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  1. Vote Kick System

    Have no clue what YOU wanted to say pronuncing this? Ignoring what I was saying to you? Well, maybe
  2. Vote Kick System

    >Russian faction 1. Look at the german ping; 2. Look at soviet ping; 3. Think once again about alts / moscow server / russian faction / whatever once again; 4. Stop this B/S P.S. The winner is pointed out there, just to remember causew I'm going to do a collection of such perfect battles, pushed out by purely randoms and non-alt accounts ofcourse.
  3. Factory Map Revision (Adding 2 new attacklines)

    That's what I was talking about here: EXACTLY! I was also wondered abot this. However I'd suggest the following distribution of the spawnzones: Thus having a C1 and C2 capturepoints will provide desired alternative spawn places without actually needin of implementing a two deploy zones on one capturepoint/line
  4. Vote Kick System

    How would you ever suggest I am ever use alts, clever monkeyface? lol
  5. Vote Kick System

    Alt account abuse woukd be even worse. Considering it's pretty much a thing even now
  6. (Mountain) Factory

    How it makes your problems mine? You asked if devs are playing maps they are updating - I said they even release it on the prototype server so much more players test it and you was aware of it so what were your pretensions once and over again?
  7. (Mountain) Factory

    You aware it was available at the prototype for like a week or so do you? Had a planty of time to have your feedback provided to devs I guess...
  8. Vehicle speed after Vehicle 2.0

    Other thing that cought my eye: it's nowhere said how vehicles will behave on the CLIFF? IIRC some of the devs talked about adding such a soil variant as cliff that will make climbing high hills (on a Mountain Town i.e.) problemmatic. Another question of interest is how a climbing angles ("yaw" and "pitch") will be adressed and work in new update. I mean not all the vehicles would be able to climb the hill with same steepness and the same soil, would they? @Reto.Christiano
  9. Factory Map Revision (Adding 2 new attacklines)

    Here are my two sketchups of a little bit alternative southern area (which are differ by only the number of islets). I did a scketchup where the whole southern lake area consisted from various islets. It looked quiet nice, but I was afraid it's too harsh design decision for @Reto.Desji to implement (even though the tank fighting in such conditions promis to bring indeed a LOT of fun). The main goals for this changes are to make those empty areas a bit of vertcal level diversity and tactical use (bogs with creek water and higher ground islets) while serving a natural separator between B and C lines at the same time. The road leading from/to C1 spawn is almost there even now so it would be only natural to have something like seldomly used dirt road there, though the only suggestable "direction" (as it almost like that right now) would be also fine. The Combat border zone - I told you that you face an invisible wall right now as you travel along the southern road paired with railroad. That feels unnatural and loosy. Pls move the border so it would not intersect the roads at least.... Also I would like to pay attention that all this improvements would make a C-to-B line interraction overall more intereseting. And you don't tell me there would not be it, 'cause I assure you there will always be flankers and spawn campers that would want to drive their tanks/APC's on the other line flank straight from another line. "If it's possible it will happen" ©Murphy's Law
  10. Factory Map Revision (Adding 2 new attacklines)

    Looks like I've also found some invisible wall Well, would be nicer, perhaps, if the road would be inside the operatable area not outside it. Is it possible?
  11. FIX the Soviet 85mm apcr Pen.

    Ever heard of such a thing as an "effective armour thickness", which results from taking in account actual armour thickness and it's slope angle? Also one have always to take an impact angle into account. Also, I want to remind you that it was you who started to put mediums and heavy tanks on one level, to proove I even don't know what. Now here you starting derailing the thread by common counting of all the things you concider mistakes or ate actually mistakes. But each of that mistakes have to be addressed separately indeed. Understand me corrctly i'm all for tanks to have what they should have, but furstly one must take ALL factors into account and not one they wanted to pay attention too which indeed require some research, not simple wiki overlooking. Then goes the balance wich should start at the "should be" performance nevertheless. Thirdly I'm tired to repeat that Armor 2.0 is comming and hence all the tank discussions are hardly profitable unless you want to contribute something into the upcomming patch which is again require more research then pinpointing problems that tanks currently have in game.
  12. FIX the Soviet 85mm apcr Pen.

    Oh, pls, seriously? Putting a medium tank on par with the heavy is your argument against particular tank cannon round? If you want to talk this way then IS-2 is your opponent for KT's and Tigers. T-34-85 was designed to counter Pz.V and Tigers in the first place, though the history knows situations of having a T-34 against KT's but people actually got medals at first time for it for you to know. Now what was your argument again? Now you guys should actually dive deep into the theme and overlook at all the ammo nomenclature was truly used by that gun. Many rounds are not even represented at HnG in fact. After that you'll face such thung as balance. Though those rounds that should penetrate certain armor in certain place should do so that just to feel right. Also all the higher german tanks do penetrate T-34 from almost all ranges afaik. What's the problem?
  13. Factory Map Revision (Adding 2 new attacklines)

    The map is getting awesomer and awesomer... Continuing to hunt barrens, though: First of all this new lake forest dump is awesome, but the empty barrens at the side of it are really lonesome Still believe shouldn't be like that. Add some grass at least, pls! funny that if you'll look at this place from the railroad everything will lokk much more cool. Do THAT on the rest of empty areas and it will look much smoother. SECONDLY This area North to the B1 capturpoint looks meh Please do the same as near-railroad area above or else to make it look less artificial Thirdly and minor, gonna to agree with @RadicalEdward2 and say that some cover needs to be put here Just bfore the railroad at the B2 capturepoint approach, Couple of boulders would be quiet enough I suppose.
  14. Paint your Panther - and more!

    Also, PLS make this Lavrienko Two-Tone cammo be available for more SU vehicles! YAY! )