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  1. You're only about 3 months late. Fyi. Despite a few questioning our observations, it was eventually concluded by Reto that the update had in fact changed the gun mechanics and it was thus adjusted.
  2. tmoe

    Comrades what do I spend 300K on

    Advice No#1 Never buy anything that is not on sale if credit's doesn't come really easy for you. Why? Because the amount of things in this game you need to buy to progress is quite alot. Why spend 291k on an IS when you can pay 40/50% of that and some more soldiers in addition to that instead. This obviously doesn't work if you're extremely impatient since the sale you might be looking for might take a while (I myself bought 4-5 pistols the other day after having grinded for it about a year ago :D). Advice No#2 Heavy tanks are something that is highly overrated in this game and extremely boring to play due to the insanely low speed. I bought my first heavy tiger, grinded up APCR/HE, then barely played that for a year at all. Unless you're planning on tanking alot in staged against other heavies/mediums, then it's definitely not worth it. And even doing that in staged is limited fun since you basically just sit throwing 10-15 shells at other tanks before actually destroying them. Apart from that you are bound to die since you will be outnumbered against Axis/Allies who guaranteed have more heavies such as KT/Pershings, which means you will most likely die a bunch. And the deploytimer will then force you to either play inf or go with a tank destroyer. Advice No#3 Build/buy around what you're interested in. Play all classes, build several infs with different loadouts - if you wish to dedicate yourself to one faction and have a broad range of options. If you rather want the variation of jumping around between factions, then obviously get a basic setup on all three sides instead first.
  3. Clearly you needed overpowered tanks to be able to perform well with them since you don't have any ability to play strategically. I managed just fine as it was while -TANKING- before the update.
  4. tmoe

    Nearly only Tanks in skirmish

    Those exact words are pretty much what has been said for years and there still haven't been a single realistic attempt to adress this issue. Instead there was "mission critical updates", "war server refactoring" (with one full time employee) and now re-organisation as excuse for not doing any actual swift adressing to the problem at hand. And then you even used this argument with reducing specialist spam to legitimize the deployment system. You cannot tell me that the ones who came to that conclusion can even be remotely connected to the same game as the rest of us? On top of that, there was numerous threads and feedback in regards to this exact thing, and clearly those warnings/advices were not listened to. With that said - how long do you expect people to be 'constructive' in their feedback when everything falls on deaf ears or is either ignored or adressed in a way that are not even close to actually solving the real problem? And then we have how communication is being made. The most recent is the so called "community requested recoil improvements" - which is a straight up insult towards the whole playerbase. No one at Reto have the right to even be slightly surprised about the community being toxic with those cheap rethorics, basically assuming that the whole playerbased is going to be deceived to think that you are actually listening. And if you're going to say that it was a heavily requested thing, then feel free to show examples of that feedback where overall recoil is an actual problem. Because surely, I assume you weren't referring to the complaints about hit detection, tickrate, server locations, rng and overall sway when you said that it was 'community requested'? Right? Now. Please, give me a constructive answer.
  5. tmoe

    1 Infantry in 20 man battle - Unplayable

    Don't worry. Too many tanks on the field? Then Reto will add more planes. Too many specialists? Then Reto will make it even easier for everyone to play all classes. Too few playing infantry? Then Reto will add facemasks. Too few people in the cap point? Then Reto will put the spawn points closer to the objectives. Poor netcode/hit detection/questionable server locations? Then Reto will improve the recoil animations. Crashing client? Then Reto will do a superficial UI change. And then there will be an announcement saying: Here - we got you exactly what you asked for.
  6. I could write an essay about that, but I won't. And it has already been discussed numerous times of why that is. Apart from the previously mentioned things - it has already been mentioned by some of the most relevant SU war-players that it shouldn't necessarily be seen as SU as a faction winning AR wars, but rather a handful of whales. It's not the population overall that governs the AT-usage on the RTS map, it's not the individual players that just want to have enjoyable FPS-games. With that said, having a bunch of people temporarily jumping over to SU wouldn't really stop/change that approach to the gameplay.
  7. I get that. And while I do agree that Allies the last couple of years have not been very different from SU in terms of AR - Allies atleast showed during the no-AR weeks that they were fully capable of winning wars even when everything needs to be played. Axis also managed to win a war during that test. SU? Totally got run over. I know, because I played the first war for Allies and the remainder of the test for SU. 1½ year ago it would have been much more even when KGB & RS could field 2 full lineups each and RA still was somewhat alive - because they all played enough to make up for the SU randoms losing the amount they do. And that's the difference - SU randoms simply do not win battles. Allied randoms don't win alot of assaults, but it happens. Axis randoms are probably the only ones close to reaching the 33% winratio on attacks. So the point people are trying to make when claiming that SU is the worst in terms of AR - it's because they since quite a while back do not have the capabilities to win without it. Not because they abuse it more than others, all factions have and do AR at times. SU simply is the faction way more dependant on it than others.
  8. Addition: Think of the potential profit from the repairbills. It would be very forgiving for any given casual and balance out any skill gaps aswell. It would also solve the complaints about the respawn timers since the pace of people dying would be reduced dramatically. I'd say it's a perfect H&G fix very well aligned with any other given solution ever implemented.
  9. I wonder if Akir, strelokus & doramass would agree with that. AR never was about the total amount deployed on the war-map. It was about the people willing to put in the time to actually do so for the war-progression & the availability of stockpile for whales/active RTS:ers. If a faction have 80% of it's deployed AT's away from the frontline sitting AFK somewhere, what good does that do if the other side have more active whales and unlimited stockpile? And as I have mentioned before, that argument with the amount deployed is as watered down as the STG, 2x scope & SU SMG Sway-whining. If you know you always have stockpile, then there is no reason to hoard AT's on the board just to have them in case you actually need them. For example, what point is there to deploy on SU when all the frontline towns are overstacked with 1-2k anyway? It's not always like that in assaults, but defenses? Good luck finding a town with less than 1k inf.
  10. tmoe

    What you’ve been waiting for: The Stronghold Update

    Can't agree more. But it's also pretty clear that they imagine they will make money out of it, and thus prioritizing it more than any gameplay-related fixes. Fixing tank-spam? Tank-spam clearly have made them money since players would have to buy those tankers & tanks before that can happen. Not all players grind their stuff after all. Creating an income source > Reducing a money-generating tendancy (apart from that - clearly there is a severe lack of common sense and understanding to actually be even remotely close to a viable solution for the existing problems) In other words, their priorities are understandable. Dumb and shortsighted, but understandable.
  11. tmoe


    Somehow, this is how I imagine a Reto re-organization. In either way, is JM going to respond to any of the questions he wanted us to ask? Or is he going to do them all in one swoop with an overly positive announcement of a bright future, and how hard everyone is working and how much you care about your playerbase?
  12. tmoe

    Every Reto boardroom meeting since 1.12

    It's funny how tons of people did say exactly that in the feedback threads (before and after implementation). Zero fucks given. Which is a good reference for the future when they need prototype assistance. Know that they will not listen to any gameplay related feedback. They just want bug testers.
  13. tmoe


    When looking at it like this without really remembering who was on it before, it appears the only real cut downs were towards the communications department. Also possibly support since I cannot see any finance manager on that list, and I'm fairly sure I saw one of those ads for that job earlier this year ("looking for a rock star..)". How many actual developers were let go of?
  14. tmoe

    What you’ve been waiting for: The Stronghold Update

    Thank god so many of the recent concerns of the playbaser was adressed in this update.