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  1. BrutePepper

    Least favorite map and reasons for that?

    There's a lot to be said. In general i think the maps needs to be more polished. In a practical way. Especially the old "French Village" assault and skirmish maps . The roads and the terrain on the edges of the maps are filled with bumps and holes and spikes and random piles of dirt. Mountain town is particularly bad with this. It used to bug me a lot when some random bump would flip my big motorbike 180 degrees. A lot! The railroad tracks are insane too. After the new vehicle update, we really need good roads. The new "Eastern" setting maps are much better with these things though. But similarly I think the further away from the centre of the maps you get, the less vegetation, the more you are reminded that the map is an oasis. Along the rivers for instance, the vegetation thins out. The longer you move out on a attack line, the more plain the maps gets. There could be a little more stuff on the maps, on the edges. Places to fight, and to give variety and interest Game flow wise. I think, the attackers "bridgeheads" on the maps, the first two checkpoints on the lines, tend to be too hard to defend for the attackers. In general, if the defenders of the map push the attackers "momentum" back to the #2 checkpoints, like to C2 or E2 on the Town map. The game almost certainly ends shortly thereafter, when C1 or E1 is lost too. If B line or D line is open for defenders to spawn at too, its very close too impossible to get a foothold. And no one wants to play 5 minute assault maps. On the opposite note. I think the town itself is slightly too much of a fortress. And if you are attacking from only one line, its usually very very hard to make an impact, if you are going against even the slightest of skill or coordination. Playing defence is just so much easier. If only my random soviet teammates knew that I think it would make better matches if there were a closer balance between the "resilience" of the lines and the objectives. And hopefully move the heavy fighting closer to the objectives because the defenders have a harder time stopping the attacking and "closing" out lines. I'm not thinking big changes, a few bushes, some high grass, a broken shed and a stone wall behind D1 on town map for instance. Just to have a chance to shift momentum if a line is about to be closed out.
  2. BrutePepper

    We should cut Reto a break.

    I feel guilty as charged. Played a ton in 2017 and 2018. To the point of total frustration. Made a ranting review on steam. 115 found it helpful. Uninstalled and took a 4 months break from the game. Reinstalled around new year and have had a ton of fun with the new vehicle mechanics ever since. A lot of the same old issues are still here. But I actually found that reto have been picking some lower hanging fruits. Like improving the recoil. That's massive. But we have high expectations. I've played a ton of Starcraft 2, Civ IV and GTA IV for instance. Comparable games in some sense, but all AAA-productions and some of the best and most polished ever made, with hundreds if not thousands of people working on them. H&G is free to play, and they have a small staff. I think it's a awesome game with awesome assets. But the flaws are many and the development is slow. The top things for me being the lack of new AND better maps and the unfixed bugs. Like the spawning of dead soldier in front of you and the constant memory leak-type crashing when browsing menu's. It should really be fixable. Also sound, was never prime, but now super buggy. And loading/waiting times before the match actually starts are still too long. I think balance is good. Maybe a fire power edge to GE, but the soviet army is flexible. And I've come to appreciate the idea of total class freedom. To git gut, you must learn to pick the right character at the right place at the right time. But a lot of players don't want to git gut at all. They just wanna love around. So when you play on a 20 man team of randoms vs a 20 man clan. You sometimes wish there where a minimum of players, of like 6 or 8, playing infantry, actually capping and defending points. On the other hand. There's no guaranties anyway and If you land in a team of random hardcore veterans, which also happens, all that freedom is super useful.
  3. BrutePepper

    This is a statement!

    Maybe they should add some more matchmaking groups then. It couldn't possibly hurt anyone. People become experts and masters at this game. I think the skill ceiling is much higher than in other FPS, with the open world and the strategy elements. And if all players player level VII and above automatically join gold matchmaking, with all their characters. Wouldn't that mean all players with more than a few hours are top dogs to the matchmaker? Kind of defeats the purpose, doesn't it? Just tested with new rank 0 infantry. (Feofan Soldatov, joining his brothers Bogdan and Ivan) Buying him it says Matchmaking group: bronze On Maps and Filters its says Matchmaking group: gold Is that because I'm above player level VII, or is it actually some MMR that determine this??
  4. BrutePepper

    This is a statement!

    All I'm asking for is a little proportion. Something like max 2 recon, max 2 tankers, max 2 pilots at a time on war attack. Max 3 of each on defence (1 squad of each + 1 aux seat open at a time) It would still leave a lot of options, while the objective part of the game is actually playable for the infantry.
  5. BrutePepper

    This is a statement!

    Yeah, well, could only do it for about 1½ hour before my conscience caught up with me. But the point remains that I can absolutely destroy the experience of new and low level players at my own will, just as new players can kill my fun in war battles, by idk, spamming our apcs, driving into certain death honking the horn and shooting the machine gun at friendlies.. Or being so ill-equipped as infantry that they are bushwookie-ing it all game, just to not go 1-10.. I've said it before. Better skill level matchmaking, and better class management. Please Reto. You know, snipers are known for their demoralizing effect. It's gonna be a pretty loving demoralizing game if there is no limits on the amounts.
  6. BrutePepper

    This is a statement!

  7. BrutePepper

    This is a statement!

    I'm gonna make a point. #NoHardLimits (I don't use twitter). Rank 17, Amoeba Leaf Fall, DP 28, 235 rounds, Soviet Medic Pouch, Tight Grip Gold, Heavy Set Gold. + 800 kill Komsomolets + 140 IQ combat movement + 1300 hrs exp, on tryhard mode encounter seal clubbing all day, every day, until; #HardLimits It's actually good fun, I'm an complete butt, but it's fun for me.. so.. K/d ratio usually about 8:1-ish #NoChance Why? Be cause I'm salty as **** #NoHardLimits Why am I salty. Be cause if i join a war battle, chances are I'm gonna have to try and carry 10 recon newbies, 4 tank newbies, and a puny 2 infantry squads "assaulting" the E-line only on the Town-fortification-complex, against the Fubared crew.. Something like that.. Which would be fun, if people actually spawned. But they don't, be cause they know where it's going. #NoHardLimitsOnMyBlatantHonesty
  8. BrutePepper

    Official Khutor Skirmish map feedback topic

    There are some bushes floating in the air, and coming and going depending on angle, in the middle of the waterhole near village.
  9. Another tip: Remember to set useful auxiliary seats, and do it before the map starts to load up.
  10. BrutePepper

    Vehicle unspawns after AA gun use

    Bug: Vehicle unspawns after AA gun use Map Encountered: Airfield Location Encountered: D1 Details: My vehicle unspawned after I drove to the AA gun and used it for a minute or so. Happened twice, at first i thought it might had been taken out by the aircraft. But the second time, it was just gone. How to Reproduce?: Do the same, I suppose.
  11. BrutePepper

    Planes = No fun playing infantry.

    I really really think a lot of problems in this game could be solved by reworking the spawn system. Make more spawn points for each checkpoint and spread them out a lot more. Or randomize more.. Whatever.. The maps are totally figured out, and it would help a lot if we actually didn't know where the enemy is coming from 100% of the time.. Shouldn't be hard to do, you've reworked it before.. It would improve the playability of the current maps. And maybe even make the players better as well. If they are actually required to use their brain and combat movement skills to navigate from this new and more random spawn, in stead of the quite tedious rush-from-A-to-B-don't-care-about-anything stormtrooper strategy A LOT of players have learned in encounter and hence apply on the war maps.
  12. Well, still get seemingly random freezes. Mostly when I die or spawn a new vehicle. But not every-time at all. 1-2-3 seconds freezes. Been so for a couple of weeks. Frame-rate is normal, 90 -130.
  13. BrutePepper

    Errors on RTS map

    Karup Lufthavn is wrongly placed on the RTS map. I noticed one of the first times I ever played the game, but later thought you might have had a reason for that, supply-line wise or something. But to this day, it's still the only wrongly placed location I have noticed on the map, so I thought I'd mention it. Of course Karup Lufthavn is located between Herning and Viborg and not south of Ikast. Also Karup Lufthavn was definitely not the name of the place at the time.
  14. BrutePepper

    all german names are blocked ,.... why???

    Are we the Baddies?
  15. Great! Thanks! I'll uncheck that too.