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  1. tmoe

    Leaving Penalty

    Guess that answers any questions in regard to your age. I can. Wether or not I can understand you probably have more to do with your language profficiency. Still, going through all the work and abandoning your "not playing the game", doing all the provoking, the gifs.. not hard to tell who the mad one is .
  2. tmoe

    Leaving Penalty

    I'm flattered that you abandoned your "I have quit the game" and being a full time forum warrior, just for me. I really must have touched a nerve .
  3. tmoe

    Leaving Penalty

    So why are you basically coming/sitting in a bush in every single one of your examples? mad? absolutely not. I die and get whistled from randoms like you all the time, hardly something new .
  4. tmoe


    It's good that part is clarified twice. Wouldn't want to waste time using my Tier 2 SA.. .
  5. tmoe

    Balanced game

    Then you clearly weren't monitoring the forum 2016 with the PTRD-complaints. Or 2017 which pretty much had a daily Johnson post. Similar to 2018's daily P38/1919 posts. This year is probably the first year I've ever experienced a majority of the equipment complaints being about GE (obviously mainly due to LMG-nerfs & FW190).
  6. tmoe

    Leaving Penalty

    Well, normally I would agree. Not even I am that stupid to use planes on D-line mountain town. Which also explains why im about pos 10+ on that scoreboard. On top of that, yes. I did whistle to -you- once. After you had started whistling during your spawn camping from the D-houses. Git gud. In addition to that, thanks for providing evidence of your own bushcamping . Oh. And of course. Interesting language-skills. Interesting rethorics. Interesting provokation ingame to get this gif. It's almost as one could think that you are a salty staged pilot that have quit the game and still prefers to spend time on the forum. 10/10.
  7. tmoe

    Balanced game

    No, it's not. "Toys"/Staged/War One of the reasons is because Reto abandoned their original idea and implemented staged. For example, back before 1.12 it was pretty much a no-brainer that SU had the most challenging tanks to use in tank v tank combat. However, it was barely noticable or atleast somewhat rare in war due to the variable of available resources. Same for the P38, the biggest reason for complaints here was obviously since it was very difficult for alot of people to go solo into the heavy fighter-matches in staged and have dogfights against that plane. Then it doesn't matter much when your side (Axis/SU) have great medium fighters with cannons. The other side of all those historical flaws in terms of weak equipment are actually benefits in war. I.e it's literally AT-suicide to send in your medium planes these days on Axis/Allies. If you send them in as soon as the battle is full - then you are lucky if you have any left once the match is over. That doesn't apply to the same extent on SU in regards to tanks & planes. With the exception of planes, SU have had more user-unfriendly toys - thus spamming them far less frequently in war than the other two factions. Ultimately, that means that there is actually quite a significant chance that you might have those available when you need them. Weapons Small arms is a difficult topic. The main thing that comes to my mind is that if we look beyond the biased and armchair-expertise (meaning people who just picks up weapons temporarily and make the conclusion that it's OP), then we also have the difference in skill and preferences. How skill affects - a good player can go into staged and grind PPD against "vets" with heavy set gold/stg and come out on top with a 3+ k/d. Bringing it up a level, the AVS/Johnson were for example hardly big threats in the hands of low/medium-skilled players. Meaning, they didn't boost low/medium-skilled players to overperform. Johnson/1919 in their prime was however undoubtedly stronger than their counterparts when having equivalent opposition. Now, I still argued back then that it was legit for Allies to have such a weapon as the 1919 simply due to the ranged disadvantage. This fairness amongst unfairness however obviously didn't help a low/medium skilled player with little map awareness from being sniped 100m+. Thus.. complaints, and on lower levels such as staged depot encounters - rage quit/uninstall. Basically, I have much more to say on the matter, but instead of dragging it out - the biggest problem is that the toy/small arms-discussions are way too influenced by poor design choices. Or rather - the lack of actual decisions. As it stands, the game is pointing in all different kinds of directions, with no clear destination or target audience. It's built layer by layer, with too many flaws and things that have not been taken into consideration. We can discuss and adjust weapons for as long as Reto-moto still are the ones making the decisions. I don't think that matters a tiny bit, simply due to how the game is set up. There will always be someone complaining, and it will always be unfair for another. And that's just because while trying to please everyone, Reto have also managed to make a mess of a game that could have been exactly what they initially intended it to be, and with that atleast a somewhat satisified playerbase (even if that most likely would mean others than the ones playing it right now).
  8. tmoe

    Staged is a mess

    Because alot of players don't care at all about the grand objective and rather just play easy fps-battles. Alot of people pretend to care, when in reality they barely have ever done anything towards actually winning a war - even when the chances are extremely high to actually win. Axis wars are usually won by a few, not the many. Just like any other faction.
  9. tmoe

    Leaving Penalty

    Yes, it would solve certain issues in staged. In certain regions - NA, not so much. I'm not totally up to date obviously of how quickly games fill up in NA in staged, but from everything I've seen so far it takes a while. And that's just to find -any- players. Imagine the waiting times for a MM with actual criterias of the players needed. Now here is the misconception. This is what most people expect. But as I said in the previous post - this is only possible as long as you have enough players to do so. After that the MM will most likely be set so the team averages will be even against the opposing team. Not so every individual is of the exact same elo, player by player. This game doesn't have near that playerbase needed for that kind of ranking system, nor do I think that Reto would be remotely close of putting in the right values that would give a fair representation of how good X player really is. Now that's something which you can get arguments from in this very thread. Which I see as a relatively good representation of the populations opinion of certain things. They are playing staged because they don't want what comes with war. They don't have the patience or time to specific queue (or is located in a timezone where you basically can't get a war-match). They don't want to face the relatively small risk of running into a clan. And the risk of getting farmed (as long as you play Axis) is significantly smaller than in war. Some refer to "more fairness", which it really isn't due to this game not being symmetrically balanced (even if we're slowly getting closer to it for some reason). But in terms of available resources - yes. Staged sealclubbers are doing just that because of the same reasons people leaves battles, they most likely don't enjoy/fancy the alternative and will most likely just quit rather than populating war. Suggested 3000 times. Just let Reto do a couple of hundred more UI changes and eventually it might get put in there.
  10. Reported for making the video too long and using speedhax. Nice footage & music though .
  11. Well. Sure. But last time I checked previous war (evening last night) the inf stockpile was at 400k. I resupplied about 10x times with with my three 1-day vet acquisitions. And total deployed cmd points wasn't much less than 1k compared to Axis at that point. So, hit "hard" is very much debatable. As always - SU have way less AFK:ers on the RTS than Axis/Allies. If/when people deploy there - they do it to actually play the RTS, not just to sit on sh*t just "in case". As much as SU randoms are horrible - the AT-owners are atleast significantly better/more generous/active than their counterparts. Obviously due to resource-availability, but even so.
  12. It wouldn't be solved over night. But alot of frustrated Axis generals, including myself would happily swap. The joy of actually being able to deploy planes whenever. I could even play para without having to be logged in the moment every war ends - and be lucky in the rng login process that follows. But in terms of money, yeah. That would be the first time I would see something worth paying for in this game. Blizzard have had that feature forever in WoW (server transfer). Population imbalance wouldn't be solved over night with this alone - but it would be a significant start.
  13. tmoe

    Leaving Penalty - Axis Federative Teamspeak. As you said, clan activity is nowhere near what it used to be. But people from many half-dead clans can atleast form almost full teams. On the other hand, collaboration-willingness might differ between groups.. as always on Axis . As for the rest, yeah - you are not wrong. Except for this part: Alot would, and did. However, the more people respond to this thread the more I'm convinced - the only way to ensure you have competent teams is to play in full premade teams. This whole thread is a living example of -why- clans is a thing. Personally I think in these times (and since 1½/2- years back, playing in full teams is extremely excessive - and extremely boring. However, playing 4-man squads is very often ridicolous to what lengths you need to go to, to ensure wins on certain lines. And of course - it doesn't help when you're always playing with atleast 3-4 men less than the defenders.
  14. Actually, I do know something that would make SU grow. Something I have suggested before - a solution to be able to do a faction transfer. Exactly how that would be done, I don't know. Simplest solution would be to cash in your soldiers & equipment for equivalent gold, generals straight transfered, 2 maxed gold badges per soldier transferred. Regardless of some SU players belief that their gear & equipment is underpowered - I can assure you that there are GE players/clans that would be willing to transfer their stuff to actually be able to play the RTS properly.
  15. tmoe

    Leaving Penalty

    It is. In terms of relevance. While alot of players don't care at all about the outcome of any given war-battle, it might very well be for someone else. And as I said in my previous post - it might aswell have been someone who actually paid for it. That is in my eyes even worth more than messing up some other players rank. Ah yes. So you can play annother assault against the same opposition you just fought who are equally skilled as you, and therefor due to the defender advantage you don't stand a chance of winning against? And the teammates you were given were stock SA-weilders to balance out your K/D & high win ratio? Or so that you can never play a NA-ping game again since the other factions you are queueing against doesn't have enough players of the skill-level needed? Clearly some might be a bit exaggerated. I just don't think a skill based MM will be so happily received as some seem to want to make it. Sold. Search/filter options needs to be improved as I've said before. If I'm willing to wait for the right match to show up, then that should be my choice of doing so.