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  1. FazeHeart

    First City Map "City-River"

    When its comming out im so exited to finaly play a new good reto made map
  2. FazeHeart

    H&G after new deploy system

  3. FazeHeart

    Best of MCbl4

    wow noice one geschieltert
  4. we don´t need a cod clone
  5. FazeHeart

    Finland: Tech tree

    So the finish faction is a mix faction 50 % soviet equipment 40% german 10% finish
  6. all 4 that acept maybe adding some more vehicle from us to soviets p40 or spitfire
  7. FazeHeart


    Those guys don´t have hax they just have the overpowered 4.2 zoom
  8. FazeHeart


    indeed it does
  9. FazeHeart

    silent soldiers

    I don´t have time to mute 39 people
  10. FazeHeart

    1.09 Public Test! Changelog

    thats how I want my balance