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  1. Akinaba

    Offensive grenades

    Here's the quick suggestion for adding an offensive grenades for each faction: GE: Eierhandgranate 39 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Model_39_grenade US: Mk III https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MK3_grenade SU: F1 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/F-1_grenade_(Russia)
  2. Akinaba

    1000th war

    Is it just me or the 1k war is allready going on???
  3. Akinaba

    Reto-Moto internal visual level design language

    Are there plans to hire someone up for this purpose anytime? Cause let alone old maps but you have almost done still unfinished an Eastern Front themed map or two...
  4. Akinaba

    Spawn locations, the hidden cause of many map problems

    me too! ) at least a there is something to think about Btw. Just looked at d/e line mockups and kinda have feeling that we (players) got some mutual points on where some assets should go: - I see like the stone dridgw tends to ask for have more cover and hard travel "snakelike" path for a vehicle. - I see the mutual feel of lack cover for the attacker side of the stone bridge - I see request of enlarged tree patch on the attacker (spawn) side of the D1 and - I see reques for taking a look at A line once again
  5. Akinaba

    I Want to Apologize

    @RadicalEdward2 the thing is that devs are slightly but constantly tuning maps here and there, but if you're a constant player those changes are almost no noticable for you. Yet take a break for a moth or better half a year and you will see them instantly. It takes me only to remember what maps were when i just started HnG 1.5 years ago to actually see how many changes were implemented. Though ofcourse I would like to see even more and further. But on the other hand I do believe they will come at least some time. And yes that's an interesting question, couls I like times we were discussing it with at least someone. The other question is would that person actually do what people tell him and if not how the community will react? So im not sure what's better. P.s. i'm pretty sure that RedBjarne is kinda in charge for maps (at least for now) P.p.s. I'm really glad that it seems to me that RETO started to look and player map performance and kill and spawn and travel heatmaps to improve them. It's really a kind of one unbiased way to go. I even have a feeling they did some kind of auto-tweaker there (though can not imagine how they could write it).
  6. Akinaba

    Prototype test: Flamethrowers!

    What's more interesting is if the more stable FPS flamethrower performing gets us ever closer to an actuall inflammable bottles? Oh wait. just thought that a flamethrower "line of flame" (which is currently almost straight) could use a throwing weapon-like travel curve (or sime custom curve), if you know what I mean.
  7. Akinaba

    Prototype test: Flamethrowers!

    Oh those screams... May be a little bit more silent BTW.
  8. Akinaba

    Prototype test: Flamethrowers!

    So you actually asking for a buff rather then for a nerf. Clevery clever
  9. Akinaba

    Prototype test: Flamethrowers!

    Im not an expert onto this but it pretty much may be as it actually worked and thus intended. Tho I dunno.
  10. Akinaba

    Prototype test: Flamethrowers!

    Okay, so instant feedback @Reto.Hades What I liked at flamethrowers: 1, ALMOST EVERTHING: - the fact the do exist - the factr how they actually operate - so realistic and awesome. thanks dear reto historican guy! - the fact they are awesome - the fact they are fun to use - the fact they are actually dangerous What I DIDN'T liked in flamethrowers (and that's the most important part): 1. You actually CAN use them CQB. And by CQB i mean you can actually use them indoors as long as you re clever enough not to run into your own flames. Which is kinda cool but hey it's so damn unrealistic. 2. You CANT hit an enemy hidden behind any cover. I mean flamthrowers supposed to flood surfaces with the flames yet you have to actually be able to draw an imaginable straight line between you and your enemy to hit him. That makes any cover like half-person-height walls pretty effective and making unable to hit an enemy inside the buildings uless he peeks straight on you. 3. It probably too deadly. So either it should be less percise/more hard to use or inflict slightly less damage. What changes Id like to see in the flamethrowers; 1. It MAY be interesting to make the flamethrower "bullet" fly in an ARC rather then a straigh line. Meaning it starts at the nosle of the gun and then it should drop at the floor close to the end of it's effective range. Thus you will remove that feel of flamethrower being a superfast machinegun and also will make hitting an enemy behind the covers available. Also it will require some more skill to use such a weapon 2. Increase a burning time like a 15-20% and a burning area like 3-5% to make them actually feel like throwing a burning liquid that stays at the place it was flood. 3. Probably may use a slight DPS decreasing.
  11. Akinaba

    Prototype test: Flamethrowers!

    It all sounds really cool but could you look into more overcast matches in the future? Currently it's really hard to meet the match with the weather aside from good.
  12. Akinaba

    1000th war

    I bellieve what we COULD do is do an actual and true WAR, including (or trying) to bring back all our clans and whales to their MAIN factions. But you guys, the clanners should manage it and take care for as many people to show up as possible. Another very major problem would be alts. I believe those who like to use those alternative accounts should at least once try and NOT PLAY THAM. Thus, I hope we can truly experience the biggest, unprecedented and maybe last that large war. Or at leas I hope so...
  13. Akinaba

    Project 'Close Combat' Tech Tree Explanation

    Kinda feel good on anythiing that will bring more historical accuracy to the game so YAY, why not? Though gameplay wise I can't see how we could make difference between 5 tier of close combat weapons (3kinves +2stabbers (showel and a bat)). And on the tier distribution I will spread weapons in the opposite order putting an older and longer bayonets at Tier1 and faster and shorter knives at tier3.
  14. Akinaba

    Russian WWII related quality talk videos

    EDIT: On a disclamer note and translations see the first post (edited today). So the next video today would be fresh-new interview with an experienced tank reconstructor Vadim Elistratov called: "I drived T-34 and a Panther". Pretty huge load of information about various aspects of wide range of vehicles not only German and Soviet but also Hungarian and Japan. Famous "bad t-34 engine" topic is also tuched. Hope you'll enjoy!
  15. Hi everyone! In order to not to spam the forum with various really special videos I decided to rename this topic in "Russian WWII related quality talk videos". You see we've got some IMO really intersting videos about this or that aspect of the war here and there and I bet you would have really hard time to find those due to simple fact that almost always they are in Russian. Though they dont start being less interesting for that reason. So I'll try to filter the content keeping it as much intersting and quality as I could while not focusing solemnly on Soviet weaponary, or tactics, but rather covering some more wide aspects of the war. On a language theme: unfortunately its impossible to add even a volunteeric translation subtitles for some of those videos due to some wired privacy tuning of those. Though, I hope one day we will either see the change of those tunings or some other variants of translation. So I wanted to show you guys some I believe intersting videos, created by Kalashnikov Media. But instead of creatiing multiply topics I decided to do one. The only problem so far is that they simply have no EN subtitles so a kind of Russian language knowledge neede. Though I hope it will be usefull for some of you and I also hope EN subtitles will appear there one day. So the first video would be the discussion about AT rifles. Soviet in particular but looked at in context of general experience of AT rifles.
  16. Could not agree more.
  17. Raize deploy prices maybe?
  18. Akinaba

    Town D-Line's Bridge

    Time consuming definitely yes but the risk is on contrary would be minimal. As soon as defendera will spawn at this configuration they would have to stratch their forces even further then usually and the chance to counter the APC would be even lower then now. So for a good teamed attackers team this would mean almost instant victory. Though that large island probably could be used somehow indeed
  19. Akinaba

    Town D-Line's Bridge

    Not quiet sure if this will improve the situation or rather make it worse. Cause this only opens another sneaky flaky way for attackers to come. In other words - this map that is allready heavily depend on how fast an attacking side will park an APC on the town side will start depend on it even more heavy. Not a real improvement on my taste.
  20. Akinaba

    Bolt Action Rifles

    Why? Just why? One may better have asked for shotguns instead. This at least could be outbalanced much easier and separaterly then a CQB fanboy BA hipfiring. Thank RETO this BS is gone. Never want it back. BA is not something you going to bring close quarters in drastic desire to OHK people. No thanks. Wanna fast-paced CQB OHK run-n-gunning gameplay pls go COD or BF or whatever you used to.
  21. Akinaba

    Marathon man

    New mechanic keeps up the game pace while making stamina still influencible. No more run-n-knifing COD style. Good thing.
  22. Akinaba

    Russian WWII related quality talk videos

    Next one would be about an SVT series. Important to note that apparently the SVT was kinda used to be self-improved into automatic variants in the fields by the soldiers themselves while small amount of AVT-40 was kept in production. Untill the AVT-40 variant 1944 was made.
  23. Akinaba

    Badge Evaluations

    When I htought of it my first thoughts always were 10-20-30. However we need to clearly understand what maximum percentage we should have on this badges gameplay wise. Just as with mods that should not tweak the weapon stats more then certain amount of percents badges should also not affect the weapon perfrmance more then that. So I'd say no badge nor mods should affect any performance over then 30-25 percents.
  24. Akinaba


    Just some nice Volkssturm weaponary overview to share.
  25. Akinaba


    Just as I said they are all that vulgar particle effect. Maybe the one that's in COD looks more or less suitable and the day of infamy may have a nice jet and resedent evil has overall nice impression (yet way too little range). But anyhow I don't buy any single one of them due to no sticky liquid effect imitation. They also mostly have pretty darn farther range then just a CQUB+