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  1. BrutePepper

    Mommy retos favorite spoiled children

    All power to forward shields! Maximum warp engaged. Phasers; set to kill. Fire all batteries. Remember captain, all previous diplomatic attempts with the Romulans have failed!
  2. Seeing US fight SU with StG 44's in my favorite WW2 game made me realize.. RETO, you need to add the DeLorean for all factions so we can get back to the real world and straighten this mess out!
  3. What an interesting test! Will you submit your findings to peer-review? Any way, I'm pretty sure I scored 3 or more, but I might have cheated. Accidentally, of course. But knowing there's still hope for a developer-career really soothes my anxiety. Now if you would excuse me, I have to get back to my very very very loud therapy: Undertow - Full album
  4. BrutePepper

    About Turkey Forum

    I think I know where you are going with this.. Some wants to teach natsees lessons in humanity. Others choose a different approach. You of all should appreciate this.
  5. BrutePepper

    About Turkey Forum

    I disagree.
  6. BrutePepper

    About Turkey Forum

    Well as it turns out, every single player that still plays this game is an uneducated racist pleb-kid from somewhere east of where i live. This ratifies all my presumptions about uneducated racist pleb-kids from east of where i live. I bet you all watch TV and have FB accounts, and nationalistic hysteria is the only thing you identify with, because it is showed down your little prostitute throats every single day.. See.. Racism is very very easy.. I can be like you.. If you want..
  7. BrutePepper

    About Turkey Forum

    Or Wienersnitzel or Borscht, classy stuff..
  8. BrutePepper

    Staged Assault Ressources

    Jøsses fuking s christus. @Lobo[PT], @Rdanzer It's not about my credits or my fun or me or you not playing war in stead. It's a general problem in staged assault battles. And a general problem with sqaud 2.0 attacking. Nothing more nothing less. I know about war ffs. Problems still exist in one mode, even when you play another yourself. Circumventing bad design isn't the loving issue. The bad design is the issue.. Fuckin gtards
  9. BrutePepper

    Staged Assault Ressources

    Yeah of course it's a general problem with the attacking squad mechanic, like you say. I mentioned this specific scenario with APC on only 1 line, because it repeats in a big portion of the staged assault battles and it's very easily abused by the defenders here.
  10. On a lot of staged assaults, there's only APC ressources on one of two attacklines. And with defenders being completely free to focus on closing whatever line they deem the most important, while the attackers are bound by the decisions of their squad leaders, those lines are often closed fast, leaving the attackers crippled. Not only with the numbers, but also with tactically deficiencies. Also a lot of pilots fly in staged because there is very little fighter action in the WAR. For infantry to combat, or at least distract, medium and heavy fighters from spawnkilling endless noob-hordes, we need AA resources at all times.