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    Time for a M2 Buff

    Damage on this gun needs to be at least the same as current MP40 but with even higher ranged damage. It makes no sense this gun is doing less damage than a 9mm. In fact, the only thing that loses to it in terms of damage is Korovin TK. With the new damage it will be 4HK HSG close range dropping down to a 5HK long range. Overall 1 more hit to kill than the AVS from all distances, and 1 more hit than the STG sometimes (depends on opponent heavy set and the body parts you hit). Then, ranged accuracy should be raised by a lot, both in terms of sway and spread. The muzzle flash should be toned down. The high muzzle flash makes spraying very obstructive on this gun even after the recent "recoil changes" that buffed the STG and AVS by making them easier to aim when spraying. The gun has a rather slow bullet velocity so not a lot of hot gas escapes the barrel before cooling in IRL. Finally, reduce the RPM gained from attachments. It should be about the same 667 stock but only increase to ~780 at full ROF. This would be the same percentage increase as STG and AVS. The current 1000 is ludicrous. In addition, increase equipment cost to 7.

    Nerf the germans

    Lol you call the SU launcher anything good?
  3. They only released data on the weapons and ammo which I am already using in this app. There's no attachment data in that thread other than for the AVS/STG stainless steel barrel
  4. Reto has never released data on attachments.

    ROF mods for the PzB 39?

    Better view of bullet/target after shooting, sort of useful when shooting at planes

    Bring 1.13 income back!

    It's because they cut vehicle health in half but also damage (if armor isn't 100% worn down yet). This means you get less XP for damaging components. The higher repair cost is due to you dying more often as a tanker. Tanking still gives more EXP than it used to before armor 2.0, it's a healthy middle ground now. The only thing I would suggest is to add more EXP to destroying fuel and ammo. They are more valuable to killing tanks now but still aren't very rewarding to hit.

    DP28 is the best LMG in the game

    M1919 = 0.30, MG42 = 0.39, DP 28 = 0.61
  8. The same shot dispersion as a pistol? lol, from the same range it is 36 times less likely to hit someone with this gun compared to a nagant revolver. Does it really shoot 36 times faster to make up for that?

    DP28 is the best LMG in the game

    Sway is higher on MG42 compared to 1919 in all stances. Accuracy is also much worse (30% higher spread), though both are by far better than the DP. Recoil randomness per shot is also more random, and the gun barrel will move faster due to the faster rate of fire (required to deliver the same damage), so overall the MG42 bullets go very randomly, and can't be controlled by just pulling down the mouse like you can with 1919 and especially DP. All of this holds true even if you use deadeye and/or tight grip to eliminate the additional sway when firing. Base sway & accuracy & recoil randomness is still worse. Also the 42 is quite bad when standing, so if you are in one of those situations where you are behind a box and must be standing to shoot the enemy, which happens especially often due to the large size of the gun, you will perform much worse than the 1919.

    Is the IS-2 worth buying after armor 2.0

    The problem with not having HE is that you have no way to deal with the annoying wrenchmen behind enemy tanks.

    War in the motherland! Krepost encounter (1.13)

    This post is very Excellent.


    I've begun to enjoy sniping helpless infantry from 800m with T34 76 super fast cannon, two seconds a shot.


    I think that big AAA WW2 game launches will actually bring more players to H&G because it gets the mainstream interested in WW2 games for a few years, and especially the people who can't afford things like BFV will come to H&G As long as people are still interested in WW2 games, which they will, I don't see H&G dying any soon (unless another F2P WW2 game comes to steal the cake, which is unlikely) especially due to their in-house engine which they can always keep updated to the newest standards without having to redesign the game


    Uh oh. From now on, whichever faction with the most skilled players / war wins will see their equipment nerfed all day every day.