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  1. WilliesJeep


  2. WilliesJeep

    AA Vehicles

    Exactly! Now you’re getting it
  3. WilliesJeep

    AA Vehicles

    Just adapt
  4. He's probably a staged warrior
  5. WilliesJeep

    the tank update makes US even worst

    Just adapt
  6. WilliesJeep

    Special class for really good players

    Yeah, cause recons suck and no one wants them in their games. If your team has recons your chance of winning goes down, not up.
  7. WilliesJeep

    many esp and radar hacks

    Just adapt lol
  8. WilliesJeep


    Jokes on you, I don’t even play this garbage game anymore
  9. WilliesJeep


    If you find yourself crutching on heavy set, simply adapt and stop crutching on broken stuff If you find yourself not using heavy set, simply adapt and start abusing the broken stuff If you find yourself sitting in a bush with a recon rifle, simply delete system 32
  10. Just get a better computer lol
  11. WilliesJeep

    Antichit will go out for a walk

    Your translator broke
  12. WilliesJeep

    Antichit will go out for a walk

  13. Tankers can't feel pain or learn things. It's ok to kill them. Repeatedly. Tank players have a very basic nerve system and are unable to learn new skills or react to threats or stimuli. That's why they always respawn as tanker after being spawncamped or return to the same spot where they died a minute ago. They lack the mental complexity that is required for switching classes, choosing alternative spawns or changing their routes. That means it is ethical to blow them to pieces, because they can't really feel pain or distress. *Thanks for the wonderful copypasta @OC_Ludwig*
  14. WilliesJeep

    equipment points

    Quite possibly the most based statement on these forums.