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  1. Best way to grind chauffeur with recon

    Staged is good for reasons mentioned, don't overlook the civilian truck either.
  2. Is the Sumpfmuster camos useful?

    This is simply wrong. I know from first hand experience the advantage my Oakleaf pattern gave over my tan and field green, especially in autumn maps.
  3. New gun sounds are great so far

    Good stuff!
  4. Story of your hero

    August started out in the Afrika Korps as a infantry sharpshooter. When Rommel could no longer salvage the situation in Africa, elements of DAK were evacuated to the mainland. August was then sent for formal sniper training in Austria. On completion, he has been sent on operations throughout Europe wherever the fighting has been the thickest. He is always on the hunt to steal enemy vehicles; ingrained from the sparse supply situation in Africa. Favorite weapon: KAR98 with ZS Z scope Likes: Sand, palm trees Dislikes: Snow
  5. Splittermuster Fall - Worth it?

  6. Will tommy gun be add?

    The German MP 18 with the snail drum mag would be pretty fun.
  7. Do headshots feel off... to anyone?

    I sure don't
  8. Recon Scopes

    This. If you aren't rotating between scope and binocs, you're doing it wrong. Binocs give you a huge sight picture which helps with spotting vehicles and finding other snipers.
  9. Is this game dead?

    It's still a fun game, and isn't going anywhere soon. Germany is losing wars this year, but is still fun to play, both in Staged and War. Once your character levels up and branches into the other game modes, you'll find more players and shorter que times.
  10. Germans

    MP40 takes a good while to get and we still suffer from CQC (We consistently have the highest body count in War). Germany's strength is long range fighting.
  11. Reto has to make an income, I don't blame them.
  12. Most sought after pick-up weapons

    I intentionally changed the stability and damage on mine for this reason. Anyone who is going to use it well has to be a good shot in the first place.
  13. Not only the game itself got worse

    You're an artist when it comes to trolling, and that's awesome. The current wave would misspell swear words written in their own crap and think it's clever.
  14. Soviets at it again??

    Alright, let me explain. KGB aren't the only Soviet war group who hacks and you trying to compare the situation to a completely random line of questioning is a very obvious attempt at deflection. Also, drool and cheeto dust don't mix with a Che Guevarra t shirt.
  15. My humble question to you, Axis

    I'm kind of hoping the Generals will wise up and send more Paras. There's no better defense then their constant point harassment and war planes are very few and far between.