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  1. Also, here is my suggestion about the line of sight situation on the capturepoint approach: The problem is that in some cases the area acess denial (AAD) tactics combined with spawncamping from the forests and bridge approaches bring too much fruits to refuse of it making the game totally no fun for a camped side. So I beilieve that each of the bridge approaches must have vantage points that will provide not only mutual line of sight with the fortress defenders in order to cover river crossing for attackers but also the fire control (line of sight) on the neighbour crossings/bridges to make taking those vantage points even more necessery, Also, those vantage points must have NO line of sight backwards toward the spawn to exclude heavy spawncamping on approach. P.s. Most of the spawncamping right now conducts from up the roof on the fortress gates and (major) from the dense forest near spawnpoints and the bridges. On that note I'll suggest to make those forests far less dense and break the path along the moat with some water openings/flows
  2. "Hello. First of all I'd like to say that adding maps into the game is very important and necessery decision (better then adding of cammos and other visuals). But one should add to allready boring maps, such as "Town" and "Mountain Town", I'm telling it as a clan player. As for the "Fortress" map I've never seen such constructions made of bricks)) usualy they are made of stones. [not sure what he is talking about here. Akinaba] Three storeys are too much, I'd did two storeys and roof. Small rooms should be as few as possible, add more environmental assets (like crates, tables, etc.). Cellings are too low, pls make them higher - one can not simply jump over the sandbags in the corridors easely. A lot of windows for shooting, especially in the lower parts of the walls, pls remove all such windows from the ground floor (they made such ports for archers and crossbowmen, but much higher). Al in all this construction looks more like a reach person manor and only the roof points that it's a fortress. Also, there is only one road, leading to fortress from respawn, pls make more room for manouver like in other likewise maps. And offtopic. Pls, remove the T-post scope from the infantry, leaving it only for the BA rifles like Mosin, etc. Pls, also SA rifles could 2HK at the distance no less then 80 meters (depending on the HS patch). Remove the AT means from recons and pilots." Here it is. Sorry for time lagging.
  3. Closer postition that allows to control the approaching bridges + wider central bridge, maybe will be enough??? I will. Later today.
  4. 1. no that flat on my taste, but more elevation could be nice 2. A bit agreed but that's only due to the heavy beta of the map i guess 3. Again yes 4. Yes it really feels boxed in. I dunno why... 5. Dunno 6. Yes, please. All of that: more openings, more doors, more windows 7. Beta version of the map. Hope it will be filled with content with time 8. Beta map 9. I dunno never got to it 10. Maybe not mind 11. Might be nice 12. Erm... not mind 13. Beta map 14. Agreed again but it goes to "more openings" I guess
  5. Okay, here are my 5 five copecks: 1. If what people here said about the central village is correct then I'd suggest the further capture zone expantion; It enlarges the main bridge to have better and faster access for the APC's for the flanking attack and making this route prefferable to take over the more short but thin direct bridges. Also, on an important note tthe third bridge should be also included as the capturepoint zone as well... The direct sight from the BUILDINGS (blue here) to the fortress main (central) bridge gateway must be provided in order to perform long range contact for the teams. 2. The NOTHERN spawn point (Nsp): The first problem the nothern point will face will be the spawncamping. Firstly, the spawncamping from the brick capital buildings (due to the large amount of hide places and pathways). Secondly, due to the large open space between the bridge gate and the spawn exit (same goes fo the southern spawn indeed). 2a: Firstly one should pull all the windows in the brick spawn building toward the citadel opened to provide cover for the assaulting teammates and provide equal LOS for both teams: 2b: Secondly, I'd suggest to push tose brick buldings further to the bridge to provide more dense and close combat like this for example: Though some equal shifts should be done in the South spawn point (not payed attention to that yet, though i'd say it might have to have some more ground onwards the south bridge definetely). 3. The third thing i'd like to mention is minor yet confusing. If you take the nothern road from the Nothern spawn point you will eventually end in the invisible wall (end of the map). I mean why the road that promise to lead you to the southern spawn will go straigh to nowhere, So I suggest to make some dirt road here, so pepople that wish to take alternative route could take it, or to redo the main road itself: that's it. P.S. I've noticed that the Southern spawnpoint suffers from the pressure on the bridge where the Nothern team for some reason can push them well behind the bridge. Not sure why that's happening but I'd recomend to add some bridge dominating buiiding to the south spawn point as well. P.P.S. Sandbags inside the corridors of the main fortress is a bad idea, since they don't transfer any "feel" of the fortress itself. Fells like almost anything is better: stone/brick rubble will be the first candidates to replace the textures I guess... Cheers!
  6. That's due to the vertical gameplay. Level devs often forget about how the eleveation (heights) influence the gameplay (and level space). It's a full-scale third dimention in the end...
  7. Akinaba

    Some new soviet weapons

    That's what I'm talking about. Soviet field trails (experimental daployment, actually). Were conducted into actual detachments. And used there by their direct means.
  8. Could you please proviode more details on where and from where was you spawncamped? I feel spawncamping and capture area acces denial are, accordingly the first and the second main issues with both existing encountrer maps. The first one is the doom of Depot encounter and the second one is for the Hamlet. Never have a chance to play the Krepost yet but looking on the map concept I have a feeling that we may expetience some quiet hard spawncamping here as well. Though I may appear to be wrong indeed. @Xeator why to have the second objective if we could have one unifyed objective which can consist of: 1. Fortress 2. Village (expanded, or pushed closer to the fortress) 3. All three bridges (That could also bring middle and long firearm gameplay to the objective itself. Though high chance to simple APC spawncapture in this configuration) If that central village is really that little of use I'd auggestvto elliminate it for good for the performance sake then... (any?)
  9. Akinaba

    Some new soviet weapons

    Indeed. That's from what I've always said: the field trial exploitation at least. And that means actual rifle shipment and deployment to active troops. Jhonson can easely be in the same postition
  10. Akinaba

    Submachinegun Tiers

    Irregulars (partizans)
  11. Akinaba

    Why does SU always win war?

    I have no clue what you are trying to dig out here claimng I'm changing my claim. I said what I said and I dont change it. No need in derailing the thread peeking at the peanuts of the text
  12. Akinaba

    Why does SU always win war?

    No it isnt. It was just as I say it. No need to pretend it wasnt so if it was. I say. 2-3 alts in several games in a row. believe it or not i hardly care
  13. Akinaba

    Why does SU always win war?

    Not being a whale i would say that while playing first not AR war I faced a lot of alting. I mean literally every game I played was intruded with at least 2-3 alts some of which were not simply "took the player place" but actively distracted temmates via various measures. That is at least my personal experience. I would say no wonder you have zero deployment the second war that way. I said it before I'll say it again - no fun to lose your investments to abusing and you can not blame players not playing the game that's not only not fun but with 99% probabilty will be the waste. No intetest I too have in performing fruitless counteraction to abusement. And now you blame people not feeding you with resources you want to eat to become even more fat - that's what actually moaners do. And continue to blame auto resolve, now only in not having players there Look at the frontline: why there is a soviet line deep breakthrough and nothing alike on US-GE border? I see it can only be happend via good clan-coordinated initiative being done not only from one side but from both. How one would counter that if for example major players timezones not fit? Good luck doing that.
  14. Akinaba

    Submachinegun Tiers

    Take this, PPD-34 and reising Then add MP-18 PPD-34/38 and M1928 and you got nice Parizan weapon start
  15. Решилось? Вообще совет - не играть с клиента mail.ru а скачать отдельную версию от RETO.