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  1. DKA

    Yes, but we are now playing for the US - DKA Recruitment Post
  2. DKA

    About Us DKA (Die Kriegsjäger) - International gaming clan. We play in PUBG, Heroes & Generals, Battlefield, Payday 2, Rocket League and other games. In addition to games, we watch movies share good music and news. We welcome the friendliness and traits of the knights. • Date of Creation: 2 Jun 2018 • Discord: • Main Languages: English, Russian Rules 1. Use only European Languages. 2. Do not use extremely foul language. 3. Do not make threats of real-world violence. 4. Do not use pornography. 5. Do not make noise, etc. when communicating. 5. Do not promote communism, democracy, liberalism, or like political ideology. 6. Do not make a nickname or an avatar insulting. 7. Do not spam, be it in text or voip. - As for questions, please contact the Leader or Co-Leader Heroes & Generals In this game, we play for all factions and all classes. We play in the War and Staged Battles. In our clan we take only players with good skills.
  3. Clan pages on the wiki

    We have a small request to transfer us from the section "German clans" to "Multi-faction clans". If it is certainly possible. Thank you
  4. Clan pages on the wiki

    Change the languages please on our page ( European Languages → English, Russian Thank you.
  5. DKA

    Yes, But basically nothing has changed
  6. Unable ping game server

    What is the question? Offers in another category
  7. DKA

    I gave you a role. The game added to friends. We play usually every evening
  8. DKA

    All classes, mostly infantry and pilots
  9. DKA

    Staged and War
  10. Why can't they add depth to this game?

    I think no one knows a clear answer to this question except the developers themselves. And they are unlikely to answer. In my opinion, they act strictly according to their plan. Not including the opinion of players and competitors.
  11. Shooting while running?

    Also it depends on the weapon. For example, submachine guns shoot well in this respect very well. But for example rifles and machine guns are no longer so good. I hope you understand what I mean.
  12. DKA

    Well, we'll be waiting for you
  13. DKA

    Yes, PUBG, Rocket League & more... What exactly are you interested in?
  14. DKA

    Oh thanks. I have seen. Gave you the rights on the server. Yes, I know you. I play for a very long time. You played for the United States in the past.
  15. DKA

    You are accepted. Welcome!