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  1. For someone so gungho America, it's funny how you gloss over their massive Amphetamine usage.
  2. This is why I'd love to see the British/Commonwealth in the game. I'd love to have a Canadian infantry alt.
  3. I always try to rally Alamo last stands on the low ticket battles; "Make them bleed for it".
  4. Using the ironsights as is, is a very difficult pixel hunt. I'm not asking for a scope zoom, just a bit to help line up shots.
  5. It's pretty rough, but exp for assists was nice. Just wish it had a small zoom for the iron sights; not all of us want to be snipers.
  6. An MM to fix Americans being Americans?
  7. I thought that was bunny hopping smg ballerinas.
  8. I'd love to have a minor zoom on the basic iron sights KAR, it's like pixel hunting as is, and I don't want to take a scope from a hard working recon.
  9. Don't get lazy traveling to the next point. Snipers love infantry trotting in a straight line to the next objective. Instead try to stick to cover on the the way. If you hear a shot go past your head start zig-zagging.
  10. That would be pretty awesome. Italians had some sweet small arms.
  11. I think this game is pretty awesome. It was recommended to me from a friend who I used to play with back in the COD days. Could it stand improvement? Sure. But it's fun, and I'm happy to be here.
  12. Everything cosmetic and weapon performance should be historical. I have no problem with the tommy spewing 45 death around, as long as Germany has dependable light/heavy machine guns again.
  13. I know I'm brand new, but historically the reason the German small arms were what they were was based on a fire support doctrine by reliable LMGs doing the heavy lifting of the infantry. Take that away from us, and it completely cripples how the Wehrmacht is supposed to operate.
  14. Why don't they make it handle like the vehicle MG34? The cone is big enough that it doesn't laser everything, but still good at suppressing fire, and catch inf crossing field with their pants down.