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  1. Well exactly.This album contain images of the planes that were severely damaged ONLY and yet were able to get back to their airfield and then repaired (some images even contain captions on how fast certain aggregates were restored). That's what the point of "survivability" (durability) for the military personell is I guess. Havent looked closely but as I said some pictures even have captions of what was restored in what time. Can't say about all the stuf though. Personally I believe such cases could be applied to all airplanes of that period in the world but it's just an intersting aggregation of images to look at what damage actually a plane could sustain
  2. not sure what you mean but it's not everything about crash landing
  3. Latley Russian MOD published another small bunch of preciously classified documents related to the "Soviet Falcons" - airforce: http://ko-dnu-vvs.mil.ru/ I think it maght be of interest for you: @Reto.Christiano @GermanSoldier @hchris Amongst them is what I think an interesting album (which i'll gladly present you here) of the 4-th airforce Army captioned: "Surivivability of an airplanes, engines, armament, special equipment from experience of the Patriotic War of 1941-1945 y.y." https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Y8wFwyi5bsuS-VZKfVH2-b9dvF4W01xs Here are some extractions:
  4. Vehicle Gameplay Update - Damage - ROUND 2

    Ah, yes ofcourse this! Dead engine should immobilize the vehicle no doubt! But only dead. Damaged one should slow down max speed plus decrease acceleration
  5. How to curb WF inflation.

    In fact I thought about giving 1st lvl infantry AT a free deploy. Though one can give it say per soldier (commander) and only on first deploy in a war
  6. Vehicle Gameplay Update - Damage - ROUND 2

    Only turret rotation and gun elevation time should be affected. And only on those tanks that had an electro drive on those things. Though I don't actually think it worth it.
  7. Vehicle Gameplay Update - Deploy - Round 2

    Same issue here. Cant get into the match. Now reinstalling the client. Hope it will work
  8. Vehicle Gameplay Update - Damage - ROUND 2

    Forgive me for repeating constantly one and the same topic but I will post my opinion on how the broken wheel ahould behave here: It's either: * increased traction (deflated chamber) * reduced rotation speed (broken axile) (though this one mostly relates to either suspension or engine) Those modifyers should apply to each wheel separately so it will not only affect the vehicle speed but actually handling itself. More to ask: will the tank shell explosions (HE primarly) damage a player (crew member) if he will appear to stuck off hatch and be in range of said explosion?
  9. Vehicle Gameplay Update - Deploy - Round 2

    Some thing about Undeploy feature: I consider it wise to auto-cancel the undeploy timer while sitting in a MOVING vehicle. Thus will make the pilot undeploy (lately suicide) legal-cheating impossible and will make all the pilots/tankers to stop before undeploying
  10. Vehicle Gameplay Update - Handling - Round 2

    Awesum! Can't wait to get my hands on those new changes! Hope I'll be able to get a match today... Wi tepeat my question: is there any tweaks to the damaged wheel behaviour (traction)?
  11. How to curb WF inflation.

    Can agree only with the last suggestion - free deploy for only one infantry AT once per war
  12. Only after SKS and AS-44 for 7.62x31 ammo That's all actually noice especially the Mosin M44 shorting but i'd ask for an SKT-40 and AS-44 in addition (not to speak about AVT-40 and AKT-40). Oh and dont forget MT and DS (tank variant) machineguns. Yumm...
  13. Introducing Battlefield Medicine

    Actually noice. But I'd only would not separate maedic class from the infantry class but rather would detach it in subclass (as we seem to get those one day). I also like med ATs especially in order to regenerate moral
  14. Vehicle Gameplay Update - Damage

    Would be nice if you'll make matches start with only one player, so a men could fool around with hardware even alone
  15. The reason behind it is the fact that those cmmos are more expensive