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  1. KillerHenry1800

    Can we end One Hit Kill headshots?

    Head shots are the great equalizer tho. Without 1HK head shots tier 1 SMGs and unmodded SAs would be completely useless. As it is vets can slaughter noobs as fast as bots. With 1HK head shots removed it might as well be game over for new players.
  2. KillerHenry1800

    So is anyone gonna talk about the M2

    At range, sure the AVS is much better. But at CQC? M1/M2 is undeniably better. And I personally don't care about ranged combat that much(except for gunning down snipers and bush wookies), I'm a CQC guy myself. Since this is an obj based game, CQC is how battles are won and lost.
  3. KillerHenry1800

    So is anyone gonna talk about the M2

    M1-M2 is definitely the most OP gun in game right now. While unmodded it's shirt, modded with ammo and full RPM it's all but unstoppable at CQC unless you get a lucky headshot. It's a no skill weapon, since you just point and spray lazer shots at someone's upper body and usually scoring a headshot. Yeah I agree whenever I see one I pick it up. While I love my MG 13 and AVS, they are no match for the M1-M2.
  4. KillerHenry1800

    i just love to play aginst germany

    This but unironically. Germany is easy to beat as US and SU since US weapons are superior at CQC(assuming you have a competent team and they aren't all hiding in bushes) and SU has so much cool shirt. STG is kind of meh and people don't use the MG42 correctly often. The only really good guns Germany has are MP40, G43, and MG13 and all factions have counters to them. US is a strong faction in terms of weapons, but the amount of horrible randoms makes it not very appealing(in war, for some reason most good US players play staged). The only faction that legit scares me is Russian faction, they have great guns and nifty gadgets like T-20 and PTRS. But even more importantly they play obj and every single inf player will play obj, even the recons often. Not to mention the amazing APC use compared to other factions.
  5. KillerHenry1800

    Intelligence Bulletin #4

    Yeah i'll be impressed when something comes more then a couple of paint jobs and encounter maps comes along.
  6. KillerHenry1800

    Update '1.10 - Colmar Hamlet' Preview on Twitch!

    Wow one new encounter map! Thanks RETO for more then fulfilling your promise of 2017 being the year of maps /s
  7. KillerHenry1800

    Nominate Heroes & Generals for a Steam Award

    No maps, no nomination. P.S. I finally quit this game after 1.8k hours. I'm not coming back til you give us new assault maps.
  8. KillerHenry1800

    Hackers everywhere

    "OMGZ, some guy ruined my kill streak, hackorz confirmed! Plz ban them, cuz muh skills n sheeiit." -This thread,
  9. KillerHenry1800


    So how would that work? Volunteer mods would just ban everyone who kills them. Sounds like a real genius plan you got going on.
  10. KillerHenry1800

    The Great Divide

    Germany has great guns. MP-40 is life. MG-42 has very nice rof and a big mag, and is great even fully modded in CQC. Kar with 4x scope is amazing, G43 is awesome, especially with scope. The FG42 is the best gun in game now Imo. German Pistols while expensive, are awesome. The StG is kind of a meh gun, but still is ok because of its accuracy and mag. Germany has great tanks overall, awesome IFV and crappy planes(german planes are lackluster imo) German RTS sucks, German weapons are fine, for the most part.
  11. KillerHenry1800

    The Great Divide

    Am i the only one who feels like the game(at least in infantry combat) is fairly balanced? Overall, I have fun no matter what faction I am playing on. Sure, some buffs are needed, but every faction has a fantastic arsenal. Maybe this is just me who feels this way?
  12. Maybe if you tried going into objectives, your team would win? I played on the same team as you, and the whole time you were complaining about the team being shirt despite not having a single cap and a negative kd. Git gud. I play 100% solo. GE random teams are fine usually, unless you get the all recon teams or if someone sends planes.
  13. KillerHenry1800

    The SU bush-camper faction myth

    There are way more dedicated long range snipers on the GE faction. Still more bushwookies in SU tho, the amount of people who run the PPsH and Mosin is nuts.
  14. KillerHenry1800

    Why have I been banned?

    Challenger303 haxxor confirmed