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  1. Gerrit.

    Hetzer speed still a joke

    True. What's the point of being able to float across water if you can't climb the other side? 🤔
  2. Gerrit.

    Recon respawn time.

    I think someone mentioned that a recon sniper took a little longer to spawn than an infantry sniper, but I don't think the difference is big enough to make it impossible to instantly respawn a few times. I completely agree! I like that Reto is trying to combat specialist spam by giving out-of-squad specialist characters a higher field maintenance than the characters of the squad type. However, a field maintenance based on the amount of specialists of that type currently in your team is much better than a constant high field maintenance. Why should switching from infantry to tanker give a high field maintenance if you're the only tanker? Please give it a huge field maintenance when there already are 8 tankers, but not if you're the only one.
  3. Gerrit.

    Cooldown before repairing tank

    In my opinion there are three issues with repairing right now. 1. Repairing is way too powerful when modules only need to be repaired to 99% to be fully functional again. 2. Repairing is too powerful when there are people standing behind a vehicle repairing it while you're on the other side trying to destroy it. 3. Repairing is too slow when you need to repair an entire health bar of a vehicle after you have retreated. I don't think a cooldown before repairing can fix all three of these problems, it only solves issue 2. while also making it impossible for infantry to support tankers in combat. And I like it that infantry support is viable now, even though it can be too strong when you have multiple people repairing a tank under fire. My proposal to change repairing is similar, but slightly modified: A cooldown of 20 seconds after the vehicle has been damaged for the last time, during which time repairing is only half as effective as it is right now. Once that cooldown timer is over, repairing is twice as effective as it is right now. Lastly, modules, once broken down, need to be repaired to below 50% to become functional again. Result of these changes: repairing tanks in combat is useful but less effective. Infantry support of tanks is viable, but not overbearing. Broken modules cannot be repaired with one wrench movement, but tankers can still choose between spending time to fully repair the modules or going for a quick repair by repairing only 50% damage. And if you retreat with a vehicle to repair it, you won't need to spend ages to do so.
  4. Gerrit.

    faster plane repair

    Repairing a plane in 5 seconds is a bit much, but repairing speed should be faster for all vehicles, not just planes. Repairing for one minute just takes too much time, often making it faster to die and respawn with a new vehicle instead of retreating to repair. And yes, it would be great if the ammo refill timer did not reset when leaving the vehicle. However, ammo refill is tied to the driver, not to the vehicle so this will be hard to change for Reto. Ammo refill is tied to the driver, so that when the driver is not the owner of the vehicle, refilling ammo won't happen at all, which means you cannot keep using a stolen vehicle because you will run out of ammo. Also the badge choices of the driver can speed up ammo refill speed with bombs away. A possible solution for the ammo refill timer reset is to only stop the timer when no driver is present, not to reset it. That way the refill timer is still tied to the driver, but does not punish people for leaving their vehicle while refilling.
  5. Gerrit.

    No balance in damaging vehicles

    Untrue. Hit the wheel and it won't be going far. Hit the engine and it won't be going fast. Hit the driver and it won't move at all. Try to hit the modules of the tank with the H3 or bazooka and it will not be fully operational. Only if the tanker hops out and waves his wrench once it will be fully operational again (which is something that should be changed in my opinion).
  6. Gerrit.

    Best loadout for medium to long range combat?

    This. If you want a good loadout for infantry sniping, use a SA rifle with scope, sniper ammo and scout II barrel with a medkit and heavy set badge. Rest of the equipment and mods is optional.
  7. Gerrit.

    Question about Uniform Camouflage

    Shadow makes sense!
  8. Gerrit.

    AT-Rambos are back

    Sorry, which assumption did I make that you're talking about? If it is the assumption that hard limits are not a good idea because it brings frustration, that's not an assumption, that's a fact. We all know the situation from before 1.12 where you couldn't spawn certain resources even though they were available due to the auxiliary system and we all know what will happen when you can't spawn certain resources even though they are available due to hard limits. Whether it's an auxiliary system or hard limits, when players are completely unable to spawn available resources due to restrictive game mechanics it will cause frustration. When resources are available, allowing people to use them is the best thing you can do. Reto knows this and does the right thing to allow us to spawn resources, combined with discouraging us from spamming certain resources through the means of gameplay mechanisms such as field maintenance.
  9. Gerrit.

    Welcome to world of tanks.

    Which whiners? I see only one person whining in that comment. You can damage more than one part of the tank by aiming at different parts. But I think the biggest issues with tank repair are not that they repair every part of the tank at once, but that they can repair them all to full functionality with one hit of a wrench. I would find it an improvement if tankers needed to repair every module individually at that specific spot of the tank and needed to repair a significant amount of that module before it was fully functional again. But what I do mind is when gameplay requires tankers to stand still doing nothing for a whole minute to repair their tank, when they have a mechanic badge equipped for faster repair. I think the main thing you should take from this is that you need to see the tank-infantry fight from both sides to know what's fair and what could use improvement. Whining about 'fair' is not really constructive otherwise.
  10. Gerrit.

    AT-Inf are Ridiculous Again

    This game consists of more than GE and US... Also that. I don't think thrown AT is that useful now.
  11. Gerrit.

    Question about Uniform Camouflage

    The dark colour made me think of a pilot or tanker, but his shiny helmet says otherwise. As far as I know this is uniform is not available, so I guess it's a graphical glitch?
  12. Gerrit.

    F1 spammers

    Yes, apart from the disturbing noise there is another effect: you get a flag. "The first 2 times a player is reported this way, he gets a warning in the form of a green flag. If he keeps ignoring these warnings, the penalties will become more severe: yellow flags which stay after the battle, then a kick (1 red flag), then a temporary ban (2 red flags)." The green flags are removed after a match, so usually F1 has no effect unless you keep damaging your team.
  13. Gerrit.

    1.12 encouraging afk or idle meta

    It's easier to die in quick succession if you spawn low tier tanks instead of high tier tanks. The lower field maintenance means less cycling through the forest time and the lower quality of the vehicle means it's easier for enemies to kill you fast. Win-win!
  14. Gerrit.

    too many dusty things

    I once calculated how much credits I have in items and vehicles that aren't equipped, I think it was a little under 1 million credits. I don't mind that those items are stuck there, I bought them knowing that there is no way to sell them so I considered those credits lost from the moment I spent them. However, if Reto would allow us to sell those items, it would be equivalent to giving all players a lot of credits for free. People won't need to buy gold for months. And the sale of gold is how this game survives...
  15. Gerrit.

    out of resources......

    On top it says 'Assault' but no city name, so it is staged. The enemy still has 10 tank destroyers available, so you must have had them as well. The most likely explanation is that you were in a tank destroyer squad.