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  1. tmoe

    Population balance when?

    You are putting an emphasis on getting players into a game. Sure, it's not as easy for GE as it is on Allies/SU to just go straight in. But with organized pushes and properly set up squads with AT's and priority, you will get in 90%+ of the time. Getting players into the match is not remotely as much of a problem as it is to actually START the battles you want. I have found these past days very entertaining in regards to the complaints about the unpoppable paratowns, as if starting certain types of battles was a new thing. I'm not sure how long it would take now since skirmishes/towns were equally balanced in the MM, but I do know that it was next to impossible to start inf only skirmishes against Allies in the past. Thus I haven't placed any AT's on the allied front since early 2017. THIS is why the population imbalance is an issue (together with an Allied optimized stockpile). Atleast as long as the current MM is set up the way it is. Now, I am very reluctant to saying that I want to empower players totally with deciding of which town that are to be given priority, and thus speeding up the starting time for clans/people joining specific towns in the RTS. This would probably break way more than it would solve if it were to be implemented in a typical Reto way (meaning - without taking any deeper gameplay consequences into account). All the issues above and the para-issue did not exactly become any better with the separation of staged/war-queue. Before people who queued on towns could atleast "borrow" staged players that had both options ticked. That is obviously not the case anymore. The times to start battles would probably be less of an issue with less towns and/or more players. The way Reto have been doing things and are still doing it (given the latest UI changes) is to put in way too much time and effort into giving everything customized and served on a plate in staged, while in reality it probably would be better to actually work on improving War-mode to give players what they want there instead. Not too long ago RB himself did say that it was never intended that staged was going to become as big as it has been, but still that's where the easy-access is. That instead of putting better search filters for the MM in war, making certain types of resources more available to more players (such as paras) etc. Ultimately, population imbalance will always be a thing as long as there aren't any hardcaps. There are work arounds, numerous of them have been suggested and discussed before, sadly, the peak of this game is most likely in the past already due to the biggest issues of this game being ignored for too long.
  2. Exactly. Since the buff, they should be closer to be treated as fighters - meaning significantly more expensive to spawn, and they should obviously make more per tank/inf kill in terms of wfs. Make sense I guess, I doubt that reto can separate the two without too much hassle though.
  3. Yes, and also adjust the WF gains and AT cost. Might also look into the credit cost to spawn tanks since that haven't been changed since the buff.
  4. -Way too high deploy time -The high magnification being the main selling point, while the map designer keeps adding bushes/trees in long range viable places. Reto have clearly seen the problems and limitations of the recon, and at the same time working hard to reduce their main capability. Also with that said - I DO NOT THINK RECON REWORK IS A PRIORITY given all the other existing issues. -Way too high deploy time -Paras are barely being played in war due to too low stockpile/replenishment rate/too expensive/serves more as blocking than as a tactical unit. And no, this isn't said because of the recent funparablocks that certain people are complaining about. Parablocking has been used only for the purpose of advancing faster on the RTS than to have them played with. I was initially under the impression that this was going to be the case with Armor 2.0 and the new deployment system. That was one of the few things that I could see as a benefit with that system, and clearly that was not how it turned out. So obviously my answer is: yes, players should only be able to queue as infantry in war. With that said, it shouldn't be too much to ask for to also add the function of "preferences" such as battles including X specialist classes (but with no guarantee that the battle will have that).
  5. tmoe

    ☭Order of the Red Banner☭

    Are there any doubts wether to rush A orB?
  6. tmoe

    This is BS

    I couldn't care less about camos. I probably don't even expect Reto to listen or take any of the communitys feedback into serious consideration either. But if said company the past years have pushed the image of trying to become a more transparent and communicative company, then I would say that would be in line with given expectations. Example: "We will also continue to put our players first. I have encouraged the team since I joined to reach out more to the players and listen, provide constructive feedback, be inclusive of the players in our decision making process. We will intensify this effort in order to stay relevant to our players and provide them the best service possible." ( Their words, not ours. "Glasnost"? "We care"? I would be perfectly fine if they never listened to the community. As long as they could make sound and somewhat intelligent decisions on their own that would bring the game closer to it's actual potential. Instead I'm expecting gamebreaking bugs, fps drops and pointless UI changes every update.
  7. Sorry, not gonna fall for that bait and bump all your daily pointless suggestion spam.
  8. Exaggeration? Post Armor 2.0: No, it's not 55-0. But pretty close to it. Any monkey is pretty much able to tank these days. Well, or so I thought. And yet still there are people coming to the forum whining about AT-rambos .
  9. tmoe

    Current position

    shirt servers awful tickrate crap hit detection wonky gameplay vietnam map design too much rng headshots fps mechanics as if it was a game from early 2000's
  10. Several towns attempted to be started by 10v10 groups in the Braila pass, all were out of prepare time - but none were starting. New bug? Random queue also currently doesn't give any numbers on ppl searching for battle. Battle director broken?
  11. tmoe


    There are no new game modes for war. Inf only & tank v tank are staged only as far as I could tell.
  12. tmoe


    Not bad with the options given. One could however question that you choose to visualize 300 options for staged and only 1 big lump for war.
  13. I assume "Quick Battle" is the closest thing to multiple types. I guess we've gotten parts of what has been asked for, some better info in regards to what you're actually picking (such as the war-description). Just too bad it has gotten a little bit over-cluttered and the search customization have been removed.
  14. tmoe


    New UI remake, camos, fps reductions & some additional memory leaks?
  15. The answer is simple, which you have already mentioned - fck staged and go to war. Why? Because there are no other faction that has so generous generals as SU. Wanna fly? There are always some battles ongoing with planes for everybody to use. For many of the generals it's not a big issue as long as it generates a bit of XP and somewhat breaks even - there is stockpile anyway. Apart from that you obviously have the underdog bonus, which makes your leveling going much faster. Higher level - more credits. It's pretty much the same with tanks. Assaults, defenses.. there are always some battles available with the equipment you want to play with. Newbies don't need to stick to staged. Grind up until you have access to war (it's especially easy now since the threshold for joining war got lowered), then continue there. It took me 7-8hrs the last time I grinded a new account to get into war (that was before the entry level to war got lowered). So it's not like you have to be a newbie in staged for particularly long.