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    Can't Decide on Tanker Uniform

    If you think the Americans are lacking variety just look at the Soviet tanker camos. It only changes the color of the pants, so there's literally zero point in using it.

    Isn't the M1 Carabine overpowered for its price?

    M1 is just too inaccurate to be good. Unless they buffed the accuracy and made it 3HK HSG I don't think it holds up to the other SA rifles. Even with 3 shot kill 15 bullets that's not really better than 2 shot kill 10 bullets. The only real good loadout I can think of for the M1 is in anti tank or other eq points constrained loadouts.

    Unpopular Opinion - One of the BEST updates?

    You can't know whether it's an enemy from the gunshot sounds anymore, but I do appreciate being able to get an assault rifle and paratrooper LMG on SU, and DP/DT/MG34 on US. I'll also experiment with the green tip max rpm K98 that one shots HSG from one body and one limb shot, but I suspect that it's not going to work well since max rpm bolties are just dead in general.

    RETO you won - I join the dark side

    I play SU and my experience is - Against GE we win most defenses and lose most attacks... if I carry my team hard - Against US it's a free win 90% of the time, SU randoms can steamroll US randoms in either direction in 15 minutes

    Best SU LMG right now

    All 3 are useful. DP is arguably the best t1 LMG even though it got a small nerf this update. DT is meh, since mg34 shoots faster. MT is also good especially since 1919 and MG42 were nerfed, the former unnecessarily

    Update 1.21.1

    STG44 - increased vertical recoil increased crouching sway decreased standing sway

    Is recon viable in War?

    Recons are really bad right now, they're just infantry with bigger scopes at the cost of 10 different downsides. Buff ideas that i can think of off the top of my head: - ability to hold breath - spot enemies faster - less punishing respawn delay - 8 equipment points - ammo mods on recon vehicles - bolt rifle mod to 1HK heavy set I'd say we need 2 or more of these buffs to make recon actually worth using.

    Make Anti Tank more expensive

    Here's my take on this - Remove small rocks near tank spawn - Mute tank audio until you leave spawn so rambos can't predict where you drive out of spawn and become visible - Disallow placing AT mines too close to enemy tank spawn - Add another low tier AT which is less effective, but much cheaper and has another advantage (more ammo, lower equipment cost, etc.). Simply buffing the single shot AT to cost less slots and adding an equivalent to US could work well, if we can get more people to use them then less will run around with rocket launchers.


    That comparison tool seems outdated given that HSB and HSS got buffed a while ago.
  10. The thing about this game is that even though the AT equipment can be spammed, in a lot of circumstances tanker spawns can also be spammed. Every time you kill a tanker he will come back within 1 or 2 minutes, now you have to kill him again. If the AT is any weaker then tank spam will be a bigger issue. As a tanker my suggestion is just to sit back and abuse the insane range that tanks have in this game, honestly it's the wet dream of a tank player to literally snipe people with explosive rounds across the map. Every other game has super slowed down velocity equivalent to a broken tank barrel in H&G If tankers are forced to play as infantry for a while after dying no matter their tank, (the wait could be longer if there are more tankers on the team), then I agree with nerfing AT equipment.

    SU SMG

    The hipfire badge actually doesn't help at all just btw. It only helps on weapons that normally have bad hipfire, which are basically AVS, Johnson, FG42. (The other LMGs shouldn't be hipfired at all because it slows your movement speed, might as well aim every time.)


    Don't ask me about the AVS36...👇


    Update in a nutshell 1. You now have to pay credits to spawn your car with a MG 2. You have no crate when you spawn a car with MG 3. Iron sight recoil has been removed so you can see just how inaccurate the bullet RNG is when you shoot 4. H3 and Stickies were bad, now they are completely useless 5. Headshot multiplier was reduced but all that did was nerf SMGs which were already underwhelming, everything else still 1HK headshots to a great range

    Stock Maxim-Tokarev needs some love

    With MG42 and Maxim when you adjust range up to 2000 m, you make your shots go above the iron sights and get less blocked view. With the 1919 it doesn't work because it switches to really obstructive ring sights. IMO the sights of the MG42 is clearer than MT when you do this trick. I'd never use a M1919 for long range, but i'll use MG42 over Maxim in the current state. I think after the upcoming MG42 damage nerf and LMG recoil nerf in genearl, the Maxim will be on top though.
  15. I routinely get 142fps locked, the only place where it drops is in dense forests like Town E and A line. I have a zen2 cpu, which is great but not the fastest. I am always CPU bottlenecked as I play on mostly low so I don't consider the GPU to be an issue. I do agree that some work can be done to the LODs specifically in areas with a lot of trees to improve FPS.