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  1. I'm sorry, but this is a -massive- facepalm.
  2. Before even considering touching the badges, I hope you do realize that what comes with it is a total rebalance of ALL weapons, tanks, & planes. With that comes atleast one year of data gathering before "half decent" adjustments can be made, and meanwhile you will have to take whatever that will come with it. For example OHK rifles, 3hk STG/M1/M2/AVS & 1hk HS pretty much by everything. It has taken what? 7-8 years to come to this point where we are now? I would strongly advise to not screw up the existing balance and start over -AGAIN-. The game is outdated as it is, no need to throw away even more years with worse balance than what we currently have.
  3. tmoe

    Reduce the smoke when you shoot!!!

    Yepp, makes sense. However it wouldn't surprise me if the re-implementation of the smoke was unintentional. For many years the smoke was possible to have removed by disabling HDR effects (which Reto never even mentioned despite a large amount of complaints about the smoke). I wouldn't be the slightest surprised if they simply can't remove it and that it somehow involves the smoke from vehicle wreckages and other things. It would be a very typical Reto-spagetti-coded-engine-thing. Considering that the complaints about smoke simply have been ignored and not even answered, it would make sense if it was something embarassing that stopped them from removing it.
  4. tmoe

    Reduce the smoke when you shoot!!!

    ^ this. Reto wants ARs/LMG/HMGs to be kings at medium/long range whilst totally obstructing the sight of any target with smoke & recoil animations. In addition Reto -have- already acknowledged that the smoke is sh*t by removing it once due to requests from the community. That they then went totally goldfish one year later and re-implemented it is just beyond me.
  5. tmoe

    Iron Sight Zoom

    I think that recons received enough of a buff when the scopes got nerfed. Together with the decreased offroad speed and the multitude of rocks, I'm pretty much against anything that buffs any sniping-related weaponry further. Currently recons do have a specific space and something unique, which they really didn't before. Yes, but that's not because of every player is running around with HSG, but rather due the tendency to get arm/leg shots.
  6. tmoe

    Iron Sight Zoom

    Yepp. It's easy to sit and whine about "health hacks" when living behind rocks/in bushes and never touching an objective.
  7. tmoe

    High Levels Hurting the Game.....

    Can confirm. Grinded the last couple of levels on my Allied pilot a few days ago, and sure enough - lots of high level players, mainly on GE & SU. But as it has been said before - even the level 17-players are people you -never- see in war. It's not exactly lots of war veterans going into staged to sealclub - but rather fulltime sealclubbers that just refuse to leave staged. This will never happen. Just take a look on the amount of 'veterans' here on the forum and see how many of them you'll find in war. The excuses will be the same as always - "it's unfair" & "get stomped by clans". Apparently having played the game for years and having that crazy advantage over lvl 1-4 guys in staged is a totally different thing.
  8. tmoe

    reduce spawntimes?

    Yeah makes sense. And the difference between war versus staged is even more different when going in to this topic. Staged where it's "fair" with the same types of resources, even if I myself always used to say that it's not fair at all due to the asymmetrical balance. Not entirely sure that is still accurate or not though due to so much new equipment having been added the past two years, and alot of tweaks in addition to that. From the war perspective though, one team defending with tanks, one team assaulting with only inf. Inf have to pay a bucketload of credits to take down a tank, while the tanker happily just respawns whilst paying 50~ credits (T1 light tank) to come back and block the pathway again. Is that "fair"? I think alot of people have a different opinion in regards to what is fair or not. The same reasoning can probably be applied to staged where players have different amounts of time spent in game to acquire higher tier equipment. The deploy system do succeed to a certain extent to limit the usage of top tier vehicles (small arms - not so much). In the best of worlds people with somewhat same equipment owned should be put against each other, but that is clearly never going to happen.
  9. tmoe

    Game has become a spawn-raping fiesta...

    Like it used to be. But will obviously not happen for as long as Reto have a hard-on for their MM-timers. Clearly they rather see people puke and detest their game due to unbalance rather than having too long MM-timers in low populated regions.
  10. tmoe

    reduce spawntimes?

    I thought it was quite obvious that the purpose was to make more equipment viable and increase demand for lower tier vehicles and such. I guess it wasn't. Pretty much this. However I can't say I agree with much else in this thread so far. Long queue as recon? Hardly. Only if you queue as inf and then use the recon slots over and over again. If you manage to spam-die that much as recon when queueing as one, then I'd say that deploy timer do help the AT owner to not have his/hers AT totally wasted in a matter of minutes. I did grind a new SA-recon very recently and pretty much never had any deploy timers even when I had 12+ deaths per 34 min game. Same for tankers. In many ways I do think the deploy timer have reduced the tankspam -somewhat-. Atleast for medium/heavy tiers. For light tanks it obviously haven't done anything at all regardless if you queue as tanker or even infantry. The deploy timers for the above mentioned MG-tanks are just ridiculous. You easily can burn a whole unit on your own in a game without getting any deploy timers at all. Meanwhile a person who wants to actually engage in tank v tank (medium/heavy tier) will have to wait. It's especially broken in war due to Reto's matchmaking that only fills up half the battle (and then populating other battles) before putting in the second half. This in turn lets those that got in early build up their tokens during the preparation time (90secs). Here also APC-usage is heavily affected. One who wish to rush an APC straight at the start better be lucky to actually be amongst the first half to get in, otherwise you are screwed. Overall the deploy system is a good thing, however in a need of tweaking since it's currently set up with sales in mind rather than actual gameplay. Redbjarne once said before Armor 2.0 that the reason why tanks are so easy to destroy is because there are so many of them. The amount has -barely- changed, yet the cost/effort to destroy them have significantly increased. Thus it would make sense to limit them further with the deploy system that Reto were so stubborn about getting implemented. I don't mind people playing tanker a few times per game. But if tanks are going to be as durable as they currently are, then they better not be able to come back a second later considering the effort it takes to have them removed. If Reto is not willing to increase the timer for T1 Light tanks, then they atleast should up the spawn cost in terms of credits to be equivalent to how much an infantry needs to spend to destroy him. -Inf's extra deploy cost* for swapping class should remain as it is -Inf deploy cost for any given weapon should overall be decreased (and ammo mods/scopes in particular). Infantry gameplay should be encouraged, not penalized. -T1 light tanks should have a significant increase in deploy cost. -T2 medium tanks should overall have a decrease in cost (for tankers that queued as tankers) -T2 heavy is pretty good as it is. I would be highly surprised if people wanted more KT spam, given how ridiculously hard it already is to destroy one as inf. -Starting tokens needs to be a set amount for everyone who just joins in, regardless if you sat in the preparation time or not. -Paras need a significant reduction in deploy cost overall. *Deploy cost = tokens The above is for war. I don't care what you do with staged. Performance based deployment? Oh yes. But good luck with getting any support on that one from anyone .
  11. tmoe

    Update 1.18.1 - Combat Rebalance

    Since it hasn't been mentioned - what about tanks? Are you satisfied with the current amount of AT required to take down ANY tank? Maybe it's also time to increase the amount of tokens required to spawn T1 light tanks to somewhat reduce the spam of these? Also, since way too few complain about it in the official channels (but it's constantly heard as part of overall gun handling/behaviour) - the smoke. 2017 you removed the smoke because of alot of complaints. Somewhere along the road you RE-IMPLEMENTED it, which is most noticable on the STG, M1/M2 & DT29. What exactly was the reason for bringing it back? People gave feedback that they were missing the smoke? That they wanted more target obstructions than the weapon recoil animation itself?
  12. tmoe

    where reto.redbjarne gone

    I hardly believe he would say anything else but something similar to his former posts, which was more some kind of half hearted inspirational/preaching-speech than anything informative. Which also in the end mostly has proven to be nothing but words with little results or meaning.
  13. tmoe

    where reto.redbjarne gone

    Translation: Redbjarne has finally realized that him being part of the operational team and fingering into everything is not taking the game forward. So how are the ingame decisions going to be made henceforth? Group decision?
  14. Now that sounds like what a person that have played all factions guns would suggest as a logical solution. There is no other solution that makes any sense unless the endgoal is something else than to actually give all weapons their own position. That and a major SA ROF & hipfire-nerf (mainly M1G & G43, but also a slight one to the SVT).
  15. tmoe

    I still headshot people on leg and torso

    People will always keep getting pissed about headshots as long as they assume it's a result of conefire, recoil and/or just pure luck. You will never hear the end of headshots complaints unless you either remove headshots entirely or make headshots only likely to happen due to proper crosshair placement and prediction (which will also require accurate weapons).