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  1. Joseph_Muray

    Capture & Hold [Tanks] Gameplay is getting far too toxic.

    Actually, yes, I have. In fact, on numerous occasions, I've found myself on the receiving end of a spawn-camping Tiger II or IS-2. I've used my Stuart and managed not only to outpace their guns, but to drop both their tracks and turret ring and finish them off in one-on-one battle. Sadly, the 38t lacks the necessary speed to do so. It's not easy, as you have to focus more on the driving than the gunnery, but that is the way a light tank SHOULD be. You don't have armor, you don't have an abundance of durability, and your gun is only marginally effectual, so you have to use the one thing you do have - Mobility. I don't have ANY tankers that have AT weapons, and I don't even carry an AT box on my tank. Sorry, but much as you want to justify it, one sh---- behavior does not excuse the response of another sh---- behavior, and for both of these behaviors, it's the newer players who suffer. It's gotten to the point that it's easier to grind a brand new tanker in a WAR match than it is in the actual practice matches due to the overuse of both of these behaviors.
  2. Joseph_Muray

    Capture & Hold [Tanks] Gameplay is getting far too toxic.

    While I agree that the power gap between Lights and Heavies is rather high, I cannot say that it's a completely unfair fight. Yes, the heavy can wreck the light or even immobilize it in one hit... IF he gets the one hit. As a proponent of the 'shoot and move' school of tankery, I have lost count of the number of times my Stuart or my BT has managed to trap a King Tiger in a carousel of death. Blow one track, start circling him, blow the second track, then start pumping shots into his turret ring until it locks up. Does it always work? No, but it can be done, and is quite exciting. The thing is, light tanks have to be played to their role. You are not a front line tank, your job is reconnaissance and targets of opportunity. Sadly, providing eyes for teammates and spotting doesn't currently give any kind of reward, which is very annoying, but it is good practice for when the odds aren't in your favor in a war match and you need to be more strategic than tactical. The idea of a recon tank only really applies to the fast movers, but the targets of opportunity apply to all lights. If you're a slow light, hang behind your main force, keep an eye on your frontline allies, and cover their backs. If you're a speedy light, even a King Tiger alone and in the open is an inviting target, so long as you are careful with your shots and maneuvers.
  3. Joseph_Muray

    Capture & Hold [Tanks] Gameplay is getting far too toxic.

    That's actually a fair point. If some of the AI spawned where the tanks spawn, that would help to drive spawn campers off, both on foot and in their tanks, and give some breathing room to the players trying to make their way out of spawn. As to the spawn design, I think the fortified spawn would be necessary, considering the enemy are able to sit and surround where you spawn currently. With walls, they can't, and it might even be possible for the spawning tanks to turn the tables, possibly by being able to aim down over the walls at would-be campers in order to clear the area to allow them to leave safely. The ramps would not all exit at the same point, but rather on multiple opposing sides of the fortification, so the enemy wouldn't be able to coordinate focused fire on spawning tanks like they currently can, and would instead have to divide their attention to cover multiple exits, which may give the spawning player a fighting chance. As it is now, being a mostly open pit surrounded by high ground and bushes, it is pretty much a shooting gallery. The ramps would also be necessary to prevent enemies from entering the spawn fort, because as it currently stands, I see too many matches where enemies on foot just sit inside the buildings around the spawn area, run in with their AT grenades the moment a tank drives out of the spawn protection, chuck their load, and then use the ammo crate in the spawn area to resupply - rinse and repeat, and often quite difficult to counter, especially when there is an entire squad doing it. You also hit the nail on the head with the 'arranged teams', as I often see entire squads where one guy spawns a fast tank, [or a cheap starter that they abandon in favor of the civilian truck], and then all his squad mates spawn on him without vehicles, loaded to bear with AT grenades, and they just bomb it around at top speed, looking for the juiciest target to run up behind and gank. I imagine the players that do this aren't doing it for the credits, as the costs alone would be staggering [unless they are abusing the repair-bill exploit] - They do it either to grind through their tank destruction ribbons [which seems rather needless as a tanker, since your primary ribbons would be those that benefit your tank itself] - Or they do it solely for the purpose of griefing other players. Given how much griefing is already plaguing this game, do we really need that kind of toxic behavior in what is meant to be a starter-level match? That just seems like a great way to drive off potentially new players and limit the game population until it eventually dies off, and I personally don't want to see that happen. This game has some remarkable potential and I enjoy it far too much to see it be ruined in such a manner.
  4. Joseph_Muray

    Capture & Hold [Tanks] Gameplay is getting far too toxic.

    That'd be overdoing it abit, I think the passive measures I mentioned would be enough to dissuade any would-be campers.
  5. This isn't a complaint about balance or anything of that sort, because I think by now we're all tired of "This faction is OP". That said, something really needs to be done with this game mode. This mode is SUPPOSED to be for people who are just getting started with tanks to learn the ins and outs and grind up their necessary ribbons, but what it has turned into is just the very definition of toxic. Firstly, the AI is way too good with those AT weapons. If you get anywhere near any of the bot-spawns or the cap, or any stretch inbetween them, say goodbye to your engine or tracks, which either means you're constantly hammered from the AI from all sides until you're dead, or you're a sitting duck for enemy tanks. Secondly, the spawn camping is getting ridiculous. The spawn protection is meaningless, as the moment you move or fire, you are revealed, and there's usually 3 or 4 guns trained on you. Even if you get a good shot on one of them, the others will tear you to pieces, and there is no chance of winning out that fight and managing to break free. What's more, the spawn points are set at a low elevation, meaning those guns are in hull-down positions looking down on you, which increases their effective armor, and decreases the profile they present for returning fire, not to mention negating any sloping to your own armor. Since most tank guns in the game have greater gun depression than elevation, it also means they will have far greater opportunity to fire on you before you can even get them in your sights. Thirdly, the handheld AT weapons are completely ruining the point of the game mode. It's one thing to have a panzerfaust that you picked up as a last resort, but it's quite another to have an enemy tank roll up on your position, have three guys with AT grenades hop out, and the next thing you know, you're a smoking husk before you even have a chance to fire back. The US faction is the worst culprit in this regard, as they have a near-monopoly on fast-moving tanks, excepting the Luchs and the BT-7, which allows them to simply roll up quietly without firing a shot to reveal themselves before all their ride-along footmen jump off and start ripping you apart. Unlike some who complain on here and do nothing else, I will pose at least some ideas on how to address these issues. 1. Make two types of AI for the game mode, similar to that with First Encounter. Give only a few of them AT, and give the rest a standard infantry loadout. If there are 12 AI, give maybe 4 of them AT and make the other 8 rifle or smg infantry. That way, there is still a threat, but not the constant bombardment that is the ire of anyone who ventures too close to the objective. 2. The spawns need an entire rework. They're far too open, with ample hiding spots for campers all around, and the enemy's ability to plant themselves overtop the spawn is just too much. Make the spawn a walled in area, elevated to provide just enough height to prevent a spawn camper from going hull down. Then add a few ramps to the exits, ones that are easy to drive over from the inside, but impossible for a tank to crawl over from the outside. Not just one ramp either, make a few in several different directions so the enemy can't just sit outside a single exit and blast whatever comes out. 3. Handheld AT makes sense for infantry, especially in war matches, as they could have no armor support to counter enemy armor... But why in the world does a Tanker need AT grenades? They have a tank, and that should be good enough. If not, there's panzerfaust all over the map. Allowing tankers to carry AT weapons into battle totally breaks the tank on tank concept of the game mode. Even if you want to argue that it might be necessary in a war match, personally I would say you could use an infantryman for that... but for C&HT, there should be some form of filter that prevents players from readying a tanker for that battle if they have AT grenades equipped. Players enter this mode to fight other tanks, not to be farmed by half a dozen men rushing out of the nearest bush on foot with tar-covered explosive basketballs. Personally, I would say remove handheld AT from tankers entirely. If you want to waste your tank to go kill armor on foot, then go find an AT infantry and steal his weapon, or go find a panzerfaust. The only AT weapon I would be comfortable with Tankers having access to would be landmines, as at least these can't directly be used on an enemy tank, and would require the user to actually have some concept of strategy as opposed to the current 'rush them with the fastest vehicle and lob nades at them until they die' approach.
  6. Joseph_Muray

    4th Infantry Division looking for active Players

    This clan still accepting recruits?
  7. Joseph_Muray

    T-28 Needs to be fixed

    Agreed. I feel like the speed and armor are on par with the expectations of a tier 1, and those who know how to use this tank effectively are not hampered by these issues. The lack of the coax control is also abit iffy, but I'd be glad to have it. The biggest issue it has, everything considered, is just that poor excuse of a main gun.
  8. Joseph_Muray

    T-28 Needs to be fixed

    T-28 Model 1938 - version with the improved L-10 76.2 mm gun (from 16.5 calibres to 26 calibres), improved gun stabilization system Effect - Increase the velocity and penetration, decrease the shell arc. 45mm main cannon - Replace the gun with the same 45mm cannons on the Soviet light tanks. Even THEIR performance is far better than the current.
  9. Joseph_Muray

    T-28 Needs to be fixed

    Honestly, I can deal with the T-28 being slow and poorly armored. That I can expect from a Tier 1 MT. The one GLARING issue I cannot deal with is how poor it's gun is. There is no reason whatsoever that a medium should have such a weak gun. Ridiculously low velocity, equally ridiculous high shell arc, but most of all, that ABYSMAL penetration value. 76.2 mm shell with a penetration range between 35 and 55mm... The STUART'S 37mm Gets 40 to 70mm of pen. Compared to the other Tier 1 Mediums? Pz3 gets 45 to 70mm pen on a 50mm cannon. The Lee's 75mm get 50 to 90mm of pen. You leave the rest of the tank as it is, you won't hear a complaint from me... but there is NO reason that this tank's MAXIMUM penetration should be roughly equivalent to it's peers' MINIMUM penetration. EDIT - And to be clear - I didn't make these numbers up, they come straight from the official game wiki.