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  1. I agree, very important. I suggest a second tier of battle orders, or even three. Give each team a leader on the field, that can make orders in addition to squad orders. Of course you should get additional XP for giving and carrying out these orders. We got squad leader roles from rank 6, how about a company commander from rank 12, and battlefield commander from rank 15? or some variation of this. Job passes on if you leave and is turn/rng generated like squad leader roles are now.? Instead of just "defend" orders, we could maybe also get a "defend at all cost" order from the boss
  2. BrutePepper

    AVS-36 worth it?

    Did I write that? I didn't write that. True, it has similar range and precision and rof to DP 28, yet it is absolutely nothing like that. I clearly prefer AVS of the two, when raiding a point, its light and you don't get the penalties. If you shoot up, like at 1. floor, you can't see anything next too you, cuz of the disc. DP way too clunky for cqc imo. It's great if you don't have to move too much though.
  3. BrutePepper

    AVS-36 worth it?

    When using the AVS you should slow it down a bit, and be more paranoid, the reason being that you can't yolo with that thing. You don't wanna be looking for fights with more than one guy at a time. 2 guys, gets half a mag each. No hesitation and just in case. 3 guys, and you wanna have a plan or ration those bullets really well, and missing shots is not an option. Always reload in cover before you proceed but be very careful reloading when unsafe. It takes a while 10-40 meter range is where i love it. Longer than 40-50 m and I prefer SVT. Amazing in forest, cuz that is usually about as far as you can see. Consider switching to single fire for targets on the edge of your range. Have also tried all sort of mods for it, and wasn't happy with it before i tried using only sights and barrel. Makes it quite easy, but a little dull. No hesitation allowed. But with spring its very very sharp, and still easy to control. The key is no bullet or trigger mods. Resist the urge!
  4. BrutePepper

    Cheating problem

    Yeah, so far we still have rule of law in Europe. Rule of television is still a few years down the line
  5. BrutePepper

    Cheating problem

    Pls more paranoid conspiracies theories about everything.. It's not enough.. If you don't think it's possible to get 35 HS in 30 minutes on a super qcq map like krepost, you shouldn't spend your time on competitive fps game forums. And if you really think evil RETO is protecting ALL the corrupt capitalist cheaterplayers with make believe anticheat and instructing all their employees to cover it up, you should definitely join the revolution!
  6. BrutePepper

    Americans LMGs OP

    Yeah yeah yeah yeah. That's what I'm doing, I don't feel like I slacking at all. Damn. I can do 35 HS in a game on krepost though. Apparently, some feel that's a little too much XD
  7. BrutePepper

    Americans LMGs OP

    Seriously, you kill like 3 times as fast me with everything lol
  8. BrutePepper

    Americans LMGs OP

    Wow.. Yeah.. wow.. I'm gonna shut up about balance now. I CANNOT do that with my DP 28. Was going to say I can compete with The Gorkiy Auto Zavod-AAA M-4 Maxim AA truck.. But I can't.. like 45 kills pr hour
  9. BrutePepper

    DP-28 Mods??

    Sights, Heavy Spring, Chromed Lined Barrel. Standard ammo and trigger. AND tight grip. It's slow with 458 rpm, but it's insane. With trigger it get's 509, but you might miss once or twice extra at longer ranges or in the longer bursts.
  10. BrutePepper

    Americans LMGs OP

    Man.. Dude.. Sir.. You need to look at your AVS mods! 18%?? That's just shameful! XD We have approx. same accuracy with SA and BA and pretty much everything else except THAT! No bullets or trigger for you for you! Sir! .. Shameful..
  11. BrutePepper

    Tankas & Tankes

    Tankers most certainly aren't helpless (unlike they used to be) vs AT infantry and neither is infantry vs tanks, but it might take a few tries now. Unless the tankers don't know what they are doing and don't have infantry support. But you can't fix that with balance.
  12. BrutePepper

    How much credit do I get after a kill?

    That depends on how much XP you get from that particular kill. I believe you get 4 credits (Edit: it's 3.41) for 1 XP. So minimum 20 credits (Edit: (5 for a kill + minimum 1 from damage)x3,41=20,46). But if you get defence or raiding bonus + saviour kill bonus, tank support bonuses, squad bonuses, squad order bonuses, It can obviously be a lot more. And after a match you can potentially get a victory bonus on 50 XP, daily, war battle and underpopulation bonuses. And a veteran membership include 25% extra credits earned from matches. And there's distance bonuses too, for hits above 200 meter I believe it is. These bonuses are really big, but I don't know if it is on all guns or just BA.
  13. I agree with you, our weapon are not allrounders and not for everyone, maybe only DP 28. And all of them are kind of gimmicky, but they can be really effective in the right circumstances and most certainly fun. And Ievelling up soldiers without switching is not an really an issue. The issue for new players, I believe, is the low amount of credits they make with that one inactive soldier they got. And the fact they don't really know what to spend them on or do differently to help themself.
  14. And we have other stuff.. Like an amphibious anti infantry tank.. Pure evil! The deadliest single entity in the game.. The Gorkiy Auto Zavod-AAA M-4 Maxim AA truck!!! Protected infantry vehicle gunner in the T-20. The longest bayonet. Invisible AP mines. And ton of rounds in our guns.. And the AVS.. Arguably the best BA riffle And I wouldn't trade my DP 28 for any other LMG in the game!
  15. I don't what to say XD I disagree, I think you are wrong.. For the most part.. NO, the SU infantry is not undergunned! But our weaponry doesn't have the allround characteristics like US and GE has. So we must choose more carefully before we can pwn dem scrubs, correct. Balance is not 1 to 1 nor should it be, and SU has much underutilized strength in our flexibility. E.g. Yesterday, I did a 40-10 on Krepost vs US with PPD-40 modded only with sights, TM-35 and RPG-43 (which i didn't use) (it was an unfair 11 vs 7 match with no APCs and got around 5 kills with m1919 too, but still, stop loving bashing the PPD!) And there's nothing wrong with the Nagant! And the PPS is 100% my fav SMG. Should be expensive But i will admit: MP-40, STG-44, Johnson, m1919, m1/m2 all SOUNDS really really mean XD.. But I guess they are alright too.. And our tanks are not quite up to snuff. And like i said, I play the most where the infantry battles are the best. And those maps still have the small caps.