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  1. WilliesJeep

    Why do you play?

    I dont play, I just complain about the game on the forums and discord
  2. If that person gets more than 1 or 2 kills doing that then your team sucks
  3. WilliesJeep

    Alternative Armor Tier list and Vehicle Analysis

    Fair, I just never really play anything but war
  4. WilliesJeep

    Alternative Armor Tier list and Vehicle Analysis

    The real question is who the hell is playing assault infantry.
  5. WilliesJeep

    buff german pls

    It works just the same as the US jeep. I have 57 hours in the US jeep and 35 in the kubel, not that it matters cause you can clearly tell that the performance issues people are having with the kubel in this thread arent problems with the kubel, but problems with the driver
  6. WilliesJeep

    buff german pls

    Wtf are you people talking about. The kubel is just as good as the jeep and slightly worse than the gaz (leftover from when it had no gun)
  7. WilliesJeep

    faction change

    you just have to wait for the current war to end and you can swap factions
  8. Pretty sure a KT will farm noobs regardless of whether it’s in their spawn or not. This is less a problem of spawn camping and more a problem of vehicle balancing
  9. If you think I'm wrong please explain why instead of dismissing anything you disagree with as "trolling"
  10. The StG has some of the least gun smoke in the game. And those 3 guns are some of the easiest to use in the game. Get good.
  11. If you let the enemy take control of your spawn you would have lost anyways.
  12. How do you cap a point if you can't kill the people on it. K/D matters, even if low skill players like to avoid that fact.
  13. WilliesJeep

    Anti-personnel mines

    And people still think that it should 1 shot kill lol.
  14. WilliesJeep

    Nerf Sturmgewehr

    If the avs had less cancer horizontal recoil I would never take it off. It's better at range than the M2 or STG and has better ttk than STG for cqc. I can deal with vertical recoil and low mag, it would be a high skill gun that would be very effective in the right hands, whereas right now the STG and M2 are just better for 90% of engagements.