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    Free 30 day Veteran Membership for Everybody

    If I find reto redbjarne in the first topic picture do I get anything extra?
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    Ask questions for Q&A & Why #7 (click link to poll)

    Jesus, where's people reading comprehension?
  5. 可惜我没学繁体字
  6. I've been getting in touch with the RTS part of the game for some weeks now and I realized that almost every time there are plane ATs in SU battles and if it's actually played and not ARed, that battle is most likely to be lost. Everyone will want to fly, you get like 5 ot 6 players changing from infantry to YAK or PE3 pilots, and usually getting crush against trees... then the fight become something like 14 against 20 and in minutes the battle will be lost. Having to pay 24 k or 16k WF for reinforce, is it worth for those players who send the plane ATs to actually send them in the battle? Do they get any considerable earning?
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    更新1.08.1 – 武器调整

  8. Yesterday it was crazy playing war, everyone was using the mg42 and I could feel the buff made a real difference (I was playing SU and getting killed 80% of times by mg42 )
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    csochina members !!

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    Server Issue update - September

    I was happy to finally after ages go and play in war with my own ATs and... server down, nice
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    csochina members !!

    Do CSO players play war matches? Haven't see you there, if so, which faction do you use to play war?
  12. Another question, after war is ended and if my ATs are still alive and deployed, do I get any WF back, like a refund? or they just dissapear and I need to deploy them again in the new war without any refund? Thanks in advance!