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  1. Looking for Clan

    I am looking for a clan for Germany. • Hours in the game in general: more than 7 thousand. • I have all classes for Germany. • On this account K/D 3.7. I am able to play in a team. There is a huge experience in clans. I know the basics of English and German. I own at the moment 20 AT's. My prime time in game: 20:00-22:00 (UTC+3).
  2. Heroes & Generals Mobile Command App

    I think not. Since developers forgot about game. And they said a year ago that it is unlikely to return mobile application (perhaps I am mistaken).
  3. H&G Prototype Server access denied

    Try writing here or similar to category:
  4. Ping & Packet Loss

    I think the problem is not with the loss of packages, because you had a picture in place for a very long time.The problem is in your provider and whereabouts. Some providers do not conclude contracts with other providers from other countries for various reasons. Your packets can therefore be transmitted over a long path. So you get this ping. Also ping still depends very much on the location. If you are far from the server to which you are connected, then the delay will be strong. This is especially well shown when players from different parts of the world join the battle in the war. I hope I helped, if something is not clear - write. I translated from Google translator.
  5. Clan pages on the wiki

    Thanks, but only the motto in quotes (« »), and not in signs less (<<) and more (>>). Maybe I did not translate well, but I think the essence is clear

    In what actually a question?
  7. New Changes (2018)

    I'm talking about this. I'm looking at this game and it hurts me that the developers ruined a good game.
  8. RD's Squad

    My interpreter just broke and I misunderstood you. I apologize again if something is wrong
  9. RD's Squad

    Excuse me, I did not understand correctly, do we have something wrong with Discord?
  10. Clan pages on the wiki

    Hello, could you change our logo? And motto: «For Europe!»
  11. RD's Squad

    Because of the decline in popularity of this game, we have tightened criteria for selection of players and began to play less often. If you want to play other games (PUBG, Rocket League and others), we will gladly take to our team.
  12. New Changes (2018)

    Ooo yeah))
  13. New Changes (2018)

    I completely agree. I think it's already useless to write something
  14. Battle List

    Can you clearly ask a question? What a list of battle? Detail and clearly please
  15. How'd my AT spawn near Belgrade?

    Simply German troops surrounded city in which are your AT