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  1. HarryElHacha

    Easter sale – 30 % off all bundles

    I think is funny the way you start this disappointing sale. https://imgur.com/a/ef9OE
  2. You have no idea about this game and you have no idea about how to play this game. Yesterday it was a pleasure to take you and your lovely crying butt, no mosin in any of the games. And man, you are playing GE, you may cry to US 1919 or Jhonson, but dude, crying to SU....
  3. HarryElHacha

    Soviet 2nd lmg

    Thanks for your honesty. It is great to see how some players take care for the greater good of the game instead of just trolling defending their factions.
  4. HarryElHacha

    Soviet 2nd lmg

    Guys, please, this is a suggestion to add a new gun to the only faction with just one LMG. Do not bring your toxicity and tears here. You can always open a new thread to not pollute the others.
  5. HarryElHacha

    Nerfeo PPD

    Eso me gustaría pensar a mí, pero es muy complicado, la más mínima queja por parte de la facción rusa en el foro, que es minoritaria, se ve rápidamente contrarrestada por una gran cantidad de trolls alemanes que pasan a negar cualquier tipo de argumento de manera que su facción salga beneficiada. Ha habido buenos ejemplos como cuando americanos y soviéticos se pronunciaron a favor de mejorar la mg42 tras un nerfeo que la hizo injugable, en defensa de RETO decir que antes del nerfeo, era un arma absurda, mg sniper, pero no sé qué ha pasado pero yo no percibo tal colaboración o empatía, sólo se ven peleas entre gente que defiende una facción u otra.
  6. Again modifying things, I start to suspect a little bit you are a troll eh? I said I didn't see any toxicity or irrationality in his first post in this thread and then you took screenshots of your previous chats which I am not aware of. I was speaking of this post, not about all your previous conversations. It has overall good behavior in short, medium and long ranges while having a good sized magazine, a lower than par reload time and a manageable recoil. You still haven't realized that the only data, cold objective numbers, you brought here were the screenshots of the weapons. Your conclusions are biased and opinionated. Why? Because there are factors that are critical and factors that are not. Dude, the main purpose of a gun is shooting, when needed the AVS will be less available to shoot than probably any other gun in the game, because of the mixture of small magazine, high ROF and reloading time. And this unavailability to shoot is more important than other factors, why? Because failing in this means death. So you may believe your supposedly scientific approach is error-free, but you lack the most important factor, which is experience, you have no idea what you are talking about, you haven't properly tested the gun so you think that losing damage 30 meters later than other gun is as important as running out of bullets, but dude, it is not. I am honestly looking forward for it, if I may, just a tip, split the data and the conclusions. About the T20 I would gladly exchange T20 for 4 person, gun equipped, stable motorbikes or for the amazing german APC. Great analysis, @Razzorblack ! @ValorousTF Maybe your data-matrix will ignore this very valuable analysis, do you know why? Because this guys has deeply tested the material he is talking about. That is the difference between real knowledge, battle tested, and theoretical data.
  7. He just takes objective data and get totally biased conclusions. Neglecting magazine size, neglecting higher recoil, neglecting that these 2 facts together mean this gun is very hard to use and any error means death. But meh, AVS can be modded to X (do not give a love about being impossible to handle with that mod), AVS has better range before falloff ends.... You take data, real data, and then sets importance to each data in a totally subjective way, extract biased conclusions and then start to evangelize about how we have no idea about the weapons. Weapons he hasn't properly tested. But hey, we are the trolls, you are just a totally objective well intentioned Heroes&Generals scientist.
  8. So dear all-knowing lord, exactly who decides which piece of data is relevant and which one is not? My arguments proved wrong? Sorry dude, don't want to be offensive but you proved nothing wrong. I said that AVS can be deadly in proper hands but it is very uncommon as it is very hard to use, so maybe you should read the post again as you didn't prove anything wrong. After neglecting magazine size, you even said that small magazine size can be an advantage Why this offended attitude? I thanked you several times for the effort and the time invested, I just say that your data is partial and you may be missing some crucial aspects of the game mechanics, politely offering you the chance to test this by switching to SU and doing first person testing. And as you showed such a passion for analyzing data, why don't you make an analysis of vehicles in the game? Some Gaz vs Kübel, 42WLA vs R75, german APC vs soviet, German AAA vs soviet... you may get some interesting ideas.
  9. Exactly dude, because your data is incomplete, because you only have some parts of it and therefore is not valid to extract 100% valid conclusions. And that is where field experience enter, so again I cordially invite you to try with your own hands the theories that you defend so much, when you have spent a couple of months playing with the soviets, then you will see the amount of facts that you omitted in your initial analysis.
  10. Seriously? This helps a lot to people who support the idea you are just a troll. So you are even able to say that smaller magazine is an advantage because you start reloading sooner? It makes a lot of sense, so then les create a gun with just a bullet, it will always reload sooner and it would potentially be able to output more rounds.
  11. I am sorry dude, this is absolutely useless, they will keep taking non complete data as the only truth, analyzing things they haven't used and evangelize from their atrium of "all-powerful wisemen". Only goal here is to bother others, to protect and deny your privileges while neglecting any kind of benefit for other factions. I do not know what is the agenda, but I guess what will be the result, less and less players until the final victory of your faction. You all GE players who deny any kind of unbalance regarding SU, just switch factions for some time, test it by yourselves, easiest and only real way to know what you are talking about.
  12. +5000 Analysis are useful, no one doubts that, but be based solely in this analysis leads to dysfunctional mess like we have right now.
  13. Yes, I accidentally posted it. Now it is edited
  14. @ValorousTF I appreciate such a long answer, the effort and the time. As you only see responsive to statistic: Why don't you measure the time you need to empty the AVS's magazine against other guns and compare it with the average encounter (between players, not the map) time? Why don't you measure the number of players using each gun? Maybe people's choice will give you a much better and way more realistic approach of how the guns work. About the random player quality, I do not have the data, if you are able to gather it, it will be great. Although maybe you could do an exercise of empathy and get out of your throne, switch to SU and play it for a couple of months, then your judgement will be richer. Data is cool and useful but practice to verify data is a required part of every serious analysis. You look like you know everything about SU faction just by seeing the weapons stats and doing your analysis. There are plenty of examples where theorist like you, believe in their almighty knowledge, then they test their theories over the field and find them wrong. And don't get me wrong, I value and appreciate your "cold" data analysis, but it clashes against my experience and I doubt than having such strongly opinionated ideas about guns that you haven't deeply tested might not be the best way. This said, I don't see any useful in keeping this fight, you do not listen to anyone, you think you are 100% right and everyone against you is 100% wrong. * With cadence I mean cadence of fire, if you search for that in google you will find some references although it may not be the best word, probably you can understandit. Also let me doubt you are not here to troll.
  15. If the AVS is so damn good, why it is not massively used in SU faction? I can tell you the reason from my personal point of view after more than a thousand hours with SU. The AVS is terribly hard to use, the high cadence and the tiny magazine makes that any mistake or encounter against more than one players will normally end in player with AVS dying because of no bullets. Just that. I could say that it requires 7 spaces when other guns require 6, I could say that it only can be played with fast reloading (which requires leveling the worst weapon in the game, the PPD) or I could say that the recoil is high, but I think the main reason is the no bullets situation. Aside of that, this looks pointless, your total lack of empathy, your huge doses of hate and the inability to even recognize any advantage in your faction makes the talking useless. This is a fight, not a talk, a fight between way more numerous GE players against a SU minority. I switched to GE and I think GE is better equipped than SU, I think that most players joining the faction and most battles being won by GE can be reasons supporting my idea, although there might be more factors (like mostly playing defensive battles) If you are so sure that SU has so damn good equipment, join SU, you will have extra experience, no queues and "outstanding" weaponry, aside of the "best vehicles" in the game, not to mention the best average random player.