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  1. Again server down...

    I connected from Russia. St. Petersburg. But I think this information is no longer needed.
  2. Again server down...

    It's not funny anymore. Eliminate errors already
  3. servers down?

    Yes. Down. They said they had a problem after the last update. And what will continue until they are fixed.
  4. Cheaters \ Читеры

    Use this website:
  5. Again server down...

    Server down again? Asks to restart the game again. Refuses to perform other actions...
  6. Game Crash after small UI Update 9/19/17

  7. Network trying to catch up

    Yes, the same situation. And it happens only in war.
  8. Flash client window size settings not saving

    When you start the game, there is always a small screen. Always... When servers are disabled, the same situation. When you turn off servers, the situation is clear... But why after updating 1.08 each time at startup the size of a window is the same, as well as at switching-off of servers. I have to press on the "full screen" or, for example, my friends do click on the "expand" window. Sorry for the bad translation.
  9. Will the player the following function available: the sale of weapons, its modifications, transport and so on? If so, when should we wait for this?
  10. After the update 1.08, when the game starts, the screen is very small. Each time it is necessary to press the "full screen" button.
  11. Clan on wiki - ORDEN

    We moved to another communication platform. Our address is Discord:
  12. Update 1.08 ‘Planes & Ladders’ is here!

    I think the developers made a not bad update...
  13. RTS Masterclass for (aspiring) German generals

    If I knew English well, I definitely joined.
  14. Will there be tanks like M36 Jackson, Jagdpanther and SU-100 in the game ?
  15. P-38 lightning op?

    The survey will not do anything. Lightning Pilots will vote for "no".