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  1. oeleke

    Map maker

    Now that there are now and enhanced props are you guys thinking about making a map making feature so that the community can make and test maps? It would be great to have and in my opinion it would be great to see some people making great maps. I know this maybe isn't what you guys want or can make but i was just wondering.
  2. oeleke

    Very low fps! How it's possible?

    @Astrolite ye but i play on a laptop and it doesn't have Nvidia. But i have another pc but it needs to be set to factory mode a time. any other tips other i need to go set the pc to factory. thx for the time that you got for me
  3. oeleke

    Very low fps! How it's possible?

    @Astrolite thx do you got more tips or do i need to wait for another update. i have ng 5 a 6 FPS more in game and 10 FPS in the overvieuw screen. if you have more tips and tricks pls say it
  4. oeleke

    Very low fps! How it's possible?

    Hi guys. I played H&G a crap ton but i stopped for 1 year. Now im back but i only can play it at maby 3 or 4 FPS when 1 year ago maby around 30 to 40 FPS. Pls help me Intel Core I5 4GB ram Intel(R) HD Graphics card pls help me play H&G again