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  1. Akinaba

    More objectives on Town map!

    I kinda have similar feeling that @Reto.RedBjarne is for maps now. At least I see lots of minor map tweaks (including heightmaps) that have that feeling behind them (hope it is so).
  2. Akinaba

    More objectives on Town map!

    One does not exclude the other. As I said, I like @RadicalEdward2 but he focuses rather on current lines or expanding the town itself (which is great), I in my turn tried to focus on map unused potential which is in no way interlaps @RadicalEdward2 ideas. Moreover, as I said before adding an extra objectives even reqire the Town to be expanded. Inavoidably. Those objectives could be the Town Hall and the Post Office (Telegraph) as I stated previously.
  3. Akinaba

    More objectives on Town map!

    Well, yup, but what's the point of actually developing extra 3 lines if you would have maximum 5 lines active at a given time. I think it's not worth it. BUT. There is the point if we would only look at the global map and see if there is any. ANY city that could have 8 attack lines available. If there is some then it could make a chance... In fact other two possible objectives could be banal Postal Office and the Town Hall. That's all you got to controll in a city. Four objectives could be intersting but not sure if having them switched is a thing to go. However we currently have a 2 obj map - Factory, and 3 obj map - airfields. Would only be interesting to have a 4 obj. map and the city will be the thing you would expect to have multiply objectives. That is, seemingly to all the @RadicalEdward2 ideas of expanding the Town itself I think that it can use more buildings AND have more CQC action. And extra objectives (combined with some according rearrangement and city improvement) could bring us some intense Fortress-like fight. I think that even that 8-line density can handle the current spawn system allright. It only needed to be closely watched and carefully placed. This is also the reason why I would suggest to improve the map in a manner of one line per iteration - polishing. @Marv2.0 idea of having line diversity while atying at the same 5-lines global map layout is also a thing here since dev team may add any line they want to the tactical map while not having to change the global map at all. At least until the tactical part would be satisfying. This would meanwhile add some refreshment and diversity to the tactical gameplay at the same time. Again I hardly doubt they will do anything like adding an extra line to the map, let alone implementing the "line flickering" feature.
  4. Akinaba

    Reto.JM, where are your answers?

    And pls dont forget about the Development Overview and all the Glasnost' project in particular. We all can't wait for your answers and revealing of the plans indeed! Cheers!
  5. Maybe will have an CN language forum section for all the new Asian users flow?
  6. Akinaba

    More objectives on Town map!

    Thought just about that. Maybe that's one of the reasons they have no more then 5 lines per map probably. Yup This too. BUT they did added 2 more lines to Factory map and I personally was observing @Reto.RedBjarne fhifted and tuned ALL the strategic map by himself to that new circumstances. Nightmare... Yet they did it. However, probably 8 lines per map are too much. Inspite all of it I like the density and diversity of a gameplay offered there. Yup. But as you said that turns us to the same and existing problem of B cross C line spawning and I would rather go for the solvation of that problem first and shuffling lines afterwards. P.S. I'd suggest for example to shut off defence spawning on ANY attack line other then currently on the contested one. But that's the whole other story. I wasn't bothering of tuning the setup of the lines here. It's basicly just a concept or a demonstration of an actual map capabilities - that's how I thought of it. The lines setup should bave a closer look too in a case one or other line would be added. That was also why I'd rather suggest to add one line per iteration so all the bugs, shifts and disappointments could be all tested rearranged and polished. However, as @Fredrex just said it would lead to 3 sets of global map changing instead of just one. But, frankly speaking I deeply doubt they will add even one extra line to that map, due to what it drags with it on the global map... Not really understood what's the problem here, since the B and H line flanking problems are obvious but G-C and D-H line flanking takes to long to flank.
  7. Akinaba

    More objectives on Town map!

    And all the cross-line flankin'... Fun fact that all that "overhaul" could be done iteratively pretty well.
  8. Akinaba

    More objectives on Town map!

    Indeed it is... Here I tried to make it more clear Speaking of the map potential, here I want to completely theoretically show how this map indeed could be expanded on my thoughts... However it would require even more improvement wihch is as I think unlikely thing for RETO for now... Here is the current version of the map: And here is my probable version: The basic improvement is to have not 2 but 4 main capturepoints spread in the town itself, each one conected to two separate capture lines. Here the Church itself must be pushed eastwards in order to make room for the Northern and Southern Objectives. Also bridges and shallow water crossings could be shifted accordingly but that's not the case in my drawing. Now that I would consider an intersting map
  9. Akinaba

    More objectives on Town map!

    If it would be me I'd push to something like that. Ps, more town 2 Town!
  10. Akinaba

    More objectives on Town map!

    While I myself thought about using the space of an A line I'd not do it as you just draw. Though the map may probably have an extra line indeed
  11. Taking into account current easyness dealing with the stationary (heck even moving) AA batteries, It feels that operating the AA gun is kinda fruitless for now. So I request to raise up a reward for downing a plane with the AA battereys. Ofcourse there could be exploits like for example shooting at the para planes so the AA reward raising should be done carefully, however, no doubt it should be raised since you got to die often if you're going to really oppose those heavy planes (especially via 4xMaxim)
  12. Akinaba

    Recon Vehicles

    Yep, indeed, but the point was to basicly keep M3 scout car for the mobile spawn vehicle and keep it in SU roster fair for lend lease while still expanding recon vehicle options in the same time.
  13. Akinaba

    Ppsh-41 30 round stick mag

    Btw this one is actually a PPD-34 which alongside with the drum-maged PPD-34/38 are among those weapons suggested for adding to HnG.
  14. Akinaba

    Recon Vehicles

    Perfect! I only would rather replace M3 scout car with the Otter light recon car And keep M3 and Kfz.250 to either infantry or recon SPAWN vehicle instead.
  15. Akinaba

    New Tank Destroyers Preview

    Extra vehicle slot for veteranship probably?