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  1. Nobody can prohibit you from not playing the broken. Nevertheless I myself not a fan of boycotting, but playin 1 day wars isn't interesting whatsoever.
  2. Germany wins the entire game

    Now it's time to close the game I guess, huh?
  3. Internal Player Metrics When?

    Lingustical terryrysm is a new way of kindly asking this days, i guess...
  4. H&G blocked in entire Russia?

    I suppose the problem is not in your provider. Ever tried gamina same provider say on a friend appartment or anywhere else?
  5. defending nerf

    This woukd be intetesting to know because we will see what lines are the hardest then
  6. Additional tanks

    Then pls add HEAT for the T-34 too!
  7. defending nerf

    If RETO doesn't answer this doesn't mean they're not reading, ukno?
  8. (Mountain) Mountain Town

    Glad to hear that. Sleepy sleep!
  9. (Mountain) Mountain Town

    @RadicalEdward2 I dare to summon you to overthink the further questions: 1. What if expand the trainstation O1 defenders spawnzone in a manner that current O2 spawnzone done. Namely: Large enclosed location, being put in the forest right behind the station and a bit to the left from where the current O1 defenders spawn is (lets's imagine an actual Train station platform with a waiting hall and stuff)? So the defenders will have less campable spawnpoint from which they ve could reach O1 bit faster and bit more safely. This correlates to your O1 zone expansion and restoring old X1 point buildings coceptions completely, since "the railroad" shore of the river will then be improved drastically and will look much more as an actual town instead of being just-trees-and-hills hide-and-seek playground. 2. Adding a new attack line from the hill down to the trainstation O1, where the current O1 spawnpoint may be turned in a 3'rd capture point of that whole new line. 3. I would also like you to look at the O2 spawnpoint once again. People say it's too wide now, and I'll say that it's wiredly badly campabal and backraidable since new attackers liked to park an APC behind it in the woods and pass right through the defenders spawnzone, hiding in the corners and spawnkilling right and left. What I would suggest here is to shorten the right section of a spawn a bit (considering that it also have no points to spawn vehicles there) and enlarge the spawn zone further back up the hill woods and a bit towards the wall with a hole instead. And to make there some wide openings for the vehicles (to deny that tank campable promenade and buildings/elevations for the forest observation. Maybe to simply add a part of the forest to the spawn zone so the defenders would be able to fight back spawnkillinh attackers... 4. What do you think about adding some box piles along the O2 left ramp wall (that leads towards the gas station) so defenders could have a shorter way down the objective without damaging themselves and being risked to be shot from behind the fence (between the hangar and the ramp wall). We have such helping on the opposite ramp (the large coal pile) why cant we have something like this on another side in the end? Currently the detour journey you have to do is too long, too dangerous and too campable to be able to defend effectively when the enterance is camped by the attackers.
  10. Tank modifications approach

    Actually a nice ide but this will lead to the two following things: 1. You would have to add all the possible A...L modifications of all the possible tanks to the game/player roster so the player would be able to actually choose and play that new fancy modification he just unlocked. Imagine that list for the Pz.II only... 2. You will have to buy each and every new modification you want for the price no less then the very first tank of that type you unlocking. That's expensive I guess... At least more expensive tgen to by mods separately.
  11. Here I want to introduce something I have long in mind, yet never be brave enought to share. Here I believe is the system by which we could try to introduce almost all possible tank modifications that were ever met in WWII in our game by treating them almost as we treat our weapons - parts and mods. I suggest that if we would be able to divide tanks onto two rough parts, namely Hull and Turret with some basic chracteristics and which in it's turn will have their according modification we might have a system that will allow us to introduce all possible modifications of certain tank types. It will look something like this: I wanted to give a whole illustration on a KV tank type how that approach could provide a diversification of the model up from the very basic KV-1 with a whileded turret up to the KV-1s and KV-85 modifications (including both KV-2 and KV-1 cast ChTZ turret), but failed since could not find appropriate book somwhere nearby. Yet I will try to do it to make my suggestion even more illustrarive. Now, I want to ask community what are you thinking about it? Also, one can even go and do the type tank tree for Pz.II or Pz.III or Sherman for example to see how it might work. Feedback is much appreciated!
  12. defending nerf

    Please yes, cause the way it is right now make attackers actually go defend if they own the last line on the map. which is nonesence. Another suggestuion would be to allow only basic spawns and the very one spawn that is next to defending objective. No more whole-line spawn. Same thing would should sadly be done to arttackers. Also making a long-captured non-contested objectives points be available for spawning instead of spawn zones could be done as compensating. But defender team then risk to be overthrown on that C line if they chose not to close it which can also be flanked by attackers from the B line which is only fair if they want to trade their flank ability to the risk of being fighten back. You make it sound unfair but it's only eqilibrium indeed.
  13. Unrelated: Luchs to my totally personal junk opinion belongs to the non-existent armor-recon team with light tanks available to recons only.
  14. defending nerf

    On fact the travel time from the spawn to the point can be fixed so that first two capturepoint spawns would favour the attackers a bit
  15. Mountain Town O2

    In fact what I would do is: 1. Rework the O1 trainstation to a more widespread interesting zone in a manner that @RadicalEdward2 suggested several times. 2. Move O1 spawn point closer to an O1 capturepoint in a mannner of O2 spawn (enclosed widespread spawnzone with much of protection and exit zones) 3. Create a whole new attack line from the O1 to current spawn zone and further up the hills. 4. Overthink the O2 spawnzone in a manner to push it further down the forest and up the hill to counter the APC and snipe spawn raping while decreasing it wideness towards the coal piles garage place. MANY PROFIT