    Then we work on tanks that shoot across map, Make the scopes blurr out at so many meters. Force them to engage in game.. It don't matter to me I can still snipe a tank driver 600 to 800 m plus across map, So I don't need ex spot points. I have gotten gud,lol
  3. Crash

    Best bet to do check vid card drivers, and maybe a new reinstall, after a complete uninstall. You just might have a corrupt file or missing file.
  4. Questions that need answer's

    lol, Just played a map, this person had 24 and 1,I killed him once. And he came back some how .And I could not see him I just heard him shooting .This time I was right on top of him and still did not see him AND he head shot me like out of no where like he was in the ground or inside a tree. After a report I sent out and his new 29 and 1 he logged off ? hum
  5. and There was another update. Some people play thru GeForce and some don't .But it will uninstall old drivers and put in new drivers.
  6. Questions that need answer's

    I have talked to people and they say at times they run back ground apps to make lag, to a point it's like a legal cheat. .It makes ping time messed up and all kinds of stuff. Like some one said you are always going to have cheaters no hatter what you do. Then you have 2 PC's 2 accounts and 1 player, THIS is my biggest beef in this game. That is why you say ain't no way he could of found me, lol yes he can if he's on running 2 PC's. These people get tired of cheating in this game because in the long run there is really nothing for them and they leave.
  7. Pilots Cheating?

    At least do a fly by runway to rearm ammo/bombs.
  8. PTRD is a sniper rifle again

    For this weapon to be around so long we have a lot of new people with low post, posting on it so funny. We got to get some of these
  9. New Anticheat! just a fun though
  10. The music you're listening to - Post it here!

    Great song, and a way to go.
  11. New hacking habit?

    Points to post then you want to close tread, really
  12. Chill Trigger dude, you make no sence in what you want. to reset a game that's been like this from day 1 when there is more important things to fix. And to top it off your saying you had a cheater and most likely did not make a cheat report or he was just good. You want to change scopes because you found a sniper .Solutions simple. move with cover, look at how other people are getting shot listen for sound to shot Kill ,As a sniper I make it as shoot and scoot. I can get 30 /0 plus kills you just go to know the map and just GET good.
  13. Yes I agree with all these, You and I went against each other one map and I thought it was kool till I ran out ammo and you pistol kill me. But I respect that .Was a good game. I just wish that Bayonet was put on weapon and did not take up a slot.<<S>> I salute you.
  14. Recons have a job, if done right as the word { RECON } we get behind lines spot targets and take out other snipers and we get big k/d ratios lol I made a funny. AND sorry to say there are snipers on both sides If you really don.t like snipers then start moving .We like people that stand and do nothing. Then we going to start about tanks shooting across maps. It's a game relax .If you get killed trust me you will come back.
  15. Proximity voice chat

    I think bout time to get more people in the air, Would be nice to have flight stick setup ,been waiting like 5 plus years and I have like 5 sticks from other games, I love the force feedback flight stick and the peddle setup. ,