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  1. piippopaska

    BattleEye disconnecting me from battle

    i had same problem, i did update my RX 5700 drivers and now it is okay once again. so maybe try update your drivers? i hope that works for you too
  2. piippopaska

    The battleye kicks me off the game!!!

    Thanks everybody with good and helpful feedback what this Forum provides, and not at all with this '' OP this OP that, nerf this and that'' thanks guys, you were really helpful
  3. piippopaska

    The battleye kicks me off the game!!!

    i Have same problem, some info would be nice how to fix this.
  4. @ FTG_Bayonetta and all you other tank Vs. infantry whiners. Pls, just go play World of Tanks or War thunder. If you grave so much tank vs tank action, Without infantry trying to kill you after you blast them with HE shell, or camp bridge/river crossing and enjoy time playing with you self. if you enjoy that kind gameplay i will suggest you download World of Tanks and go for SPG class.
  5. piippopaska

    Infantry anti-tank grenades/weapons are too op

    oh yes, lets bring armor 2.0 back when tanks were pretty much closer to Demigods. Anyway, i'm pretty sure SU-100 can take more than just two panzerwurfmine. Maybe before armor 2.0, but after armor 2.0 update and damage tweaks since then, i think SU-100 can handle more than two. ooh and may i suggest to getting turret, why would you get you self such an disadvantage position. Helps a lot when needing deal with infantry and other threats around you.
  6. piippopaska

    Iron Sight Zoom

    i agree for option to change the FoV slider when looking ADS. I find myself play more with SMG's because of iron sight zoom. Because SMG's are so easy to use with hipfire. SMG's are just Garden hoses at now, when inside objective. and same time i feel like i'm punished for using AR's (M1/M2, STG or AVS) or any LMG in points. when i feel like ADS should help me, but when I or enemy starts Strafing i lost sight of him after 2-3 bullets fired because extra zoom and smoke.
  7. piippopaska

    Splittermuster camo

    Yes it is, i use it on my recon. and with Infantry i find Tan doing great job and not being that expensive, so its decent cheap choice.
  8. piippopaska

    Starter pack/weapon code for free.

    Thanks. My brother just started to play this game. so i told him this opportunity and he took it, and he loves that new MP-40
  9. piippopaska

    Splittermuster camo

    Tan is good againts soviets and gives maybe best cost/efective value. Imo
  10. i Would love this one.
  11. piippopaska

    Is it worth playing soviets

    Hmmm. Not great, not terrible. Still valid faction IMO