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  1. Gerrit.

    Your favorite game OST's

    Nice game, I've spent a lot of time there.
  2. Gerrit.

    Your favorite game OST's

    Nice to see both Witcher 2 and 3 present! Some more nice soundtracks:
  3. Gerrit.

    Scout 2 for new players

    New players don't need an endgame weapon from the start to have fun. And yes, a SA rifle with scout II is an endgame weapon capable of competing with any other weapon ingame. TTK isn't everything in this game, if it were, the PTRD would be the most powerful rifle ingame capable of OHKing anyone including HSG veterans. Even so, the SA rifles (with ammo or scout II barrel) are reliable quick 2HK weapons at almost any range except super long ranges. And even at those long ranges the SA rifles are in my opinion better than most alternatives including BA rifles. BA rifles aren't viable even with scout II barrel, even with all the damage mods unlocked it's only useful to oneshot newbies that don't have HSS or HSG yet. I'd recommend anyone to use a SA rifle instead if they want to have an infantry sniper. Unless you want to focus on headshots, then the BA rifles are pretty good. And you don't need the scout II barrel to do that. Of course there is a place where BA rifles do shine, which is when you get an 8x scope on it and go for long range shots. But this isn't for new players as these scopes are only available for recons that are expensive to buy and expensive to repair.
  4. Gerrit.

    Scout 2 for new players

    Scout II is arguably the best mod on the SA rifles. It makes no sense at all to unlock it after two battles. If you want to turn your SA rifle into a 2HK rifle as soon as possible, upgrade to better ammo (available at the unlock spots you're suggesting!) and use that until you unlock the scout II barrel. For BA rifles it's a different story. Upgrading from 2HK to OHK isn't possible with a simple quickly available mod, you won't get access to the mods for OHK until you've grinded most of the ribbon. But that's not a bad thing. It would be bad if progressing the ribbon did nothing at all because you start with OHK rifle from the start. No support here either.
  5. Gerrit.

    russian helmet cover

    Like N_E_TheSpanishInquisition said, the helmet covers won't show in the soldier screen. They will show ingame. While you usually won't see your own helmet due to the first person view ingame, you can see your uniform and helmet when you're in a vehicle. Grab a bike and admire your new helmet!
  6. Oh look I'm fighting 7 tanks again. Let's vent my frustration by being a toxic racist in army chat! Naah, I don't see how those two are related. Part of fixing the game is fixing the toxic (GE) army chat.
  7. Gerrit.

    Soldier's career

    Soldiers cannot change career since an update somewhere 2017 (or 2016?). So if you have any old soldiers they will still be able to switch career (but it has been made more expensive than it used to be!) and any soldiers created after that time cannot change career, except promotion to General.
  8. Gerrit.

    Cheaters or very good?

    I think these days those first minutes are fought against bots... But you're right, it's really easy to fight against new players just with your experience of the game. Mods and weapons help a little, but the biggest advantage a player can have is their knowledge of the maps and weapons and knowledge how to play, kill and stay alive.
  9. If I read the OP correctly, this wasn't really about radically different opinions, this was about racism and toxic behaviour. I wouldn't mind radically different opinions in the army chat, where one player tells us to send paratroopers to every town while I have a radically different opinion. I would mind complete off-topic racism and toxic spam. Luckily I'm in the SU chat and the few non-cyrillic messages I see are usually OK. The english messages in the SU army chat are usually 'What tank should I buy' 'Can someone send troops to town X' or 'Does anyone want to squad up?' 'hakcers everywwhere' 'no you just bad' and the likes.
  10. Gerrit.

    Why it takes so long to find a match?

    There are multiple reasons your queue can take a long time. 1. You're queuing for a very specific map. Make sure you're queuing for all available maps if you want to have a short queue. 2. You're queuing for an overpopulated faction (Germany). The amount of available enemies is much lower for you, so perhaps queue as another faction if you want a short queue. 3. You're queuing as a non-infantry soldier. Queues for specialists can take a bit longer, especially if you only select heavy tank battles for example. But you're a new player, I assume this is not the case. 4. You're queuing for one specific town on the war map. This can take ages, if you ever get in. But you're a new player, so I assume this is not the case because new players cannot access war matches and only have staged battles to fight. 5. You're queuing in a region / timezone where there aren't a lot of other players online. I'm from EU and queues rarely take long for me during my evening, but I can imagine it might take a bit longer if I queued in the middle of the night, for the matchmaker to find other EU players at that time. 6. You're still in bronze / silver matchmaking and the matchmaker has some trouble finding enough other new players to fill a battle. Reason 6 is most likely the reason you're having long queues and this measure exists to protect you from being killed by fully modded weapons carried by veteran players right away. But don't worry, you'll get to gold matchmaking before you know it and then the queue time will improve.
  11. Gerrit.

    Cheaters or very good?

    It's best if you assume that a good score means a good player. They might be playing hours per day grinding their scores with a fully equipped soldier for the leaderboard and simply are significantly better than the common soldier without mods of a player that logs in once a week. Sure, cheating is also a possibility. But the chance is much higher that it's an experienced veteran instead. I see experienced veterans with fully modded weapons killing newbies all the time.
  12. Gerrit.

    GE Overpop and newcomers

    You say the band-aid measures have not worked. But there's no reason to think they didn't work. I would assume that those band-aid measures have mitigated a large part of the problem, but you're right: these measures didn't completely solve the unbalanced populations. That doesn't mean the band-aid was useless though. Even if these measures only solved half the problem they might have done a lot. That said, I wish that somehow the populations of the factions were made even more equal. I guess we'll need more incentives for players to join the lesser populated factions for that to happen. Free starter SMGs and a car for the first SU and US soldiers for new players perhaps?
  13. Gerrit.

    Bugged as intended STG 44

    As far as I know, it's not a bug. The STG is just not counted as a rifle, but as an assault rifle is a class of it's own. This has some consequences such as: - STG cannot level up recon badge with headshots + STG can be equipped together with a (scoped) SA/BA rifle and get extra ammo for both weapons from the hoarder badge (which doesn't work when you equip two rifles)
  14. Gerrit.

    Radical RTS changes NOW

    The underdog bonus is not related to the amount of assault teams, it's related to the amount of FPS soldiers as it encourages people to play FPS on the lower populated factions. The resource queue has a different purpose: it keeps the amount of ATs somewhat in balance, while the underdog bonus keeps the amount of FPS soldiers somewhat in balance. Both a resource queue and underdog bonus (or something equivalent) are necessary for a balanced RTS. Anyway, saying that it would help SU more doesn't convince me as I don't really care about the outcome of the war. Haven't cared for a long time as I haven't deployed seriously for a long time, I just want a balanced and fun RTS. Then maybe I'll start playing the RTS again.
  15. Gerrit.

    Radical RTS changes NOW

    Terrible ideas, every single one of them. 1. We've all seen how some battles become unplayed, encircled and stuck forever during the AR-off experiment, especially skirmishes. Less AR is an option, but no AR at all is not an option. 2. The reason underdog and underpopulation bonuses exist is to encourage people to play other factions than the most populated faction in order to somewhat equalize the populations for a more equal amount of RTS matches popping for all three factions. And to lower the GE queue. Without it, there's no system in place to balance out the populations leading to impossible to populate battles between the low populated factions and impossible queues for the high populated faction. 3. What's going to be the uniqueness of every faction when everyone can use everything? And why can we buy these things only with gold, are you trying to turn the game into a pay-to-win game? 4. I think they should stop listening to you. The RTS needs a lot of changes but these are terrible suggestions, honestly. Please think a bit more before you come up with suggestions.