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  1. N1nj4180


    Also don't forget hot german nurses is a much needed addition to the game. Been requesting this for a long long time.
  2. Actually this game is not a 1:1 representation of world war 2. The devs want to make a world war 2 themed game like battlefield 1 makes a semi world war 1 themed game. H&G is a "what if " scenario where Germany isn't the first to attack, russia doesn't join the allies and the game is not allies vs axis. I wouldn't go as far to say that post war vehicles are never going to come because of accuracy but because of priorities. Reto's development is focused on mainly armor 2.0 and new maps and in dev streams they have said they would want to add the main world war 2 vehicles before adding an experimental one. Well if world war 2 would continue on past 1945 germany would adopt the 262 as it's fighter jet IF they ever got more oil and America and Russia would also develop their own new jet technology, tanks and weapons. This makes me think that reto can just make up new weapons and vehicles like wolfenstein because of an alternate reality. The T-29 was a counter to the Tiger 2 tank but was too late for the Europe war but in H&G as you know the war is different every time. Heroes and Generals is much more complicated than calling it a world war 2 game and it is much more than that. It starts in world war 2, different scenarios are made up and different factions win the war. Also nothing would be over powered the germans just would have to learn to aim for "weak spots" like every other nation,
  3. The developers want to add the Sks and Rpd in the game so I don't see why adding the IS-3, m22, Maus, panther II or T-29 would be far from expectation. Personally in my opinion I would want to have these tanks in the game. But there's a catch... You have to capture strategic factories on the war map and build up enough resources to construct these super tanks.
  4. N1nj4180

    Help us shape the future of the Dev Streams

    Hot german nurses I suggested a while ago!
  5. Wouldn't a Maus be cool? Dismissed Wouldn't new maps be cool? No stop being greedy Wouldn't new tanks be cool? We have too many tanks Wouldn't a war rework system be cool? Autoresolve is your answer ahahaha I'm just being sarcastic
  6. The only class this perk would be good for are non infantry players. If I'm a recon and I want to carry a rifle and pistol with one pouch each I am already maxed out without the badge. And if I use this badge I can then have silver that lets me carry either grenades, anti tank grenades or maybe even a wrench and binoculars for repairing my scout car and spotting. Another one is for tankers but I doubt tankers would give up their combat badge for gunner or mechanic. When a rambo comes up to your vehicle I would use the perk to hold a smg with tons of ammo to fend them savages off. Paratrooper class is quiet limited when you equip a gun like a fg 42 and with this badge there is more room for AT nades, ammo and medkits. Or another thing would be once you equipped the gold version of the badge classes like paratroopers can have access to lmgs and bolt actions since they have the required space. But no infantry scopes they need to go and recons need to stay unique. You need a name for your perk; One man assault team, Heavy weight, One man assault, Equipment Master, Armory expert.
  7. N1nj4180

    Female Soldiers

    Yes Did u just assume my gender? I assure you I identify a hot german nurse thank you
  8. N1nj4180

    Female Soldiers

    I hope you are joking m8. and I also hope GermanSoldier is too xd.
  9. N1nj4180

    Female Soldiers

    This is the equality in the game right now with tons of "variety" We need more variety in H&G with faces like this: And our Creator:
  10. N1nj4180

    AT Rambo Badge Questions..

    I'm a professional AT rambo hunter with my mosin!
  11. N1nj4180

    Red cross helmet

    Make it a maroon cross
  12. N1nj4180

    War hardcore mode

    -Yes I agree I think the hardcore mode might be too hardcore for the average H&G player and some people enjoy a slower time to kill because of balance. Maybe this could go onto a prototype server first and see what people think of it there. My topic is only relevant to war and I do think if players want a practice experience staged is it but as you said there is some imbalance between the factions. I do think combat badges are necessary in war because it determines if I reload faster than the next guy or take that extra bullet to die and not everyone is using veteran. My suggestion would to have two regular badge slots and one extra for veteran so you can stay competitive in war with heavy set and not get two shotted by a 1919 or avs 36. And the second badge could be for what you choose and not for what is required. -A compromise between realistic and normal could be a bleed out system in red orchestra 2 when you get to only red bars of health. And the bleed out would last 1min and 30 sec, you would run normal until you get to 30 sec left and start jogging, then 10 seconds left you will walk and you die after time runs out. I think 1m 30s is enough time to get to a health crate or a medic. Also there should be blood on the players model so a medic can tell who is about to die. There could be a heartbeat sound, you could hear your character grunting and your vision would be fading to black. -Maybe instead of hardcore war mode there could be a seperate gamemode only for hardcore with the same map rotation but for those players who would like their bullets to kill when they hit center of mass. -Also that's not my video that's general sir anthony he's a monster in ro2
  13. N1nj4180

    War hardcore mode

    People would have to adjust to the new damage system and have to play more conservatively, planning their next move and not being rambo all of the time.
  14. N1nj4180

    Paint your Panther - and more!

    when can we see things like bush camos? And maybe add on armor?