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  1. Here is some notes no the Black sea assault lines: 1. Why there is no such an important city as Novorossiysk (there was one of the bloddiest battle there)? It only naturally one pace from Anapa - ADD IT! 2. Why there is no any sea routes through the Black sea? Yeah they would be long compared to the land routes but they would give some alternative. So here are my suggestions:
  2. Just thought, then adding a Bucharest together with Sofia could be interesting in terms of giving Germans more cities to control initially and more space to manouver in mid-war... To make them hold longer, generally. Maybe adding an Odessa will have this Balkan-to-Crimea road more rocky and more intense...
  3. Potential Vehicles (All factions)

    This link is bascly a reprint of what I posted (or vice-versa). Actually that's pretty common in internet where all the links are majorly the same 'ol info from the couple of sources where the people did some good reasearch job. So this page describes the trials and the developing history of the GAZ-64 (and it DOES NOT state that tis car was a direct copy of some american car "Pigmey" iirc, but was inspred by it). I have no time to go for detailes. I'll definitely do it, though. P.S. I strongly believe I did cite this article somwhere previously in the forum (can't find it right now).
  4. Potential Vehicles (All factions)

    Let me tell at first about this photo series with the "Проба ГК 05-27" signs Here's the Russian source for those who curious Those are all photos from the same initial first prototype trails. If one would look at a serial GAZ-64 you would see some differences in the hull. Speacking of the armament set (machinegun mount) I can not be sure yet, but afaik for now they should be provided with the factory-set machinegun mount. Many of those were used as artillery towers. Needs more reserch though. P.S. Frankly I can not se very legitimate 4x4 Soviet jeep or IFV with an MG mounted to be able to add for the SU faction, Speacking of the soviet halftrack. The one and the only most legitimate looks like would be ZIS-42 due to it's mostly mass production Frankly I see no problem using lend lease Half trucks and Scout cars. The only question is that I can not clearly see what vehicle we are looking and on what role...
  5. Youll get your nerd when armor 2.0 arrive. Else, dont expect any improvement to an Anti-Tank gameplay untill this time
  6. Who counted the repair cost of other counterparts (AVS and STG) here? Everyone only care about how to get their dear tOP weapon more cheap and comfortable to use to make it being used even more widely.
  7. Potential Vehicles (All factions)

    Always wanted Sdkfz.251 replace current german halftruck. Also where is m3 scout car?
  8. afk farmer...

    There is an option on the "report" button where you can clearly refer to AFK
  9. I am from deep Rusaia and afaik the Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria. However, I can be mistaken sonce not an experr in Balkans geography. I choosed Athens and Sofia since they are the capital cities that's all My initial thought was to add every faction an extra/backup starting point, that's all
  10. Sometimes after the war match it's not really clear what city you were fighting about. Though, you do have small cityname in the battlereport text itself one can easily miss it in the wall of info on the battle report screen. So I suggest really simple (as to my thought) tweak that will improve the battle report screen a bit and make it more immersive - add a battle cityname right above the map: @Reto.Vashu is that worth it and possible??
  11. @sfscriv I would like you to also overthink bout making paratroopers fight as a regular infantry together with maybe having a foot paratrooper assault teams
  12. New Motorcycles suggestion

    At least for transportation
  13. Future of infantry scopes?

    There was a thread sowhere here actually where I suggested the stamina bar (the one we have now drained when running) should be applied also to holding a weapon aimed. That bar should also be drawn when a weapon hold steadily in an aiming position. The heavier the weapon the faster is the stamina bar drawing occurs. It alao ahould depend on stance - aiming a weapon standing ahould drain the stamina bar faster then when in crouch and much fastwr when in prone. Bipods (once they will appear) should decrease stamina drain when aiming factor to zero ofc. Just as the same rhng going on in various midern medieval games where swinging or even holding high a weapon requires some amount of stamina from a player. Still think the idea is good.
  14. Fast aim for LMG's and SMG's

    And shooting while it should be blocked
  15. How you would nirmally shoot an SMG (especially OP-40) or an LMG in a sudden CQB condition: 1. You press the LMB and start hipfiring; 2. If you havent killed the opponent with a few several shots you prwess the RMB simultaniously and the weapon start to draw the aim while CONTINUE TO SOOT at the enemy. The conefire if the weapon decreases to it's aim amount while all this happens. 3. You adjust the propperly aimed weapon and kill the opponent. Am I right? Frankly I thinking this trick is kinda equal to the COD fast scope BS and overall feels kinda childish COD-style. Peraonally I would be happy if this thing would be somehow corrected or even removed so I woul'd not be able to shoot and take an aim simultaneously.