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    I think that big AAA WW2 game launches will actually bring more players to H&G because it gets the mainstream interested in WW2 games for a few years, and especially the people who can't afford things like BFV will come to H&G As long as people are still interested in WW2 games, which they will, I don't see H&G dying any soon (unless another F2P WW2 game comes to steal the cake, which is unlikely) especially due to their in-house engine which they can always keep updated to the newest standards without having to redesign the game


    Uh oh. From now on, whichever faction with the most skilled players / war wins will see their equipment nerfed all day every day.

    New corsshair gets in the way

    I think it should be a lot thinner. And it should also follow where your barrel is pointing rather than always stay at the center of the screen (when aiming down sights).

    SOVIET need buff

    PTRD should get its precision back, however only when prone. As of damage, I just feel that the vehicles have too much HP right now, shown by the fact that all infantry AT except mines and perhaps H3 are useless. A comprehensive HP nerf to vehicles as well as the precision buff should bring the PTRD back in line

    Things that need to change or fixed in this game

    I think for light tanks the US tanks are the hardest to get gun breached. I regularly hit 38t and luchs in the gun breach with my BT7 so that's fine. For medium tanks the balance obviously shifts towards the German side - I would often get gun breached in the first shot in my T34/76 while opposing Panzer IV/M3 Lee/M4A1 have thick enough frontal armor that I really can't hit them in the gun breach from the front until I empty 3 mags of my potato 60 round MG into them.

    Paratrooper Carbine INSANE lack of accuracy

    Even worse, Johnson was inferior to FG42 from the very beginning. Johnson had only fire rate, which FG42 could easy catch up using the fast trigger, as well as somewhat better sights. which FG42 could circumvent with the scope. In return, it had less accuracy (0.45 vs 0.39 spread - 15.3% greater), far slower reload speed, and less mod choices. Then Reto buffed the FG's sights and nerfed the Johnson's auto accuracy, making it impossible to use ammo on Johnson and still be accurate. This means that FG now has a 45% advantage in spread compared to the johnson - 1. it has less base spread; 2. it can use green tip ammo and still auto-fire accurately; 3. due to green tip ammo it does not have to sacrifice stainless steel barrel in favor of chrome lined barrel in order to 3HK HSG. Furthermore the sight disadvantage is gone and the reload speed and mod choices advantages are still there. However I believe that Johnson is balanced (if not a little too strong even after the nerf). FG is way OP and is only kept in check by the fact that only paras can use it. I believe that Reto should nerf the FG by giving it a combination of nerfs including to sway in auto fire, range, and bullet velocity. It'd keep the FG42's advantages but introduce some drawbacks that urge the user to look for other choices for longer ranged combat.

    Dynamite Lover to favor mines and not H3s?

    Should be expected that the item with the lower slot number should be prioritized. Idk why Reto made the ranking confusing as it is.

    New Daily Bonus: 50 % extra experience

    Fighter AI? Huge scale air battles coming next? Also can I suggest adding pilot players to Encounter battles? One team would be supported by a few player-controlled jets while the other team will have AI bombers and fighters which the player jets must destroy to prevent bombings onto the capture point. If undeterred the bombs would drop a bit further than where the furthest friendly player (on the bomber's side) has advanced. The ground infantry on both sides can provide support by using some new stationary AA emplacements placed around the map, which should be relatively safe from long range fire.

    DP28 is the best LMG in the game

    Accuracy is indeed slightly better than the MG34 (~6%) but far worse than every other LMG in the game. (More than 2x greater than M1919). It's still an extremely powerful gun if you are willing to dish out the credits to maintain 7n1 just due to the unobstructive iron sights (which is very rare among H&G weapons), but once they fix the sights on the other weapons when the prototype build reaches live, it'll become quite mediocre.

    Making Infantry interesting again

    I meant tankers would be rewarded 2 less EXP than they do right now (which makes their earnings much more fair compared to infantry vs infantry). Not that they would lose EXP from killing infantry.

    Making Infantry interesting again

    In order to buff infantry rewards and nerf armor rewards in a fair way: Damaging enemy soldiers: should give 10 EXP instead of 3. +7 EXP for all infantry kills Damaging enemy soldiers from 200m+: do not change this. Armor/Plane bonus against infantry (e.g. "Armor MG Action") = removed. -9 EXP every infantry kill from tanks = -2 net EXP Armor/Plane "Killing Capturing Enemies" bonus for defenders = removed. If you are in a point you still get the "Killing Enemies While Defending" bonus. -10 EXP per kill HE spamming friendly points


    IMO repairing should only repair the closest component to the repairer one component at the time. So if you want to repair that gun breach you have to climb up the tank to do it.

    Chaffe have been nerfed too much

    Unless the Chaffee gets the proper stats of a 75mm gun (which means: same damage and penetration as a M4A1) it won't be a competitive tank against 38t, luchs or even bt-7.
  14. Can't believe i didn't spot it the first time I read this post 🙄

    STG Mods --- I know there are several threads like this ---

    Field sights, trigger and ammo. ~25% higher recoil than stock. Pretty much exactly same accuracy. Good range for 4HK HSG unlike stock, which drops to 5 hit kill pretty fast, meaning that you can no longer kill with 1 headshot. The ammo has very low additional repair cost compared to default (1.3 credits compared to 1.1). If you want 10% more accuracy (this IS significant - theoretically +21% chance to hit enemies from long range) and don't mind sacrificing damage and repair cost, go for stainless barrel instead of the ammo. Otherwise I'd say always use ammo.\ BTW, if you use barrel and leave the sight slot empty you're doing it wrong. Sight + ammo is only negligibly more expensive and an objective damage upgrade over barrel only with no downside.