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    How to rank up (earn xp) fast with Recon

    If I understand correctly, it's xp for the SVT that you need, not xp for your recon, right? To get xp with any weapon fast, I recommend: 1. Use the weapon a lot 2. Aim for headshots for extra xp 3. Activate ribbon boosters for the weapon when you know you can play for a couple of hours 4. Veteran membership also gives extra xp, I think Finally: 5. Missing shots (or shooting into the air) also gives a little xp, but isn't worth it when there are enemies around, because this tells them where you are and gives you fewer chances to aim for heads on unsuspecting enemies. When grinding a new weapon I usually run the weapon unmodded with maximum ammo pouches and a ribbon booster running, and just shoot shoot shoot. Staged skirmishes with three sites are a good place to find a lot of action, in my experience.
  2. Gerrit.

    The reward for action

    I accidentally upvoted this post. It's a good post, but it's a copy from what OC_Ludwig posted here:
  3. The reload is slow, but it can be interrupted to quickly reload only a couple bullets to finish the job. And the Nagant revolver may not have the biggest punch at close range, if I recall correctly it has the highest damage at far range and the accuracy to use it.
  4. Single Bullet Reload Interruption I was on a small break from the game and noticed this small line at the end of last gameplay enhancement post. This single line finally made the Nagant revolver usable! The frustration I've had with that otherwise nice revolver for years, gone! I just tried the Nagant revolver out ingame and it works really well: click 7 times, 7 shots, click an eight time - no shot but it doesn't interrupt the following reload! Then click an additional time to actually interrupt the reload. This has been a change that some people have been asking for for years. Thank you!
  5. I don't think the AVS needs a nerf to the hip fire accuracy to have a gap with SMGs. I can't speak for the other two as I have neither, but at least with the STGs I picked up I feel like using hip fire is a viable option, unlike the AVS.
  6. Gerrit.

    The recon who cant recon

    It takes a while to grind that ribbon, but it's not bad once you get the hang of the things you can do to grind the xp. - Play with an unmodded SA rifle for a while and go for headshots only. Unmodded, because then the weapon is most stable for headshots and you won't be tempted to take the easy way out and body shoot them. - Capture a barely contested point, hide outside the point, let the enemy capture and recapture when they have moved away. Repeat again and again for a lot of xp and credits. Don't show yourself or shoot at people, if the enemy thinks there's no threat they're more likely to leave and find the action elsewhere. And it means it counts towards being 'unseen'. If the enemy does stay and defend, or the action moves towards your point, find another point to do this. I liked the hill skirmish for this purpose. - Capture the first point in any match - easy extra xp. - Long range shots - if you snipe with unmodded rifle with scope over long ranges (100m+ I think?) you're unlikely to kill enemies, but you will hurt them. Every time you hurt them you get xp. And as long as you only hurt them and not kill them, they won't get a kill cam to search for you, while they arrive at their destination with less health. You'll not be very useful to the team, but this is one way to grind. - Stay alive - self explanatory. But I think you also need to have contributed to the fight somehow.
  7. By the time you've found what you're looking for in your plane, you are at the other side of the map, or crashed into a tree while looking through your binoculars. Neither do I see the use of binoculars for recon vehicles, the sight from within those vehicles is very limited and the magnification of binoculars won't help you see more. Get out of the vehicle, stand next to it or climb on top to use those binoculars! Binoculars for other cars may be useful, but I rarely feel the need to do so. Tanks with binoculars are nice, I've tried it and it helps a bit at spotting enemy tanks faster. Sadly this leaves your head stationary and exposed way too often and is therefore too dangerous to use against any competent enemy. It helps in tanks vs tanks matches though.
  8. Gerrit.

    Fix the tank mechanics

    If rocks stops tanks from sniping from hills like they did before those rocks were added, infantry loves rocks. The entire purpose of those rocks is to make certain terrain more difficult or impossible to traverse, so that you need to avoid them by taking roads or terrain with less rocks. Complaining about those rocks is like complaining when your infantry soldier tries to walk through a wall and gets stuck. Sure, I would complain too if my infantry soldier gets stuck in a wall, but maybe don't try to walk through the wall in the first place.
  9. Gerrit.

    Any nice mod to AVS-36??

    Other than Heavy set, you could use fast reload as a second badge indeed. I run my AVS stock lately, I used to run URAH + 7n1 for slower yet more impactful shots (useful when you only have 15 bullets) but as d|ng said, the 7n1 is hard to control. Too hard if you ask me; I like to be able to use the full-auto capability of this weapon to shoot someone at least twice before my weapon is trying to shoot planes, so no more 7n1 for me.
  10. I don't mind that the snowballs were made slightly easier to use, but I would love to see this change to the PTRD as well. Currently the PTRS is a lot better if only because it gives you 5 bullets instead of 1 each time you refill, so when I need to fill 18 PTRD bullets one by one... it takes a while.
  11. Gerrit.


    I cannot switch to a machine gun in the tank Press the right mouse button to use the machine gun. It depends on the vehicle, not all tanks have a machine gun and some have a machine gun in one of the other seats (so you have to switch seats.) Нажмите правую кнопку мыши, чтобы использовать пулемет. Это зависит от машины, не у всех танков есть пулемет, а у некоторых есть пулемет на одном из сидений (поэтому вам придется поменяться местами).
  12. Gerrit.

    AVS and STG OP now ?

    I think it is silly to necro an old thread from before the weapons were reworked instead of creating a new thread reflecting the current status of these weapons. Now change my mind.
  13. Gerrit.

    How many tanks should I really own?

    That's staged. In war, the players decide which tanks will be in a battle so you can have any tank resources against any enemy tank resources. Maybe you'll have heavy tanks and the enemy has light tanks, or the enemy has tank destroyers and you have none. For war matches it is therefore useful to have at least one of every tank type, just because you don't know which resources you may have. And then you can get a few more tanks that may be situationally a better/faster/cheaper pick than another. On Soviet side, I have two tankers and the top tier tank of every category, and a couple of quicker cheap tanks (T34-76, BT-7) that are often better than the 'top tier' tanks.
  14. Gerrit.

    New Grenades!

    That's a really nice point! Heavy grenades wih Grenadier Gold seem to be pretty useful with the biggest hurt radius and 2nd largest kill radius. I still wonder how good demolition explosives are. You only get to bring 2 of them, but if they are any good at taking down APCs or recon vehicles with 2 grenades they may be worth it bringing as a generally useful badge.
  15. The M1A1 is foldable and takes only 4 equipment points, instead of 5 of the M1 Carbine. And if I recall correctly, the M1 Carbine can equip a scope, while the M1A1 cannot. Maybe I'm missing some more differences, as I don't play US yet, but I think that's all there is. So it's the choice between a free equipment point or a scope. My preference would be the equipment point, as scopes are overrated and expensive. Get the M1A1!
  16. Gerrit.

    Any way to grind armor assault? (GE)

    Have you tried the staged Tank vs Tank capture and hold battles? I would advice against grinding armor assault in war, as you need to shoot enemy tanks to obtain ribbon xp and war means you'll (1) rarely face enemy tanks that are equal to your own if (2) the enemy team has any tanks at all and (3) you get much less opportunities to shoot at tanks when AT infantry is around. In the staged Tank vs Tank battles I've been grinding armor assault lately in a BT-7 to unlock the SU-100 heavy tank destroyer and I rarely had to wait in queue for more than a minute. It's a long grind, but I liked the pure tank gameplay for a change. I don't drive the GE tanks myself, but I found the Panzer 38(t) to be a threat when taking it head-on (the good ones always take out my barrel immediately...) and the Panzer II Ausf. L could sometimes surprise me as well with surprisingly much damage when they somehow got behind me.
  17. Gerrit.

    Nagant M1985

    This is exactly my problem with the Nagant. It's a nice gun with decent stats and I love the idea of being able to interrupt the reload, but this issue makes the weapon incredibly annoying to use. If we could have this simple quality of life change that the reload of the Nagant revolver does not get interrupted unless at least 1 round has been reloaded, it would make me buy and use this gun on a lot more soldiers.
  18. This makes sense if you approach this with a 'war is supposed to be fair' mindset. However, if you think about it with a mindset of 'sending resources to a battle in the RTS should affect the outcome of that battle', it would not make sense at all. War is not supposed to be fair, staged is for balanced matches. War requires you or your generals to send the correct resources to win.
  19. Gerrit.

    Armored Recon Vehicles

    That's good to know, thanks!
  20. Gerrit.

    Armored Recon Vehicles

    Since when do they work? It's been a while since I used my recon vehicle extensively (before armour 2.0) but I thought none of the badges were helping the recon vehicle back then. Did that change?
  21. Hitting someone's arm twice shouldn't kill the person. It should break his arm at most. However, it should also not be possible for that person to reload and gun you down when you just broke his arm, twice. So for the sake of balance I support removing the arm multiplier for melee weapons.
  22. Gerrit.

    Captured weapons is one thing but...

    True, but that used to be a smart gameplay strategy. Kill an enemy, steal his stuff and sit behind enemy lines who hear friendly fire. Now the gameplay strategy is gone, you just spawn with the 'captured item' instead. And if that happens often enough, people will stop considering the sound of friendly weapons to be the sound of friendly weapons, which makes the smart gameplay strategy not only way too simple, but also ineffective. Adding captured weapons means removing identity.
  23. On one hand I really dislike the that 'captured stuff' breaks the unique identity of the factions. On the other hand I love that now every 'enemy faction stuff is overpowered!' statement is nullified. Yes the T20 is fun. And no I rarely if ever use it, because the vehicle is expensive to spawn, slower than a jeep and easily countered.
  24. Gerrit.

    Captured weapons is one thing but...

    Captured uniforms please! Edit: I see I'm not the only one with that joke. Yes it's a joke, I really dislike this whole 'captured stuff' because it takes away the identity of the factions. Captured weapons makes using your ears to distinguish enemies from allies completely irrelevant. Captured uniforms would be the only logical next step, to make using your eyes irrelevant as well in distinguishing enemies from allies. Sure, people could pick up an enemy weapon before to trick enemies who rely on sound, but that's part of the gameplay. Now that part of gameplay is gone.
  25. New players with controllers versus veterans with mouse and keyboard. I don't see how this could go wrong...