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  1. Robert_Dietrich


    I understand you all. It is useless ... I am writing to make the game better for everyone. I want the developers to do at least something for the communites. Not according to their plan. They have cut salary. But you endure. Worsened gameplay on planes. You endure. Developers deteriorated weapons. You endure. They messed up the graphics. You endure. They are from 2016 worsen FPS. You endure. They make spawn 2 minutes on vehicles. You endure. I can continue the list for a very long time. But I think the meaning is clear. The guys, from 2016 online players from 15-20 thousand fell to 4-5. The number of clans reduced to units. And most importantly, mostly players who are not the first day here are leaving. This means that the veterans are not satisfied with what the developers are doing. And this in turn means that developers are doing very very bad updates. Since these veterans were formed by these developers in 2011-2015.As strange as it sounds. I say this because everyone has different opinions on the forum. It is understandable. And unfortunately, developers are listening to players who are willing to tolerate their updates in the future. They do not want to listen to active veterans who just quit if they make a bad update. And all because the developers themselves are afraid of critics. My posts are deleted on the forum without any reason. My friends are banned altogether. Close posts and so on. It is normal to treat the players that who feed them? They are afraid that other players will follow the veterans, as online can fall so much that hundreds of people will play the game. And then the game will have to close. Because there will not be enough money. This is a simple business. And this is correct, since they themselves are to blame for these mistakes. The game with graphics in 2005 and has barely 40-60 fps on large maps... I have in PUBG at high settings 100 fps... If you want to endure all this until the game is closed, then of course continue. If you want to have more than these developers give you, then stop agreeing with them. Require them to fix bugs. Require higher wages. Require them constantly. Because they are completely insolent, that they are now demanding from us that we fix their bugs. Crazy people... Beta and alpha version have long been closed! We are no longer testers, but full-fledged players! If you need help from us, then pay us. I will no longer write a single post or message until the game closes or a decent update comes out, which will finally fix them Vermicelli in the code. Thank you all. Bye! Please forgive me for English. I used google translator. To Moderators: Please close access to comments.
  2. Robert_Dietrich

    Squad (Button on the picture)

    Is this bug fixed? It seems not. I'm not sure
  3. Robert_Dietrich

    Moving Tiles Vehicles

    Please fix this bug:
  4. Robert_Dietrich


    I do not know where you got these numbers. I play with a veteran. Salary 5-15 is very small for me. In the previous update, I earned 25-50 thousand playing on planes. There were even fights where I could earn from 50 thousand. My record is 110. Now if I get 20 for me this is luck... But I almost can't fly now. I had 130-160 fps. And now I have 20-30. What you say is like a lie. But this is your opinion. And you live with it, play. Thanks for the comment.
  5. Robert_Dietrich


    Please raise the salary by 30-40% I get 3-6 thousand in 15 minutes for the infantry. For 30 minutes, an average of 10. I am constantly on the first places. Kills 30-40. Sometimes more. On tanks 5-12 thousand in 15-20 minutes. On planes in general it is not possible to earn money normally. Although I fly 3 years. -2 thousand or +7 thousand, depending on the fight. Recon if playing very very carefully without death is also like an infantryman. Paratrooper is better than an infantryman, but not enough. 5-7 thousand in 15 minutes. If you do not play at the moment on the tanks, then on average a week you can accumulate 100 thousand. If you are certainly not playing from morning till night. Previously, at least it was possible to earn good loans on planes. Write your opinion, I want to hear the community. Thanks for attention. I apologize for the translation of Google translator.
  6. I write 3 times this post. I ask you to fix this bug. I wrote this comment more than a week ago ( The problem is that tiles can be moved only in one direction. From right to left. I think that should be the same as with a weapons. Make it possible for the player to completely remove vehicles from the list. Also allow the player to replace the transport by moving. Thanks for attention. I apologize for translating with the help of Google translator. If necessary, I can record a video about this error. To make it clear...
  7. Robert_Dietrich

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    Server down? Why does it take so long to load? Fight does not find at all. I'm not alone with my friends the same situation It also shows that I have a bad internet / server connection. Although in other games all is well...
  8. Robert_Dietrich

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    Tears on eyes...
  9. Robert_Dietrich

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    Also in this list are not sorted weapons. I suggest also to make as in the menu. I chose other slots for weapons (but not everywhere, below is an example). Example... This is a small bug.But I think it's worth fixing too. ty
  10. Robert_Dietrich

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    The list of soldiers is not sorted in battle. Not in alphabetical order, not according to rank. Please fix it.Very uncomfortable when I have a lot of soldiers. I propose to do as in the menu.
  11. Robert_Dietrich

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    Can planes be played at all? The update reduced my fps from 150 to 20 becouse there is no limit for amount of pilots in battle and everyone wants to fly thus each team has 10 pilots everytime. The new damage system is also a disaster, as we have to hit the enemy plane 50 times to destroy it. Since 2015 players has been asking for the class limits for battles but you justify your ignorance with simple sentence "we want freedom for players" The best solution in that hopeless situation is to get back at the previous build. Currently it's impossible to play either plane or tank.
  12. Robert_Dietrich

    How soon will the hotfix?

    Day? Two days? A week? Month? Give your answer. And specifically about the sound. Thank you
  13. Robert_Dietrich

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    I along with other players who participated in testing this update asked to add one feature. This feature allows the player to freely move tiles with vehicles. We were told that they would introduce this opportunity. However, we now see that this is not done. I ask to make this function, since it is very necessary for everyone. Even on Stream Reto. RedBjarne wanted to move the tile from vehicles, but it failed ( - 1:06:10). Also we see the cursor offers this feature... That is, it is necessary to make it so that you can move the tiles not only to the right to the left, but between each other. Like weapons, combat badges, ATs (There can not be moved between each other, since they are arranged alphabetically) & camo. I hope you understand what I meant. Since I translated with the help of a translator. I also hope you correct this difficulty
  14. Bring us back the previous version... A lot of bugs.Only idiots will play this version of the game. If developers continue to release such updates, the game will die. This is the worst version of the game. I hope you understand what I mean
  15. Robert_Dietrich

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    Very bad deathcam. Old was better. I hope you will fix the new. Most likely a bug (to moderators)