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  1. Looking for there I realized that they are not really the real uniforms or camouflage of the Second World War, to see if they look at these photos and have a better idea with those uniforms since we paid enough for a few colors that do not actually camouflage anything.
  2. New Weapons

    Greetings.He wanted to know for when they plan to throw the remaining weapons, like throws flames shotguns, camouflage suits those of marksmen who look like trees. I think they would be good weapons since they are assaults and short range.
  3. Because the bullets do not cross light lightweight like wood and the same bodies of soldiers, it is known that the bullets of those rifles could transfer up to 3 people of a shot, I say because I have already tried and can only kill a soldier for bullet.
  4. Do not die a shot, recon!

    That has to see everything they say, with what I say are diverting the subject.
  5. Do not die a shot, recon!

    I really see that nobody likes to put the subject of recon, but I tell you the shooters were trained for that, to kill and long range I do not do 50, but I do 75 - 80 but when I do not kill a shot always look for the way To find me, the forum I use it for what it is, to give my point of view and express myself of something that I think is wrong.
  6. Do not die a shot, recon!

    Hi. I have come for the first time to this part of the forum as it has me so annoying that I have come to see if anyone joins the complaint and help us with this problem (Recon). The thing is that after spending all the money on improving and all things in an rifle does not always kill one shot thanks to the skills that give him both horny as the others that I do not remember the name, so I spend money on something that Does not work as it should, for example I spend more than 60 euros thinking good I do a recon I put the rifle well and I can go out to kill, it turns out that I am more dead than alive, since many times the rifle hits but does not die only low 90% of the total health, when I come to be able to take the next shot and the prey is hidden and escapes or I'm caught behind because you already know where I am and pawn! Dead man, I think they should give a review to the whole recon team.
  7. Mina Anti persona = a 5 tanques medianos

    osea literalmente para que no las usen mejor deciden eliminarlas.
  8. hola. lo que vengo a plantearle es lo que he visto las minas anti persona nadie las usa y es por su alto mantenimiento, usar una de esas minas equivale a 1030 creditos = 13 de oro, es una suma exagerada imaginate usar 10 de esas y que no tenga, ningun efecto y aun teniendolo es muy alto el costo de mantenimiento, no se si esto va aqui pero pienso que alguien de reto no penso bien las cosas.
  9. Movimiento del rifle Aleman

    Tengo un Mad catz RAT 7, vere que pueda hacer en ese caso ya que veo que es cosas del juego.
  10. El recon (sniper, francotirador)

    Yo con el recon he sacado hasta 64 de puntos por distancia, y con muerte he sacado mas de 80 puntos totales de un disparo.
  11. Movimiento del rifle Aleman

    osea el gatillo no es importante ponerlo o alguna pieza ya le tengo mirilla x8 la tuberia el resolte y demas lo unico que no he puesto es un gatillo
  12. Movimiento del rifle Aleman

    alguien sabe como reducir el movimiento del rifle ya que se mueve demaciado y para disparar tienes que estar super concentrado
  13. Enganches del Tiger

    de verdad eres de soporte por que en vez de anotar la queja y reportarle a los dev esplicas tonterias.
  14. Completamente parcial

    Bueno el problema en si no es que los tanques alemanes sean malo es que tardan demaciado en recargar, cuando un ruso a hecho 4 disparo el aleman solo a hecho 2 y casi termina recarga para el 3, creo que eso de las armas de infanteria es tonteria, no me quejo de los antitank es normal solo que ya todos tienen antitank y camper con un tanque ya es imposible siempre debes moverte, lo que encuentro mal es que la recarga es horrible tarda demaciado unos 4 segundo o 5 segundos.