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  1. chrispl09

    Tiger I Gun Breech

  2. chrispl09

    Who is the Better Troll?

    Reto is trolls with these events. Like fix the game and make better events that all factions have a chance to have fun, no one faction just trashing another. SU starting points are so trash. I wonder what r3tard though was this a good idea
  3. chrispl09

    Matchmaker reached new level of broken

    Shows how shirt game is
  4. Skirmishes should be 1 hr or 30 minutes Towns Ar should be 6 hours or 8 hours That is my opinion
  5. chrispl09

    Free Afonso from Gulag

    Forums have been quite boring since our eternal troll left, please release him from gulag so he can come back and wreck US/SU forum warriors, he was the best troll the forum ever had, The admins made a great mistake banning such member of our community #freeafonso -snip-
  6. chrispl09

    R.I.P Heroes and Generals

    This shity update need to be removed from the game(I dont know what those ****** were thinking) but they made the game so bad its not playable. It shows how garbage the update was when they hads to do prizes for people to play looool. Alot of people, i mean all the people i know are quiting the game, unless they remove the new update.
  7. chrispl09


    @Reto.Circinus was this update intended to destroy the game so you could start a new one.
  8. chrispl09

    Brace Yourselves !

  9. I disagree and believe that letting skirmishes to AR will be best.
  10. chrispl09

    Auto-Resolve Experiment Started 10SEP18

    @Reto.Circinus What Sqeek said was really good. I can finally put my ats at front and go to classes not worrying about it. Skirmishes should be ARed after a few hours(2-3 hours) and towns should not be ARed, but be played. I took a break from the game, but as AR was removed i finally am having some joy into the game. @Sqeek
  11. chrispl09

    Auto-Resolve Experiment Started 10SEP18

    AR was the problem which made alot of people stop playing when there was a big player base
  12. chrispl09

    Auto-Resolve Experiment Started 10SEP18

    @Reto.Millan you should remove staged matches and only allow skirmishes and encounter maps, so that more people can play war. @HitnRun2016
  13. chrispl09

    Auto-Resolve Experiment Started 10SEP18

    I quit the game, maybe when game gets fixed and new updates come ill play. XD
  14. chrispl09

    Auto-Resolve Experiment Started 10SEP18

    Not like russians do