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  1. Sgt.DonaldO'Brien

    The power of matchmaker on weekends

    Welcome to Reconia, the place where everyone can be a Vasiliy Zaitsev
  2. Sgt.DonaldO'Brien

    Why, Reto?

    We all do but in the end we still play it. All of us, equal which faction, need something to load out our frustration we have in our daily life. Might it be the job, the school or the college. Most of us met great people over here and I believe in the end playing this game is worth it. I met countless people from other countries with different languages and behaviour and all of them gave me an interesting view on their culture.
  3. Sgt.DonaldO'Brien

    Why, Reto?

    Says the P-38 pilot.
  4. Sgt.DonaldO'Brien

    Tourist map

    Nice work.
  5. Sgt.DonaldO'Brien

    Guess whos back?

    I think I'm not good enough. Maybe we see each other with some luck.
  6. Sgt.DonaldO'Brien

    Guess whos back?

    Played with them yesterday on Prague area for a few matches against some US clannies. Where you active in France or Poland?
  7. Sgt.DonaldO'Brien

    mg42 builds, which do you use and why

    Nice to hear that it was helpful.
  8. My post were mainly aiming for the eastern front.
  9. ...and resulted in incredible high losses of humans and material.
  10. Sgt.DonaldO'Brien

    German Weapon Sights

    I quoted his post, where he is talking about Kar 98. Not semi autos.
  11. Sgt.DonaldO'Brien

    German Weapon Sights

    For me the ironsights aren't a problem. It's more about the bullet velocity.
  12. Sgt.DonaldO'Brien

    Soviets are OP

    Denying it?
  13. Sgt.DonaldO'Brien

    Guess whos back?

    Since you NEVER (Kappa) play defenses.
  14. Sgt.DonaldO'Brien

    November WF fever PROFIT!

    1.4 million with 17 cp.
  15. Sgt.DonaldO'Brien

    mg42 builds, which do you use and why

    No, just bullet