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  1. That's definitely constructive oppinion that contribute to the discussion a lot.
  2. @Teeri what do you want to say? Nobody asks for cheeper/better AVS here, everybody says it's fine. The talk is going around all the other stuff...
  3. English only Soviet chat

    Oh I see you now. Keep it going that way. That's the way to success
  4. Cosidering its armament and armour (especially the S variant) isn't it more approproate to count it as a medium tank? The top one, yet medium. Why one would categorize those machines as heavies?Solemnly due to the fearsome "KV" name?
  5. PTRD Changes

    1. Wait for armour 2.0 2. Buff the PTRD prone position stats only (less sway/conefire/kick, more accuracy) instead of allowing ONLY prone. 3. ??? 4. PROFIT!
  6. WTH is the support system you are talking about?
  7. First of all: stop moaning. Secondly: we do need a second MG, yes! (Someone whispering: "The DT..." ). Thirdly: wait for Armour 2.0 to arrive. Fourthly: don't know why we have no KV-1 or KV-1S (the most iconic tank of the dedicated breakthrough tank platoons)... All the other points: I don't care of stats, I enjoy playing SU faction whatever and whenever. Though, there is a feeling that weapons kinda underestimate, but I can hear a storm of moaning comming if RETO will buff/tweak any single SU weapon right outta here.
  8. Snow Update List

    Talvisota and Scandinavian maps please!
  9. Speacking about african maps I actually thought about the fact that some armament soviet particulary suits a pre-war times very vell which brings us to the Russian-Finnish or Winter war or Talvisota as they like to name it tgemselves. Which prings in focus two things: Winter gameplay and nordic towns villages. I mean like Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish... Any chance we have thos "nordic" maps included?
  10. English only Soviet chat

    Well, sincs yiu dint know russian and/or any other slavic langwidges (exep the "syka" and "axaxaxa" WORDS) no wonder it's all jibberish for you. Let me guess indian or choneez is also a pigeion language for you isn't it? It's just easier to ignore them because they have no single letter tgat is aimilar to latin. No need even to do it if a language filter could be applied. Since I (and really not so little other russian-and-english-speacking community) want to be able to communicate with both my inferrior slavik-speacking comrades and superrior english-speaking lords. I am against of two separte chats becauae it will cause me to switch them (or choose one) during the game. Which I do not want to do. So: a filter - please yes. separate channel - please no!
  11. Hoocares jk Overall: Soviets must suffer... and then win all the same. P.S. Dedicated SU player here inb4.
  12. Let me say smth. The Armour 2.0 is comming which hopefully will bring not only new tank but also the new airplane damage system. AP bullets for example shoukd not do more damage to varuous planes in theory because they get through the armoured and unarmoured planes of the airplanes (erm...) equally easy. Even more - the softer the target the less energy bullet transfer to it going through like a sewing machine doing no collateral damage (this also corect for the transport planes). The lighter plane here will be more tolerant to the damage because of ir's lighteness. It's more planer then the shiny-new full-metal high-speed killing machine. Heavy high-spead fighters on contrary are very vurnerable to the speed loss which means that only one hole in the right plane could ruin the whole flight where the lighter plane might even fly with it's engine fully dead... No to speack that the relative velocity of the plane and the bullet meeting will be the higher the faster the plane is. In other words to stop the lighter plane one need either shred it to pieces or kill the pilot (which ia vurnerable but small). And to kill a heavy fighter a couple of AP bullets in the engine oe hull coukd be enough... What I want to say that destroying an airplane is not simply matter of "health and damage" just as destroying ground vehicle.
  13. Weapon physics needs work

    I allready posted following animation suggestion in another thread. I guess it will not harm to repeat it here, though: Sight adjustment animation for everu single weapon basicly. When you hit a spacebar a model takes off the aim, adjusts the sights on the gun (ironsights or whatever), then returns the aim, with the sight set in new position. That's it. Sounds shor, but so much animation to work, I dobt RETO will ever even get to that... P.S. yes, it also mus be applied to you, sniper-scopers...
  14. Vehicle speed and handling stats.

    You must have a google account and then you automaticly get some space for google drive. Upload a file there then, tune the access onto; direct link only and then share that link. That's all!
  15. Another soviet MG suggestion

    PLS no. Not yet. Talvisota FTW. No Korea yet pls.