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  1. Mvrck89

    matziti fragvideos

    This is old, It's been a long time since I played faction in Germany and I'm in your video. By the way, don't you have recoil in the mg13? You smell like macro comrade. And I want to think that you don't use it ...
  2. Seguimos maldiciendo las retofisics
  3. I have witten this in H&G discord (suggestions channel):
  4. Ensaladilla rusa, filetes rusos, boina rusa, mujeres rusas, vodka ruso...seguimos ¡SEGUIMOS!
  5. Mvrck89

    [Inf. Div. 501] searching Members! [Ger/Eng]

    Nice clan ^-^
  6. ¡Carreras de APCs! ¡Tanques capturando puntos! ¡Francotiradores con subfusiles! ¡Si, es el bando ruso! Dónde por cada mina antipersona que pongas matarás a cinco compañeros y un rival TERCIOS, risas, sonrisas y para todo lo demás, MasterBlyat
  7. Mvrck89


    ¿Soldado reciclado o nuevo Lewis? Por que a este no le conocía
  8. If I have seen that there are people who use a macro to avoid having to recalibrate the recoil, there are many examples on YouTube. Personally, this doesn't sound like fair game to me. Unless treating a macro as a hack we are wrong. The macro does not target the human or eliminate the adversaries for him. In this game and in others I have faced players who use macros and they have not given me problems as if they have given me those who have aimbot, wallhack, maphack or speedhack.
  9. Macros are not really hacks, since they are not an external program that helps you eliminate the opponent, nor does it mark your position on the map, you do not see through walls nor does it make you shoot your head. This in theory. And yes, there are many games that allow macros, such as World of Warcraft (which without macros is difficult to play and good macros are even sold for money), WarThunder or Diablo III to give you some examples. Where they are not allowed is in those games focused on the competitive, such as Counter Strike, Valorant or League of Legends. Ummm yes.
  10. Mvrck89

    AVS36 (Fix asap,please)

    Up comrades! AVS need more fix.
  11. Mvrck89

    US armies with MG42

    hahahahahahahahahaha my MG42 in soviet is Maxim Tokarev 42
  12. Mvrck89

    [Release] Weapon Mods Configuration Data

    It´s updated?
  13. Mvrck89

    AVS36 (Fix asap,please)

    Have you ever stopped to think that you are really agreeing with the community with this data? The AVS is currently fatal, the data shows a marked decline from April, October and onwards. And you could argue that the differences in use with respect to the other weapons are not so great, ignoring the fact that we currently live in a metagame of machine guns. However, I cannot stop and ask myself, are these data that you have exposed, are they from the game as a whole or from the war mode? Since it is not the same and any player will tell you this. The players will continue to tell you that the AVS suffers from a random movement that totally uncontrolled the weapon, uncontrolled that other weapons of the same style do not suffer. And as are the assault rifles, a balanced STG and M1Carbine, the AVS suffers from this lack of control and in the end it ends up being used outside the specific role for which it is intended. I know that this is going to give you totally the same, you hold on to that data that you manage to do what you want with the game. Soviet players will have to adapt and if we have to buy a captured weapon, it will be with credits and not with gold, this is clear to you. Many around here have commented on active and passive viable solutions for this weapon, including adding the Federov Avtomat to the game as a counterpart to the STG or the Carbine. Now it is your question and only yours if you really want to pay attention to the community. PD: If in the end I have to play Soviet with captured weapons as I currently do with the MG, I hope that some weapons get a nice bonus because I have more credits.
  14. Y como siempre, seguimos en la brecha con risas, rusos y mucho tanque borracho
  15. I know that you are not going to read this, I also know that the effort that I am going to make writing this is to preach in the desert. I think it is my responsibility as a player and user of your game to tell you a few things as you are looking for feedback. To begin with and without wanting to offend you, but do you know how to do your job well? I know that you strive to lead the community and answer everything you can, but what about your colleagues? I ask why you want to reform all weapons instead of wondering why currently the weapons that dominate the battlefield are the MG42 and the Carbine. And yet, you are going to make some changes that really, not even Christ understands. Let us begin: - STG does not need any changes, as it is it is fine. It is a balanced weapon. - The Carbine does not need more range, right now it works very well within its role. If you reach it, you are turning the Carbine into an automatic M1Garand. - The AVS36 needs more stability, you took away rpm but left stability in the trash of this gun. And you still want to put more recoil into it ... the AVS36 if you are going to change it, it needs to improve the stability of the weapon according to its rpm, or you return to 600rpm base and leave it as is. - The MG42 is very strong it is true, it is not because it is OP but because there is no alternative to stop said weapon. The MG42 does not eliminate you for damage, but for speed of fire. It is not normal for the MG42 to shoot upright and have more stability than a 1919 or MT which has a lot less rpm. - Currently the allied and Soviet machine guns give a lot of sadness. The MT has worse stability than an MG42, the 1919 the same and not to mention the BAR, DT, DP machine guns ... that all, absolutely all suffer from one thing that the German machine guns do not suffer: ACCURACY. - MT has been good for that rise in RPM, it is a machine gun and should at least reach 800rpm (like the 1919 should also reach it ...), except that its stability both standing, crouching, lying down or with the tripod attached is very bad. This needs to be fixed, it is not normal that it has worse stability than an MG42, not to mention precision (the cone of fire is like an 80 year old grandfather with tremors and without teeth), I really wonder if you really use weapons and you compare playing with them and playing against them. And most importantly, you seek a balance and there never will be. Because then we will all play with the same weapon, either our own or captured. You must not damage the weapons because one in particular is very strong. You always do the same, when the SMGs are strong they nerf and the ARs become strong, when they nerf the LMGs become strong, when they nerf they pass ... and that's how it is a cycle. No, things are not done that way. You must look for the weak points of the weapons and improve those points, the PPD is a clear example of this, years the SU saying that it is improved and now it is improved to receive a nerf to its damage in range. Really, I repeat, do you understand how to achieve a good balance?