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    I suggest you look at the SU T1 recon, the BA64b. It can't even destroy an enemy recon car from full health in one mag, so whenever you shoot at an enemy recon card it's always you who die first. Meanwhile US/GE T1 has a full 100 rounds in a magazine which is enough to spray down a recon car. It also reloads at the same speed as SU's 60 rounds.

    New progression tab

    May you die in peace from the hellfires of M10's with pershing guns on them


    Skill based matchmaking? Does it group players with similar skill together or does it just try to balance the teams out?

    avt-40 as automatic 2hko

    How about we add a 2HKO MG as a counterpart to the M1919 instead

    US = war, GE = staged, SU = ???

    Best SA: US Best AR: SU Fastest BA: US Best BA overall: SU (simply faster bullet velocity)

    Changelog 1.13.2 - New Fighter Planes

    At least it shouldn't show other players' dropped weapons through walls...

    Changelog 1.13.2 - New Fighter Planes

    Another bug. I can see the outlines through walls...

    Changelog 1.13.2 - New Fighter Planes

    new grass?? Now fix solid bushes and we're talking!! Edit: Eww it's quite ugly once you get to the ground. BUG: Parachute sound is audible from across the map.

    1.13.2 - New Fighter Planes Preview


    1.13.2 UPDATE - 3 NEW Fighter Planes ready for take-off!

    first I'm a bad pilot so, uh, enjoy the update guys... I'm also ready for the bias posts down below

    Time for a M2 Buff

    Damage on this gun needs to be at least the same as current MP40 but with even higher ranged damage. It makes no sense this gun is doing less damage than a 9mm. In fact, the only thing that loses to it in terms of damage is Korovin TK. With the new damage it will be 4HK HSG close range dropping down to a 5HK long range. Overall 1 more hit to kill than the AVS from all distances, and 1 more hit than the STG sometimes (depends on opponent heavy set and the body parts you hit). Then, ranged accuracy should be raised by a lot, both in terms of sway and spread. The muzzle flash should be toned down. The high muzzle flash makes spraying very obstructive on this gun even after the recent "recoil changes" that buffed the STG and AVS by making them easier to aim when spraying. The gun has a rather slow bullet velocity so not a lot of hot gas escapes the barrel before cooling in IRL. Finally, reduce the RPM gained from attachments. It should be about the same 667 stock but only increase to ~780 at full ROF. This would be the same percentage increase as STG and AVS. The current 1000 is ludicrous. In addition, increase equipment cost to 7.

    Nerf the germans

    Lol you call the SU launcher anything good?
  13. They only released data on the weapons and ammo which I am already using in this app. There's no attachment data in that thread other than for the AVS/STG stainless steel barrel
  14. Reto has never released data on attachments.

    ROF mods for the PzB 39?

    Better view of bullet/target after shooting, sort of useful when shooting at planes