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  1. Gerrit.

    Spy kit

    For the silent kills, use the knife. And pick their weapon up to make every gun shot after that sound like shots fired by the enemy faction to confuse them! They'll never expect you to be behind them when they hear a friendly rifle, even though it's killing all of their allies.
  2. More vehicles won't mean that the maps become smaller, people can drive only one vehicle at the time. 😁 And while the skirmish maps might feel small when you have vehicles, I'm sure you won't say the same about the assault maps. Traversing those on foot takes ages, you sometimes really need some form of transportation there. I too think it's sad to see vehicles used for 20m and then left behind, but there already is a system in place that rewards players for re-using their vehicle: vehicle spawn costs. While some people don't mind about paying some credits each time they spawn as long as they get to the action faster, it adds up fast if you never spawn for free. And spawning for free is a lot easier now that we can spawn instantly on friendly vehicles (which wasn't possible before update 1.12). And re-using vehicles? I try to do that all the time when I get the chance, as it's a lot faster to move around when you can just hop back in your vehicle. Too bad people often die before they can re-use their vehicle... I agree that we could use more maps, I think most people would like to see new maps. Everyone likes new maps and this game really could use some! Luckily Reto has been creating some new maps lately (see the new Soviet maps Khutor and Krepost. I would be surprised if Reto wasn't using those assets to create a new Soviet assault map right now. About pay-to-win, luckily this game is set up to be pay-to-skip-grind and I don't think it will ever turn pay-to-win. The philosophy behind the prices of items in this game has always been that things are available for both time (credits) and money (gold) so players can choose how to invest in the game to get their equipment. They can respectively provide an active playerbase, or pay, and in both cases the players allow the game to keep running.
  3. Gerrit.

    Deathtrap for the newbies

    Welcome to the game! While using a modded weapon means higher repair cost and a higher repair cost means it takes longer to buy new items, I can recommend putting sniper ammo on your SA rifle once you unlock it. With just the sniper ammo your weapon will start to kill people in two shots instead of three, making it a powerful weapon that's able to compete with most other weapons... if you know what you're doing. That second part is something that will be hard as new player, but learning the maps and the best ways to take down people will come while you play the game. Equipment isn't everything. 😉 Don't spend your credits on mods without doing some research. Mods won't always make your weapon better (it just makes it handle a bit different which may be a good thing, but may also be bad depending on what you need) and mods will also make your repair costs higher so it's usually best to play with unmodded weapons or the minimal mods (such as sniper ammo or scout II barrel on the SA rifles). Good luck and have fun!
  4. Gerrit.

    Only 1 Pouch for the M9A1 Bazooka?

    Same issue for the Ampulomet. It seems Reto forgot to add the option to remove or add an ammo pouch to the new rocket launchers. The old launchers had 1, 4 or 7 rockets for respectively 4, 5 or 6 equipment points. I'd love to see that flexibility for the new launchers as well.
  5. Gerrit.

    Spade Vs. Knife

    Same damage (70) but you can swing the knife faster and it has a lower weight. The spades have longer reach though. I believe the bayonets have a longer reach than the knife, so you may want to get one of those.
  6. Gerrit.

    Changelog 1.13.1 NEW ANTI TANK WEAPONS

    Same for the Ampulomet, can't add or remove ammo pouches. 😕 Just stop with the 'aaah the world is on fire Reto destroyed it all'-act and wait for the effects of the RTS to become clear. If US starts in scandinavia it will obviously be owned by US, but for some reason you forget that if the US starts there, their old starting location might be contested like scandinavia used to be. US doesn't start in Britain anymore you know.
  7. Gerrit.

    Spy kit

    You can get the spy kit yourself. One of my paratroopers is running with exactly that setup, it's fun.
  8. Gerrit.

    Changelog 1.13.1 NEW ANTI TANK WEAPONS

    Keyword was. Scandinavia was the key territory with the old starting locations. I'm pretty sure it won't be the key territory now, new areas will be fought over.
  9. Gerrit.

    Changelog 1.13.1 NEW ANTI TANK WEAPONS

    Why so pessimistic? New starting locations sounds like a good idea to me to change the strategy of the RTS map for a while. New backyards and 'crucial territory' will arise and if it turns out not to do well for the RTS, is there anything that keeps Reto from changing it again?
  10. Gerrit.

    Changelog 1.13.1 NEW ANTI TANK WEAPONS

    Could you add the ability to remove and add ammo pouches to the Ampulomet Model 1941? With the old bazooka it's possible to have 1 rocket for 4 equipment points, 4 rockets for 5 equipment points or 7 rockets for 6 equipment points. I'd love to have that flexibility for the Ampulomet as well.
  11. Gerrit.

    Ampulomet 4 equipment points

    A visual bug: It seems like the Ampulomet Model 1941 shows as having 4 equipment points in this screen. While it has 5 equipment points. And while you're at it, please make it possible to add or remove a pouch for the Ampulomet? I'd love to be able to bring it with 7 rockets for 6 equipment points like my old bazooka. Or 1 rocket for 4 equipment points (which can be useful with the hoarder badge!).
  12. Why is this a surprise? When tanks were new, everyone was spamming tanks. When AT weapons are new, everyone is spamming AT weapons. Nothing surprising really, and the amount of AT rambos says nothing about the tank-infantry balance right now. Let it cool down for a while and see how many AT rambos there are in a few weeks.
  13. Gerrit.

    Changelog 1.13.1 NEW ANTI TANK WEAPONS

    Awesome! Good to see that Reto listens to suggestions on the forums, that's literally what I've suggested. Not sure how I think about that... but I'll see how it works out. Ever since I started playing two years ago I've found that H3 was the most effective way to deal with tanks. I'm not sure if the alternatives are good enough to keep a balance between the factions.
  14. Haha that could be true. In war I rarely use my paratroopers. It won't change my reason for not using the free fall badge though, while I might get shot out of the air more often in that case, my other reasons not to use the free fall badge still stand.
  15. You're exaggerating. I've stopped using the free fall for like a year now ever since I got sick of the bug where you would fall to your death after the plane crashed (yes that bug only happens with free fall badge equipped) and have not been shot out of the air once. On the other hand, I have survived a lot of parachute jumps because my parachute isn't bugged. Also, because I have a moment in the air before I drop down, I find that I approach the sites much more tactically instead of falling down in the middle of a battle without knowing where the enemies are, and dying soon after taking down one or two guys. Without free fall I have enough time to know the location of all enemies where I'm dropping, which results in much higher survivability for me. I'd say that equipping the free fall badge would result in a lot more deaths for me. Might be different for you, but I'm happy with my higher survivability and on top of that, half the field maintenance cost of other paratroopers. Try to play a few matches without free fall and tell me how often you get shot out of the air. One hint: try to steer your parachute in such a way that the shadow of the chute won't show up where your enemies are looking and you'll have a big chance they don't even know you're coming. And if they do know you're coming, drop on another location next time!